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Chapter 21 – Confirmation

"Stop looking at your phone."

Kurt tiredly huffed as he took his eyes off his iPhone. His eyes found Blaine's as he replied with a simple "Fine," that his boyfriend smiled at. Blaine's eyes were as warm as they always were and the soft smile on his lips was still the most gorgeous thing Kurt had ever seen, but it did nothing to make the empty feeling in his chest go away.

It was a little after 8pm now. That was about four hours after the boys had exited the Pace building; one absolutely positive that they would be attending and the other absolutely heartbroken. Kurt happened to be the latter.

Blaine tried explaining to his boyfriend several times that "You'll hear from us" didn't mean the student wasn't getting into the school. He was pretty sure that Nick heard the same thing when he auditioned, even though Nick wasn't answering his phone to confirm that for Kurt's wellbeing right now. Blaine's theory was that it actually meant that they would call, just like the judges had explained. But Kurt, Kurt knew better. There were people who were accepted on the spot and people who the judges didn't want to say 'no' to, so they too got the infamous four words that Kurt had the pleasure of hearing.

Blaine didn't understand because he'd easily gotten in. That was always the case with Blaine. He was clearly the alpha in the relationship. Everything came so easy and he hardly had to work for anything. Kurt even acknowledged that he didn't make Blaine work to be in a relationship with him, he got that easily too. It made Kurt wonder if what Rachel had said was true, whether she meant it intentionally or not. The fact was, Kurt would end up being Blaine's sidekick as he got more and more successful.

Sometimes, Kurt wondered if his dreams were bigger than him.

"Why aren't you eating, beautiful?" Blaine asked, interrupting his boyfriend's spiraling thoughts. He looked from Kurt down to the boy's barely touched plate as he reached for his lemonade.

Kurt shrugged as he took a sip of his now lukewarm coffee. "I don't have much of an appetite."

"You haven't eaten anything since breakfast."

"I know the last time I ate."

"And now you're getting snappy with me again," Blaine wiped his mouth with a napkin and sat back in the bench seat, looking at his defeated-expression boyfriend across from him. He licked his lips, pulling out his wallet. "I don't think that's fair—"

"I'm sorry, Blaine." Kurt said dryly. He took a French fry from the plate and put it to his lips, forcing himself to eat it though he honestly had no appetite. The food was even cold by this point. "It was a long day and it didn't turn out at all the way I expected it to." As he slowly chewed, he glanced up at Blaine watching him and forced a smile. "I'm sorry."

"Did everyone not come up to us after the auditions were over to say that they loved the duet?"

"My point is that the judges didn't, honey." Kurt told him.

"Whether they came up to you or not, they're going to call, and you're getting into Pace because you're an exceptional talent and there's no need for you to worry." Blaine handed his credit card to the waitress and smiled at his boyfriend who still looked a little down. "Now, are we staying at the beach house or should we stay at uncle Don's? Don's would probably be best since our flight to New York is so early in the morning—"

"Babe," Kurt sighed and looked at him. "I don't think that I'd be good company tonight. I feel like shit and I may end up crying into my pillow at some point and I don't want that to happen in front of you."

Blaine looked up at him and his face changed completely. "But you promised to stay over… it's my last night in Long Beach for a few days and I won't see you—"

"I know, I know," Kurt took his hand before the volume of Blaine's voice could rise any more than it already had, "I'm sorry. I just really don't feel like myself. You know how I felt about this school… I wanted in before I even met you… well the second time, and all I wanted was to experience senior year here. Now," Kurt stroked his boyfriend's hand as Blaine looked him in the eyes as best he could, "they told that Jake Puckerman kid who mysteriously has the same last name as Noah that he was accepted into the program that I was auditioning for. Jeff said there was only one spot open in that program and I didn't get it. You do understand that it's scary for me, right? Now I have to reshape my whole entire future. I probably have to take a year off after high school to get some experience for the college I actually want to go to because I didn't get into a school I've been working so hard to get into. I just… forgive me but I really just need some time to cry into my pillow, okay?"

Blaine pulled his hand away and nodded. He glanced out the window on the other side of them and looked out at the people walking by. Kurt sat back and sighed, definitely not feeling any better now.

"I think the thing I'm having a hard time dealing with is the fact that you'd rather cry into your pillow alone than spend my last night here with me, letting me be your pillow."

Kurt looked up at him.

"I still think you got in, Kurt, because as I said you did amazing. But since my opinion doesn't count, you can at least let me be the one to comfort you while you go through this. I mean," Blaine slouched back in the seat, "what's the point of being in a relationship if you don't want me there when you need me the most?"

His boyfriend was quiet, staring down at the table.

"When I say I want to be with you, I mean it Kurt—"

"And I mean it, Blaine. But don't you think there'll be times when you'll need to take a breather on your own? It doesn't mean you love me any less it just means you need a moment to yourself."

"No," Blaine said. "At least not at a time like this. But fine. I'll drop you off at your place."

Kurt threw his head back and sighed. "Blaine."

"It's fine, Kurt," Blaine went back to looking out the window.

"Look at me? Please?"

Kurt smiled a little when he finally got the eye contact he was hoping for. More patrons stepped into Layla's Diner and it got a little bit busier the longer they sat there. "I'm sorry. I'm being a selfish little twerp and you're leaving me for days in a few hours, and I'm only thinking about myself—"

"I understand that you're upset about everything, trust me," Blaine took his hand again, "but let me help. Ok? It's my job."

Kurt smiled as he nodded. "I'm proud of you for getting in."

"You told me that," Blaine responded. "And when you get that phone call from Pace, I'll say the same. Now, can you stay over please?"

"Of course." Kurt forced a smile and pretended to believe that he'd get a positive phone call from the school. "I'm sorry. I'd love to stay over and I'll hold you all night."

Blaine smiled. "Thank you. And stop saying sorry, Kurt."

Kurt nodded with a small smile. "I'm sorry." he laughed when Blaine rolled his eyes at him and they held each other's hands. Blaine spoke again after a small moment of silence.

"Do you remember this booth we're sitting at?"

Kurt looked around and once the realization hit him, he smiled back. "The first time you brought me to Layla's was at 2 something in the morning, and we sat here."

"Yeah," Blaine grinned as he pulled out the Sharpie marker he'd been signing autographs with all day. "This is where we sat that night. The night I thought about breaking Jose's legs."

Kurt laughed and shook his head. "You're so ridiculous." As he reached for his coffee, he noticed Blaine pull the top off the Sharpie and start to write on the table. "Babe… what are you doing?"

"I'm writing on the table." Blaine said obviously. "This is where we're going to sit when we come here alone. And no smart ass 13 year olds will be able to say 'I don't see your name on it' or anything like that—"

"You'll get us kicked out, Blaine. C'mon you know better—"

"All done." Blaine smiled and looked down at his work, capping the marker before pocketing it.

Kurt & Blaine
June 4
th, 2012 – Forever

Kurt wanted to yell at his boyfriend for doing something so incredibly stupid but the sentiment behind it was so sweet. And seeing the word forever there made his heart skip a couple beats. It actually made him forget about how shitty his day was all until…

"I wonder how Ms. Layla would feel about one of her customers defacing her property…"

Blaine looked up at the unfamiliar face blankly, wondering if he was supposed to know who this guy was or if it was just some dick picking on him and Kurt. He was older—maybe 20 or so, with brown hair that was not long but not short either, bright blue eyes, a light dusting of facial hair and well defined features. He was definitely the model type if Blaine had ever seen it, and he didn't like how the man looked at him.

"Do we know you?"

"Probably not," he said with a charming smile. "But, I do know you."

"Everyone knows me," Blaine glanced up at him before noticing the waitress was returning with his receipt and a copy to sign, "And thanks for your concern, but I don't remember asking for your opinion—"

"William," the elder said. His attention turned to Kurt as he held out his hand with the introduction; a beaded bracelet visible around his left wrist. "William Myerson, but I go by Liam for short. You're Kurt, correct? I—"

"Wait," Kurt accepted the handshake as the gears in his head started to turn, "Liam Myerson? I know that name…"

The waitress placed the merchant's copy down on the table and handed Blaine a pen. "Of course you know that name, Kurt," she said with a smile, "a big theater buff like you. Liam is only what—20 years old? And he's already—"

"I won't be 20 until Monday, thank you Lydia."

"Monday is my 17th birthday," Kurt said with a smile. Blaine glanced between the two of them as the waitress, Lydia, huffed and continued, obviously annoyed that she'd been interrupted.

"As I was saying, he's already starred and understudied in a couple off-Broadway shows. He was a big deal back in NYC." Blaine signed the copy and took his receipt as Liam smiled at the waitress. "I'm not so sure why he decided to come to Southern California for school but, here he is."

"I'm not too sure we care," Blaine told her while staring Liam in the face. "Babe, you ready to go?" he asked Kurt.

"I hope that isn't permanent marker, Mr. BMX." The waitress gave him a stern look and Blaine smirked, waving off the comment.

"I wouldn't worry about it, Lydia. Kurt, are we ready—"

"What's the rush?" Liam didn't give Blaine any focus as he smiled at Kurt. "I just wanted to say that I saw you two at the auditions, I was a little surprised to see Blaine Anderson there," Liam took a seat next to Kurt as the blue-eyed teen curiously listened, and Liam quickly glanced at Blaine, "but kid, you did fantastic—"

"I'm not a kid."

"Why were you at the auditions?" Kurt asked him. Liam licked his lips as he folded his hands on the table. "If you're turning 20, clearly you're not a student…"

Blaine glared at the man across from him and Liam smiled. "Well, that's simple. I'm Leonard Riley's T.A."

Kurt's eyebrows rose in surprise. "Really? That's freaking incredible."

"Babe I have a flight to catch in the morning," Blaine rubbed at his forehead; showing his impatience, but Liam only continued.

"Yeah, I was lucky to get the position. I get to work closely with him, get my education at UCLA and become an even better performer for when I return to NY. And of course I get to work with talented young rising stars like you," Liam's smile was as charming as ever and Kurt blushed at the sight of it.

"I haven't even been accepted. You should be talking to Blaine. He's going to be in Orchestra."

"Why do you seem so sure of that?" Liam still didn't look at the rider. "I mean the duet was incredible and I heard the things the judges said about you, Kurt; about each of you together. You don't have to believe me but you're a shoe-in at Pace."

Kurt looked at him, trying to figure out if he was telling the truth, but he couldn't get past the way Liam looked back at him. He cleared his throat and looked away, fighting off the blush rising to his cheeks. "Th-That's great. I guess I'll wait for that call then…"

"You should. And I'll see you on your first day, huh?"

Before Kurt could respond, he noticed that Blaine had appeared to have had enough. He stood up from the table and went straight to the exit, not bothering to say hello to the few people he knew who were waving at him. Kurt knew from the walk alone that his boyfriend wasn't happy. He took a deep breath and turned to Liam, an apologetic smile on his face. But then he saw Liam smile back and the blush he'd been fighting to avoid was right there. Such an inopportune time to crush on a hot, older guy.

"It was um, it was nice talking to you, and meeting you… yeah." Kurt pushed his plate away and waited patiently for Liam to get up and let him out of the seat. "Thanks for everything."

The elder stood to his feet and nodded. "It was nothing. I saw you over here moping and I didn't see Blaine doing much to help so I thought I'd step in. It wasn't a problem at all."

Kurt slid out of the booth and shook his head, "Blaine was helping, and I was just being the stubborn asshole I sometimes tend to be. But goodnight… and if I don't get in, best of luck with school and Pace and everything."

"Like I said," Liam licked his lips and stepped back, not so shyly looking over Kurt's physique as he did so, "I'll see you on the first day of school. Happy early birthday, Kurt."

Kurt felt his neck burning red as he watched the elder walk away. "Same to you, Liam…"

The UCLA student joined a table with a couple of other guys; that wide, charming, sexy smile on his face as he sat down. Kurt allowed himself to look for only a few more seconds, which was completely moronic because he was caught looking by not only Liam but one of his friends too. He quickly turned away and exited the diner.


Blaine lay on Kurt's bed as the blue eyed teen packed up an overnight bag. He hadn't said much on the drive home, even though his boyfriend seemed to babble on and on. Blaine guessed that was better than the quiet, glum Kurt he had to spend time with after the audition, but at the same time he didn't like that he'd been trying all evening to cheer his boyfriend up and another guy literally came over for a minute and the job was done.

For once, Blaine was willing to admit that he was jealous. As he watched Kurt grab his fancy duffle bag and put clothing inside, he now acknowledged that the reason he felt so shitty was because of this Liam guy and how simple it was for him to take Kurt's anxiety away. He also accepted that he wasn't a fan of the exchange because how Kurt looked back at Liam. It wasn't how Kurt looked at Jose or Robert or any of those other attractive guys who showed interest. He practically teased them when he spoke, flaunting what they knew they couldn't have. With Liam, Kurt had blushed. Blaine didn't like that at all.

"Are you even listening to me?" Kurt looked at Blaine through the reflection of his mirror as he tossed a few moisturizers inside the bag. He saw his boyfriend's attention turn away from whatever was so interesting on the ceiling to the mirror as their eyes locked. "I feel like I've been the only one speaking for the past 20 minutes, honey."

Blaine sat up on the bed and turned to face the wall. He buried his face in both hands and exhaled before running them through his unruly curls. "I'm sorry. I was just thinking about something."

Kurt turned away from the mirror and walked towards the bed. He grabbed his slippers and stuffed them into his bag, zipping it up afterwards and glancing over at his boyfriend when he was done. "Can we talk about it?"

"I'd rather not," Blaine stood up and rubbed the nape of his neck, tiredly facing his boyfriend and offering a faux smile. "Are you ready to go?"

Kurt looked around the room for anything he might've been forgetting. "I think I'm ready. Oh—" he went over to the power outlet by his bed and unplugged his Kindle charger, tying it up as he went to put it in the bag too. "That's that. I should be all set now."

Blaine nodded and looked down at his watch. "Great. I guess we can get going then."

"So about what we talked about earlier," Kurt picked up the blue Anchor brand duffle bag and was about to put it over his shoulder before his boyfriend took it from him. He didn't even bother arguing at this point, instead following behind Blaine and turning the lights off in his room. "As I was saying," he resumed, "you told me that your job was to be there for me when I needed someone, and it seems that you need to talk about something if your behavior over the past half an hour has been any indication, so I think it would only be fair if you let me do my job too."

Blaine shook his head as he jogged down the stairs of the Hummel residence. "I did say that, you're right. But another guy did the job better than I could so obviously I was wrong—"

"Is that what this is about?" Kurt gave his boyfriend a bemused expression as they got to the bottom step. Blaine shrugged and walked towards the door. "That's why you've been so gloomy?"

"I guess I get insecure too easily," Blaine responded. When he opened the door, he found Burt standing there with his keys out, ready to enter. The man gave a smile to both teens and stepped inside when Blaine moved over to let him in.

"Dad," Kurt smiled back, deciding to finish the conversation with Blaine in the car ride over to the beach home. "Hey. How was your day?"

"How'd it go, boys?" Burt wasted no time stepping out of his work boots as he pulled off his cap. "Did you get in?"

"Apparently," Kurt smiled, praying to whichever deity (if any existed, he thought) had the most power that what Liam was actually telling the truth. "I didn't think I did too we—"

"Kurt was amazing," Blaine told the elder Hummel, smiling at the proud look on Burt's face. "We're both starting at Pace in a couple weeks."

Burt turned to look at Kurt and patted his shoulder. "I told you so. I knew you could do it, kiddo."

Kurt smiled at his dad's support and rocked back and forth on his feet a little. "We both did."

"I'm proud of knuckle head over here too," Burt said, laughing at the face he got from Blaine. "So how long are you staying in New York, this time?"

Blaine sighed at the thought of leaving the beach again. "I'll be back Sunday morning. I told Unc that there was no way I was missing Kurt's birthday on Monday."

Burt turned to face him as he leant against the staircase, "Have a safe flight, champ." He turned to face his son, "And I guess that means you're staying at the beach house?"

Kurt grinned and Blaine smiled, digging his ringing cell phone out of his pocket. "It's Nick. I'm going to take this. Goodnight, Papa Bear. See you in a few days," Blaine shouldered the duffle bag and headed out to the car. When he left the house, Kurt faced his father.

"He's going to be gone for a while. It's one night, dad."

Burt shook his head and turned to walk up the stairs. "Every night is one night with you two. During the school year this is not happening, though."

Kurt watched his father's retreating back and sighed. "I know. Thanks though! And I love you, dad!"

Burt waved from the step he was on. "Love you too, kiddo."


Blaine bit his lip while trying to focus on driving. "Stop poking my cock, Kurt."

"Talk to me." Kurt kept nudging at his boyfriend's junk, "Talk to me or I keep poking your cock."

"Your methods are the oddest—"

"You do know that I don't care about Liam, correct?" Kurt turned a bit in the Lexus and watched as his boyfriend focused on the road. "I love you and you know that, and yes the guy was hot but you think women are hot too—"

"First," Blaine interrupted, "He was flirting with you in front of me and you fell for it. He's a jackass and I hate him."

"Let's talk about how dramatic you are."

"Second," Blaine pulled to a stop and parked, "If a girl walked up to us at dinner and fawned over me like that, I would tell her to back off."

"Then I'm sorry, but I see you look at girls and I keep quiet."

"Oh my god," Blaine shook his head and laughed.

"Don't deny it." Kurt said, reaching into the back seat for his bag. "I recall a certain three minute conversation between you, Jeff, and Justin where you three spoke about this one girl's titties nonstop. Three whole minutes."

Blaine smiled. "They were fake, though."

"I don't fault you for that either, because when I'm with Naomi and Vickie we always talk about guys and that's understandable."

Blaine looked at him. "No it isn't."

"But you have to understand that just because I think someone is hot or you think a girl has a nice ass it doesn't mean I'm leaving you or you're leaving me. There's no need for you to be insecure, Blaine, and the same goes for me. And with you, there are a lot of reasons to be insecure. You're handsome, you're successful, and you're everything I ever dreamed of…" Kurt trailed off and Blaine took his hand.

"None of that matters, babe. What matters is that I'm in love with you."

Kurt smiled. "Exactly."

They both looked down at their hands as the blue-eyed teen continued. "We're both human, babe. I was not used to any form of attention until I showed up here. Out of the blue I had hot guys launching themselves at me."

Blaine laughed and looked at the steering wheel.

"But none of them matter. None of those guys are my soul mate. You are."

"I am." Blaine repeated, leaning over for a kiss. "And you're mine, and I love you."

Kurt smiled into the kiss, letting it linger for a while. "Even if I think Liam has an amazing ass?"

Blaine pulled away and got out of the car, ignoring Kurt's laughter. He could be a jerk when he wanted to be.


"Start from the top. You're rambling."

Nick sat down on the steps of the beach house and took another deep breath. "There's not much to say Jeff except that I chickened out. And I don't want you to think I'm ashamed of you or anything like that, because—"

"Because we're great friends and have been for years, blah blah," Jeff said, smiling to himself. Nick sighed.

"No. I was going to say because you're my boyfriend and I really do like you, Jeff."

"Then I don't understand the problem—"

"This is my dad!" Nick's voice rose before he took a deep breath and stood up, starting to pace along the sand. "You know how much he's been around in the past and it wasn't a lot. I'm happy he's trying to get involved in my little sisters' lives because they really want him to be there and while my mom doesn't need help with the twins, it'd be good for them to see him sometime…"

Jeff nodded, playing with his tongue ring as he saw Kurt and Blaine approaching. "I understand."

"But you don't."

"I do," Jeff shrugged, "you don't want to tell your family about us because things are going well with them and I would just ruin that. I totally get it."

Nick's face dropped as he shook his head no. "Jeff—"

"Kurt, Blaine!" Jeff stood up and walked past Nick, pulling the perfectly coiffed blue-eyed teen into a tight hug. "Please tell me you both have good news from the auditions? You're joining us at Pace, right?"

Nick took a deep breath and tried to hide how upset he was now that Blaine had shown up. The kid could always read him like a book. Luckily for Nick, Blaine was busy staring at Jeff who had his arms wrapped tightly around Kurt's body.

"Hi Jeff," Kurt said while mock gasping for air, "if you constrict my breathing like this, I won't be able to go to Pace or any other school for that matter."

"You should give him some space." Blaine told him. Jeff smirked and pulled away, remembering the wrath of the jealous!Blaine.

Kurt laughed and looked at his boyfriend. "We literally just talked about this in the car."

Blaine shrugged.

"So," Jeff looked between the two of them, "how'd it go?"

"I'm taking this inside," Blaine gestured to the home before walking off. Kurt watched him and followed, grabbing Jeff by the arm.

"I haven't officially heard back from anyone, but I have great reason to believe I'm starting with you all!"

Nick slapped five with Blaine as he walked by and followed his best friend inside as Jeff flailed about in the background. He waited as Blaine unlocked the door and wasted no time stepping in behind him. Blaine put the duffel bag on the steps and looked over at his best friend.

"Thanks for coming over, by the way."

Nick smiled and plopped down on the sofa. Jeff and Kurt walked in afterwards, still talking about the audition as the blonde followed his friend into the kitchen. "Well I thought I'd come say goodbye before you left for New York. And I know you've been texting me and I haven't been answering but I was out with the twins and dad."

Blaine's eyebrows rose. "Oh? How'd that go? I didn't know he was in Cali…"

"He's thinking about moving back," Nick looked at his best friend, trying to smile. "Allison and Anna are thrilled. I guess I am too, but I'm a little nervous."

Blaine nodded and walked over to the sofa. "Because of things with Jeff."

Nick sat back a bit. "I don't think he'd take it well at all and if he decides to stay in Texas, it'll be my fault."

Blaine shook his head and sat next to his best friend. "Actually, it would be his fault for being an ignorant dumb ass. No disrespect because I know you love your dad and all but he's a bit of a dick…"

Nick didn't answer.

Blaine sighed. "Look, man. If you continue to be dishonest, it'll make Jeff feel like you're hiding him. No one wants to be hidden."

"Those aren't my intentions at all," Nick told him. "I want to be honest, but…"

Blaine spoke as his friend trailed. "But your sisters miss your dad and are finally getting him back…"

"I miss him too."

"And is he worth messing things up with Jeff over?" Blaine looked at Nick but the eye contact was never returned, "I guess that's something to think about."

Nick nodded and stared at the blank television screen. "I guess it is." After a moment of silence, except for Jeff rambling on and on in the kitchen, Nick spoke again. "How were the auditions?"

Blaine shrugged. "We got in so that's good."

"Both of you got in on the spot?" Nick smiled, kind of amazed. "I got the 'You'll hear from us' and almost shit my pants."

Blaine laughed. "I figured you did too because I remember how nervous you were. Kurt heard the same thing…"

Nick hummed in response. "He seems very confident for someone that heard that. I wish I had that confidence."

"Oh," Blaine shook his head, "it came from some T.A. at Pace named Liam Myerson."

"Liam… must be new."

Blaine shrugged. "I don't know but then again, I don't really care.

"That's your jealous voice," Nick smiled and stood up, walking over to the DVDs. "How about we just watch a movie before I get out of here. Take our mind off of things, yeah?"

Kurt and Jeff came out of the kitchen with nachos the younger teen prepared. Of course it was because Jeff begged him too. Blaine bit his lip as Kurt swayed right over to where he sat and eased his way into the rider's lap, getting comfortable. His hands found their way to Kurt's thighs while Jeff sat in the recliner, looking up at the HD screen.

"What are we watching?" Kurt questioned, putting a nacho to his boyfriend's lips.

"World War Z." Nick told them.

"I've never seen this." Jeff mumbled, already into the movie and it hadn't even started playing yet.

Blaine turned off the lamp as he chewed and got comfortable, but not too comfortable. That could be a problem around your best friends with a hot guy in your lap.


To Puck:

I landed like half an hour ago. What's taking you so long?

Justin slouched back in his seat. He looked around Dayton International Airport and didn't even bother smiling back at the group of girls who'd been ogling him ever since he got off his flight. Usually the teenager was personable but tonight he couldn't deal with it. He'd had a very long day and now, Puck was holding him up from getting in the shower and going to sleep.

Justin knew he was crazy for doing this. He knew he should've told Blaine to kiss off or get one of the Ohio kids to do his dirty work, but he also knew that if push came to shove, Blaine would do the same thing if not more for him. So here he sat in the arrivals area of a somewhat quiet Dayton airport, waiting for Kurt's old friend to come and pick him up.

He did have to admit, seeing Quinn a few days earlier and getting to spend some time with her wouldn't be so bad, actually.

From Puck:

I told you there was traffic. Relax, pretty boy.

Justin rolled his eyes at the message. He continued to chew on his toothpick as he replied.

To Puck:

There's no way that traffic is that bad this time of night, man. You better not be with a chick. I'm fucking exhausted and I'm paying you to do this.

"Hey, Justin Palmers, right? You're in Legacy," a kid maybe 10 years old asked with a smile. Justin looked up, lowering his huge headphones from his head as he nodded. He could see the kid's parents standing patiently in the background with who he assumed to be the boy's younger sister.

"That's me," Justin told him with a smile, "What's your name?"

"Clark," he adjusted his glasses as he spoke, "I love you guys! I want to be a skater just like Jeff when I'm older."

Justin smiled. "You kind of look like him with the bowl cut and all," he waved hello to his parents before going through his cell phone, "How about I let you talk to him on the phone?"

From Puck:

Ok. I was with a chick, but that only delayed me twenty minutes. Her dad showed up. And then I had to pick up someone so I'd have a driving partner. The drive is an hour and 15 minutes.

From Puck:

I'm only ten minutes away so sit tight. Quinn'll be there when we get to Lima.

Justin ignored the messages. Puck had been ten minutes away for the past thirty minutes. And he wasn't strictly there for Quinn, so he ignored that part too.

"You'd really let me speak to him?" Clark turned around and grinned at his mom and dad. "He's going to let me talk to Jeff Sterling! The skateboarder in Legacy!"

Justin laughed at the kid's excitement, though he did feel a little bad for the parents. They looked as if they wanted to get going and Clark was having a fanboy moment. "Hello? Jeff?"

Clark smiled widely.

"Jussy Pooh. Did you land?" Jeff sounded like he was eating something and Justin wasn't shocked.

"I landed a while ago, but listen. I have a—"

"Blaine and Nick say hello. Kurt would too if he knew you were gone and he wasn't outside on the phone right now."

"Tell 'em I said hey and don't let Kurt know I'm in Ohio, please. It'll ruin his birthday surprise." Justin smiled apologetically to Clark's parents as Jeff spoke.

"I'm not stupid, dude." He pulled away from the phone, "Jus said hey," then his voice returned, "so what's up? Are you with the Directioners yet? And I mean the New ones, not the boy band fans."

"I'm actually with a kid who happens to be a big fan of yours named Clark. I told him he could speak to you."

Jeff paused for a moment. "Seriously, dude? That's awesome! Put him on."

Justin handed the phone to a half excited, half nervous little boy. The kid held the phone to his ears and shakily said hello. Right at that point, Justin felt a smack across the back of his head.


"Welcome to Ohio, pretty boy," Puck hopped over the seats and sat next to Justin, ignoring the perturbed looks on the little boy's parents faces. "You pack like a female. What's all this shit?"

"Dude, watch your mouth in front of the kid." Justin looked back at Clark who was busy smiling ear-to-ear as Jeff said whatever he said on the phone. "Give me a minute, I let a Legacy fan use my phone for a minute."

"You were rushing me and you weren't even ready?" Puck stood up and shook his head, "I'm going over to the vending machine to steal I mean buy something while TSA isn't looking. Meet me at the entrance."

"Help carry a bag?" Justin stood up and started gathering his things. The mohawked teen sighed before grabbing luggage too.

"Only because you're paying me. Oh," he turned back, "Finn is riding shot gun so you should probably think of a way to fit in my back seat. You're both giants."

Justin's whole demeanor changed. "Finn? You know that guy hates me and I'm not fond of him either."

"I don't care. You ladies'll work it out," Puck roamed off before Justin could respond, and the kid was ending the call.

"Mr. Palmers, thank you so much! This was the best thing ever!" Clark gave Justin a high five and ran over to his parents; his smile practically stuck on his face. His mother came over a second later with the boy's Obey cap.

"You know, he'll regret forgetting to ask you when he actually remembers…"

"It's no problem at all," Justin pulled out a marker and quickly penned his autograph, "Does he have a skateboard?"

She nodded, "Thanks so much. And yes, he has one but he gets discouraged so easily. I think talking to your friend was a confidence boost."

Justin smiled back, capping the marker. "Make sure you tell him that all of Legacy had our share of falls. But when we stood up, we were that much greater."

The mother smiled back. "You're a good kid. I'll make sure he knows that. Thank you again!"

"No problem," Justin watched her walk off and then the family, smiling as he grabbed his things and walked off.


"It's r-really weird hearing your voice. But like in a good way. I meant your voice is really nice, Kurt, and um I always thought—"


"Y-Yes?" Karofsky swallowed hard and cursed himself for stuttering again. "Yes, Kurt?"

"I know it has to be about 2am where you are because it's late here too. I don't want to rush you at all," he sounded sincere, "but it's been a very long day and I need to rest. So what's up?"

"Oh," after clearing his throat very quietly, the teen looked across the bedroom to Sebastian. "I just… I should've texted I know—"

"It's ok. What can I help you with?"

"I was wondering," the jock took a deep breath, "let's say you were having a birthday party in Long Beach, and that I happened to be in Long Beach. At this point in our… if you can call it a friendship, would you invite me to the party or get mad at me for showing up?"

Kurt was quiet on the other line and Dave bit his lip as he watched Sebastian start to toss and turn. It was the first time he spent the night and he knew it wouldn't be that way if the Warbler hadn't fell asleep right after they'd both climaxed. He definitely would've gotten kicked out.

"Do you know something I don't, Karofsky?" Kurt questioned. "Is there a party here and are you going to show up because I think that's a terrible, terrible idea—"

"No!" Dave interrupted before quieting himself, "I mean, no there isn't one that I know of. I'm just trying to see how far we've progressed. If you were having one, and I was around, I'm saying…" he trailed off as he looked down at his hand, "and there was no Blaine and Legacy involved, just you and the guy you forgave for almost ruining your life because you know how tragically sorry he is, would you let me come by to wish you a happy birthday and drop off a gift to show my thanks? It's just a hypothetical. I'm curious as to how far we've come. That's all."

After a deep sigh, Kurt finally answered. "I wouldn't mind that, hypothetically speaking. You've grown up and I want you to think of me as a friend, for sure."

"So you'd want me to come?"

Kurt laughed now. "I wouldn't have a problem. I couldn't promise I wouldn't be a little afraid at first because I still do remember, but I think it would be ok. I think I'd be ok. A little warning would be appreciated though now that I think about it…"

Dave let go of a long breath and nodded. "Get some rest. I hope tomorrow is a better day."


Sebastian started to stir a little more and the teen sighed. "It's good to know that you really believe we're friends, despite what people tell you. So thank you."

"Of course."

"Goodnight, Kurt."



Blaine looked up as Kurt stepped back inside and walked into the living room. "What was that about?"

Kurt shook his head and put the phone down. "Dave just wanted to ask a question, that's all. Nothing to worry about."

Blaine nodded though he wasn't sure he was convinced. "Ok, babe."

Nick and Jeff had cuddled on the smaller couch as the movie played. Kurt sat down and lay back now, gesturing with grabby hands for Blaine to join him. After a few seconds, Blaine lay down between his legs.

"Mm," Kurt smiled and kissed his boyfriend's cheek, "So new topic. What are you getting me for my birthday?"

Blaine shook his head and looked at the movie. "Nothing."

Kurt mock pouted. "But baby…"

Blaine shrugged. "I'm still mad at you."

"Because of…? I swear if you say Liam—"

"Because," Blaine interrupted, "you said if I got into Pace I would get a lap dance and I have yet to get anything but you flirting with Liam—ouch!"

"I wasn't flirting with him!"

Blaine smirked. "Yeah, ok. And don't hit me."

"You can get your lap dance when you get back…" Kurt looked at the television and smiled, "I would've done it now but I'm not happy with you at the moment, either."

Blaine nodded his head. "Then you don't need to know what I got you, then. That's the way I see it."

"Can you two be quiet?" Jeff asked while not moving his eyes from the movie. "This is incredible."

"When are you two leaving anyway? Ouch, Kurt…"

"Be nice."

"As soon as the movie is done," Nick absently played in Jeff's hair as they watched the film. Then you two can have all the kinky sex you want, because I'm sure that's what's going to happen—"


"Don't shush me, Jeff."

Kurt smiled, kissing Blaine's cheek again. "I'm actually going to go to sleep since I'm not getting anything for my birthday."

Blaine waited for the dialogue on screen to finish before looking at his boyfriend. He had his eyes closed but was clearly faking. "Kurt."

"Shut up. I'm going to sleep."

Blaine shook his head and lay down on Kurt's chest, watching the movie. "You better not go to sleep. I really want sex tonight."


Blaine smiled, thinking about tickling the shit out of his boyfriend to keep him awake, but his cell phone ringing prevented that. The teen reached over to the coffee table and picked it up, sighing when he saw it was Uncle Don. This was no doubt a we-leave-for-New-York-early-in-the-morning-so-get- your-ass-in-bed phone call.


"Good, you're awake."

That was unexpected.

"Come spend the night by my place so we can leave for the airport on time. I don't want to have to drive to the beach house and spend hours trying to get you out of bed."

Blaine sighed. "It's late, unc. You couldn't have told me to stay over earlier?"

"Mikey's waiting for you."

He knew how to get him. Blaine smiled and said ok. "I'm watching a movie with the guys, but as soon as it's over I'll be right there. Promise."

"Good. And the audition for Pace?"

Blaine nodded, "They went well, unc."

"I'm proud of you."

Blaine looked at the screen and nodded again. "Thanks. I'll see you soon."

"Ok, bye kid."

Blaine hung up and turned to face his boyfriend. Of course, Kurt fell asleep.


Justin walked down the steps of Mike's house, careful not to make too much noise. As the teen explained, his parents were fast asleep and had no idea that there were four other teenage boys downstairs in their living room. That'd still be more acceptable than having Tina over at this time of night but it still wouldn't be appreciated. They knew Justin would be staying for a few days but it was safe to say they weren't expecting the group to be gathered right now.

Puck looked up from the television screen and shook his head at Justin's physique. "You couldn't find a shirt, pretty boy?"

Justin rolled his eyes. "Are we going to plan the birthday week for Kurt or what?"

Mike stood up while Finn and Sam stared at the football game on screen. "Let's go into the basement just in case my parents come down. I don't want to get grounded and miss the entire week Kurt and the guys come anyway."

"Yeah," Sam stood up too and followed behind him. "I need to get home soon anyway. Mom's night shift ends in a bit."

Once the television was shut off, the guys followed Mike into the basement. It was pretty much an entertainment center and Justin knew as soon as he got down there that they wouldn't get anything done.

"Who wants to lose their money?" Puck walked over to the pool table and smiled at Sam. "How about you Ken?"

Justin shook his head and sat down by the bar. "Where's Chandler? Isn't he helping?"

Mike looked at the teen like he was crazy. "He doesn't exactly hang out with us. Our girlfriends, yeah. Besides, I don't think Blaine wanted him involved too much."

Justin shook his head again. "So where do we start?"

"I want in this game," Finn walked over to the pool table and watched as Puck took a horrible shot. "Wow. Ok I'm facing Puck."

"And I'm going to end up doing everything on my own, I see," Justin said to himself, shaking his head and pulling out his cell phone. "Not too sure why I expected any different..."


Blaine cursed to himself when he heard his alarm going off. It couldn't have been more than two hours' worth of sleep he'd gotten and now he'd have to get up and be at the airport…


The teen grabbed the sheets as his toes curled. The alarm continued to sound as his eyes snapped open and he thrust up, knowing the feeling of the back of Kurt's throat so well that he moaned.

"Baby, fuck…" Blaine looked down at Kurt's head moving underneath the sheets and bit his lip. "Fuck… just like that…"

He got enough of the alarm and his hand moved around on the nightstand, hoping to find the button to silence it. A few moments later, he'd finally cut it off, and Kurt's lips had somehow stretched even deeper down his cock.

"Shit, baby—"

"Blaine! I hope you're up, bud!" Uncle Don's voice rang through the door and Blaine grabbed Kurt's head to keep it in place when his boyfriend tried to stop. "We gotta get going soon. C'mon."

"I'm up," Blaine licked his lips and worked his hips up and down slowly and listened for retreating footsteps to let him know his uncle walked off, "C'mon Kurt, suck me baby."

Kurt hummed beneath the sheets and sucked purposely on just the tip of his boyfriend's cock. He inhaled hard through his nose, ignoring the nagging pain in his jaw, and slowly sunk lower. Blaine shivered and offered dirty words of encouragement while the younger teen's hands ran from his knees, to inner thighs, and up his abdomen. The only sound of displeasure came after Kurt pulled away tossed the sheet from over his head.

Blaine groaned as his hands fell to his side. "Why'd you stop? That was so perfect, baby…" he trailed off when Kurt slid the yoga pants down to his ankles and pulled them off, "Shit."

"I want to ride you before you go," Kurt knelt on the bed over his boyfriend and started to stroke himself, "and we don't have that much time."

Blaine sat up a bit, propping the pillows beneath his body. "I want to take you with me."

Kurt smiled as he warmed lube on his hand and slid it onto his boyfriend's cock, slickening it as he responded. "If I didn't have to work so much this weekend, I'd definitely buy a plane ticket right now." he lined himself up and eased down onto Blaine, biting his lip when his boyfriend held the base of his cock steady. "Mm... god, and I don't want to distract you from what you need to g-get done…"

"It's just a couple interviews and a photo shoot… damn…"

"And some fancy party," Kurt said with a smile as he lowered himself slowly, trying not to wince as his body accommodated the stretch. "I swear you got bigger since the last time."

"I don't know if I'm going to that party," Blaine's eyes fluttered open and he held onto the mattress with all he had, promising himself he wouldn't thrust up. He watched as Kurt lowered himself and focused on the precum around the head of Kurt's dick. "I don't want to…dress up all nicely and smile for a bunch of people…oh shit… a bunch of p-people who just think I'm a dumb k-kid anyway…"

Kurt slowly worked his hips with his head thrown back. Blaine's eyes moved from his parted lips down to his long neck, over the expanse of his chest and finally over the lean abdomen he now ran his hands over. He saw Kurt's cock bounce with each of his movements and licked his lips; toes curling when tiny moans slipped and the boy sped up.

"This is about to turn into a quickie, okay baby?" Kurt told him as he finally got into his rhythm. The blue-eyed teen found the clock and bit his lip, starting to ride Blaine a little faster. "Oh, fuck yes…"

"Y-Yeah," Blaine smiled as he watched his boyfriend start to bounce up and down, "ride me, sexy."

Kurt smiled back as his nails dug into Blaine's chest; his ass tight around Blaine's cock as he grinded up and down. It amazed him how he could feel each and every inch inside of him. "Shit, am I doing okay, daddy?"

"Fuck," Blaine slid his hands to his boyfriend's hips as he lay there in bliss, "don't start. I don't have enough time to screw you how I want to screw you when you call me daddy, Kurt."

The teen grinned as he started to touch his cock. "Next time, then."

Blaine's eyes fought to stay open as he nodded his head yes. "N-Next time… just please don't stop—fuck!"

Kurt slammed himself down and accidentally screamed out when his prostate made contact with Blaine's hard on. "Oh—god!"

Blaine shot up into sitting position and bit his tongue; and Kurt cried out even louder at the shift inside of him. "Holy fuck, Blaine—"

"Shhh," Blaine smiled as he rubbed his boyfriend's back, urging him further and further, "you'll wake the whole house." he buried his face in Kurt's chest and started to fuck his ass faster and faster, knowing he'd cum within a few thrusts. "Yeah, yes, baby… I love how you fucking take me."

Kurt licked his lips before they fell open again and his fist moved even quicker over his cock. He did nothing but moan and pull his boyfriend's hair as his cum shot between the two of them. "Blaine, oh baby!" he slammed down a couple more times before his boyfriend was coming deep inside of him. This time, it felt different.

"Shit," Blaine smiled as he continued to thrust, riding it out, "Oh god Kurt you're so fucking good."


"Hold on," Blaine gripped his boyfriend's hips as he slowed down, trying to catch his breath. "That good?"

Kurt's eyes rolled back as he pushed at his boyfriend's chest, sliding up and off of him. Blaine bit his lip and fell back, scratching tiredly at his chest.




Kurt sighed. "W-We didn't use a condom."

His boyfriend's eyes opened and he looked down at his bare cock. Surely enough, there wasn't any protection. "Oh shit."

Kurt licked his lip and ran a hand through his hair. "I can feel your cum inside my ass… not that I'm complaining but—"

"That explains why I came even quicker than usual…" Blaine sat up again and looked at Kurt. "I didn't even think about it, I'm sorry."

"No, I'm the one who just hopped on your dick," Kurt sat back, wincing at the slight discomfort. "But we have nothing to worry about. It's not like I'm going to get pregnant or anything."

"And we're both clean," Blaine thought aloud, looking over at his luggage. "Maybe we should just go without one all the time…"

Kurt bit his lip as he glanced over to Blaine at the head of the bed. The teen stood up and stretched as he went over to the closet. "What's the need, right? You're only with me and I'm only with you, we're in love," Blaine looked back and licked his lips when he saw Kurt lying on the bed completely naked, "it felt so amazing…"

Kurt smiled before it turned into a yawn. The boy crawled up to the head of the bed and got back underneath the sheets. "We'll talk more about it, I guess."

"You guess," Blaine smiled to himself and went back to the closet, getting his clothes out. "Are you going back to sleep, babe?"

After another yawn, Kurt shook his head no. "I want to wait until you both leave to see you off."

Blaine tossed a green button-up to the bed, followed by light blue denim jeans. He started to hum to himself as he got dressed, every once and a while glancing at Kurt who was staring back of course with the sexiest, teasing face he could muster. It had to be on purpose.

The quickest knocks sounded against the door and Blaine knew it had to be Mikey. He quickly pulled on his jeans and buttoned them as Mikey knocked even harder. "Hold on, butt face."

"You do know I'm not dressed?" Kurt sunk lower underneath the covers as he stared at Blaine. Of course, his boyfriend opened the door anyway.

"Just don't take the covers off, babe."


"Hi Blainey!" Mikey walked in with a couple stuffed toys and grinned when he saw Kurt on the bed, Diesel behind him as they went over. "Good morning, beautiful."

Kurt shook his head as he laughed. "You spend way too much time around your cousin, Mikey. Good morning."

Blaine walked over to his shirt and pulled it on, smiling when he saw Mikey about to get underneath the sheets with Kurt and the fearful look on his boyfriend's face. "Michael."

The boy stopped, "Huh?"

"What do you want from New York?"

The boy sat down. "I want you not to go."

Kurt glared at Blaine and the teen smirked. "I have to go, but let's say I bring you something back. What—"

"If you can bring back a monster killer, then that would be nice."

One of Blaine's eyebrows went up comically. "Why would you need that? There's no such thing as monsters. I told you that. How about I get you something cool like those Iron Man SB Nike Dunks you wanted? Everyone in kindergarten will be uber jealous, man."

Mikey shook his head no. "I heard Kurt screaming earlier and I know it was because of the monster I told you I saw."

Blaine tried to stop but he couldn't help but burst out laughing. Kurt glared daggers at him. "Blaine Alexander."

Mikey looked confused. "What's so funny?"

"Oh Kurt got to see the monster alright—"

"Ignore him, Mikey," Kurt said. "But how about you go downstairs since you're up so early and we'll make waffles and watch cartoons?"

Mikey smiled and nodded. "Okay! C'mon Diesel!"

As he ran out the room, the puppy tiredly followed after him. There was no doubt that the boy woke him up.

Blaine wiped tears of laughter from his eyes and walked over to close the door. When he turned back to look at Kurt, the messy haired teen was up and out of bed, looking for clothes to throw on.

"I love that kid so much."

Kurt rolled his eyes and stepped into some of Blaine's house clothes. "I'm going downstairs. I hope you have fun up here laughing by yourself."

Blaine smiled as Kurt approached him. "You have to admit it was funny."

"If he heard us then your aunt and uncle probably heard us—"

"And Burt next door," Blaine winked, "And the Parsons across the street—"

"Screw you," Kurt pushed Blaine off and tried not to smile, "this is serious! I don't think they'll appreciate us having sex in their guest room."

Blaine shrugged, pulling his boyfriend closer by the waist. "Reminder that my aunt gave us condoms. She doesn't care. As for uncle Don, this could be payback for the time I walked in on him and my aunt in the garage—"

"Oh god," Kurt covered his face and laughed.

"Exactly," Blaine kissed over the teen's hands and smiled. "Tell me you love me."

Kurt wrapped his arms around Blaine's shoulders and leant in close. "I love you, Blaine."

"Are you gonna miss me?"

"I miss you already," Kurt kissed the corner of his lips and smiled, "more than you know."

Blaine hummed and returned the kiss. "What's our schedule, baby?"

Kurt fought not to get so deep into the kiss because he knew where Blaine was taking it. "It's… stop that."

Blaine stopped kissing his boyfriend's neck and smiled. "It's what?"

"Every night at 8 my time we Skype."

"Ok." Blaine was about to lean in for another kiss when Uncle Don knocked on the door again. "Damn."

"The cab is on the way!"

Kurt smiled and pecked his lips. "I'm going to hang with my boyfriend on the side. Have fun."

Blaine smiled as Kurt brushed past him and headed for the door. The swag in his walk said everything and he hoped that Liam would see him walking like that.

Uncle Don said hi to Kurt as he walked by and stared at Blaine when the younger teen's footsteps could be heard retreating down the stairs. Blaine looked up at him and gestured to his packed suitcases. "I'm all ready."

Don nodded. "You should be. But I was going to ask you two to keep it down… you woke up my son."

Blaine smiled and nodded. "Sorry about that." he walked out the room and past him, into the bathroom. "If you need me I'm brushing my teeth." The door closed and uncle Don shook his head.


The first day wasn't as bad as Kurt thought it would be. Maybe it was because it wasn't as bad as the last time. He was getting used to having to be a big boy and face some days without Blaine being next to him at every given moment.

Another reason it probably wasn't so bad was because Kurt had worked all of that Thursday. He didn't see a reason not to, honestly.

-Extra birthday money

-Blaine wasn't there to tell him to clock out forty minutes into his shift

-There was a lot of work that needed to be done in the back before Kurt started school full-time

-People were taking advantage of the clearance on the mountain bikes and there was actually a need for overtime

Because of that, Kurt kept busy. Farrah didn't even seem to be an annoying bitch. He still didn't get a 'hello Kurt' or a 'would you like something from the store?' when she went, but at one point she did say 'please' when she asked him to do something.

That night, Kurt, Mikey and Diesel Skype messaged Blaine at eight on the dot. With Diesel barking the entire time and trying to cuddle Blaine through the screen, not much was said. The phone call after made up for it. But that was one day down, and Blaine told Kurt he was doing ok, even though he posted on Facebook and twitter that he was dying inside.

Day two was a different story.


"Where's Justin anyway?" Kurt asked as he sat with Legacy in Layla's diner. "My dad hasn't said anything about him coming to the shop and I never see him near the beach…" he thought for a moment and pulled out his cell phone, "the last time we texted was the night before Blaine and my auditions… we usually talk every day."

David looked to Nick who looked at Jeff who looked at David. "Um," David licked his lips and looked down at his sandwich, "None of us have really heard from him as of late."

Kurt looked from him to Nick. "Why not? What's wrong?"

"Nothing is wrong, bro," Jeff cut in, placing a hand on his friend's shoulder. "He just um… wanted some time to himself."

Kurt nodded, looking at each of them. "So you mean to tell me that he's about to start touring the country in mid-August with his BMX thing," Kurt was elaborate as he could be when it came to the sport, "and instead of spending his last bit of time in Long Beach with the people he loves, he's somewhere in hiding?"

David looked at Jeff again and the blonde smiled. "Yup. That's exactly w-what we're saying, Ohio."

Kurt narrowed his eyes at Nick. "Blaine told me that when your nose wrinkles, you're lying. So I'm going to ask this once, Nicholas. Where is Justin?"

David sighed when he saw Nick scrunch up his nose. "I don't know, Kurt."

"Screw this, I'm calling him," Kurt stood up and left the table, walking towards the exit.

"New guy!" Shane held his hand in the air and Ian watched as Kurt kept walking.

"Not now, Shane," Kurt pushed the door open and sent the call. "C'mon, answer."


"Jus…Jus wait…" Quinn pulled back with a smile as she reached around on the night table for her cell phone, "the phone is ringing."

"Ignore it," Justin moved his lips from her neck to her collarbone planting small kisses along the smooth skin. Everything told him to stop but his dick. "Just focus on me."

The girl closed her eyes and said no. "You know Rachel and the others will be over here soon. If I ignore them, it'll be all I hear for the rest of the…Jus…"

"Damn," Justin's hands held her tightly by the hips, "I really missed you."

Quinn licked her lips and accepted the call, trying to ignore him. "Hello?"

There was a pause on the other line as Justin went back to what he was doing. Quinn held back a gasp as she waited for a response. "Hello? Going once…"


"Kurt?" Quinn sat up and Justin rolled off of her, his eyes wide as he stared at the phone.

"That's my phone!" he mouthed to her.


"Quinn? Why are you answering Justin's… wait… is he in Ohio? Is that why I haven't seen—" Quinn didn't get to hear the rest because Justin took the phone away from her and put it to his ear. "Why the fuck is he in Ohio? Are you two… oh god Quinn you understand that he lives STATES away don't you? You'll both end up—"

"Kurt," Justin finally spoke, not wanting to hear what he knew Kurt would end up saying. "Hey. What's…What's up?"


"What's up?!" Kurt laughed a little too maniacally as he slapped his hand over his face. "What's up?! You tell me what the hell is going on? Why does everyone know you've left but me? Did Blaine know about this? Why are we keeping secrets, Jus? I'm going to kick him in the ass when he gets back to California—"

"Calm down, man." Justin's voice was as smooth as always, "listen… let me explain, please?"

Kurt took a deep breath and rolled his eyes away from the old lady who was staring at him. "Explain."

"Okay," there was a deep breath on the other end and not much of an explanation, "I came to Ohio to see Quinn… yeah! Yeah that's it."

Kurt deadpanned at the bright sky. "And I'm supposed to believe the lie you just made up three seconds ago because…"


"It's not a lie, Kurt," Justin lied. The doorbell sounded and he looked at Quinn who was fixing her clothes, grabbing his shirt to put on as well, "You know how I feel about her. I wanted to see her before I start touring, that's all…"

Quinn heard everything as she walked over to the door. She knew getting involved with Justin was stupid. She knew not only did he live thousands of miles away, but he was constantly busy, had a lot of baggage with his family, and had just had sex with a random fan at their championship party.

At least he was honest about it, though.

But Quinn, after everything she'd been through needed a little stability.

"I don't believe you, but okay Justin. I think if that was all you could've told me."

"But I know how close you are to her and I didn't think you would approve," Justin answered quickly, impressed with how fast he came up with that lie. "You know. I just… I messed up, man. Sorry."

Quinn opened the door and a flood of people stormed into the home, led by none other than Santana Lopez, of course.

"Alright, bitches! Who's ready to plan Kurt's Lima Big-Bang Birthday Party?"

Justin's heart froze. Oh fuck.

"I am!" Rachel shouted.

"Yeah," Finn smiled as goofily as he always did, "Let's plan Kurt Hummel's return to Lima, Ohio Big Bang Birthday Celabration!"

"Who's party are we planning?" Mercedes asked, shouting just like the rest of them.

And then everyone said in unison, "KURT HUMMEL'S!"

Justin face palmed, "Oh my fucking goodness."


The gears in Kurt's head started to turn. First he heard Santana, then the voice of a young lady that no doubt was Rachel, and he couldn't mistake Finn's voice ever, and finally Mercedes. It didn't take much putting together when all the people in the background screamed that they were planning a birthday party for him and Justin sounded so let down afterwards.

He was going back to Lima.

They were throwing him a birthday party with his old friends in Lima.

Kurt had the best friends ever –and of course the best boyfriend.

"Justin… are… you guys are throwing me a birthday party?"

"I'm sure you heard, Kurt."

Someone in the background asked a question and Justin shouted back that yes, it was Kurt on the phone and that yes, he hated all of them.

This was pretty awesome.

Kurt smiled to himself as he paced back and forth in front of the diner. "You just made my day."


"It was supposed to be a surprise." Justin rubbed at his temple. "Blaine is going to kill me."

"It wasn't exactly your fault…"

"I know," the blonde stood up and shook his head, walking into the kitchen as Chandler and Santana argued over god knows what. "Still. I can't do anything right, man."

Kurt sighed into the line. "I have to be at work soon, but I want you to call me later. The cat is out of the bag now so there's no need to beat yourself up. Call me, okay?"

Justin nodded at the instruction. "I will, Kurt."

"I love you."

"Love you too, Kurt." He hung up the phone and winced when Puck slapped him upside the head again.

"Do that one more time," Justin warned. Puck grinned.

"C'mon Palmers," he brushed back his Mohawk with his fingers and pulled the blonde out of the room, back to the others, "just because Hummel knows doesn't mean we can't still plan the most kick ass party the East coast has ever seen…"


Kurt sat back down at their corner table, doing his best to hide his smile. Nick looked up at him curiously but all the boys were quiet, waiting for Kurt to speak first. Jeff had actually placed a bet that Justin would squeal and David had faith that his best friend would keep quiet.

"So…" Nick asked as he played with the sugar packets. "He told you he's keeping to himself, right?"

"Quinn answered the phone," Kurt said with a smirk, "you know Quinn, guys. All except David," Kurt turned to face him, "You see Quinn is one of my friends from Ohio. We used to have tea parties together with my dad…"

David dropped his head, "Fuck."

Kurt smiled at Nick and Jeff who knew the cat was out of the bag. "Yup."


"Alright, Mr. Anderson," the photographer switched the lens on his overly expensive camera and held it to his face. "Just sit up on the bike a little more, shoulders straight."

Blaine didn't mind this photographer. He'd been through a few photo shoots in his time and many of them were insanely annoying. His eyes were sensitive and the staff always touched him to mold his body the way they wanted it instead of telling him how to pose. Blaine didn't like that. But with Colony BMX, they were much more patient in understanding that no, Blaine wasn't a super model, and no, he didn't like being touched by strange people with weird accents.

"Excellent, Mr. Anderson."

Blaine rubbed his eyes, careful not to mess up the makeup they slapped onto his face. "What now?"

"Now, unzip the hoodie a little bit. We're going to do a little something for the ladies."

Blaine laughed and looked over at his uncle. Donald was busy running his mouth with a couple old friends at this point and wasn't paying them much attention. "Well, Mr. John, as much as I'd love that, I don't think the ladies will appreciate my boyfriend's named tattooed on my chest."

The photographer, John, lowered his bottle of water from his lips and looked at Blaine. "Are you serious?"

"Like a heart attack," Blaine told him, unzipping his hoodie and pointing to the tattoo. "There it is. Kurt. As in Kurt Hummel."

John nodded and put the top back on his water bottle. "Impressive. Maybe the ladies won't care too much, but I know a whole community that would love this."

Blaine sat back on the bicycle and raised an eyebrow. "I'm not trying to make a statement or anything—"

"Blaine," the photographer walked a little closer as the lighting guys adjusted what they needed for the next set of photos, "don't think of it that way. I know that the reason you got this tattoo was because you love…" he looked at the ink and smiled, "Kurt, right?"

Blaine nodded obviously. "With all my heart."

"Good," John patted him on the shoulder. "And that love is bigger than you. If this company, who by the way fully supports the LGBTQ community, shows off a rising star like you who isn't afraid to love and letting the world know that, then it is so much more than making a statement. It's making this pathetic world a better place for the kids who are afraid to do that. Surely you know someone who used to be afraid but now has the strength of a lion."

Blaine smiled as his mind went to one person. "Yeah, I do."

"Well there are millions who are still afraid, Blaine." John held the camera to his face and focused it on Blaine, snapping a picture of the boy with his tattoo on display and showing it to him, "But when they see something like this, they may be a little more courageous. Everyone needs courage, Blaine."

Blaine nodded and as he looked at the picture. To him, the tattoo was for Kurt and only Kurt (and maybe the thirsty bitches who somehow tended to forget who he belonged to.) But if he could somehow help others, there was no harm in that.

The teen undid the hoodie a little more and posed on the bicycle. "How's this?"

John smiled and went back to his place. "It's perfect, Mr. Anderson."



"I think we're done for the day, Blaine." Don weaved through the people on the busy NYC street. "I still have to go get a tux for that party tomorrow and maybe some hair gel for that mop on top of your head, but you can hang out in the hotel room or go shopping, whatever you want to do."

Blaine nodded as he sent a text to Nick, "I might get a little shopping done. Burt got Kurt a motorcycle for his birthday because I welcomed a competition."

Don shook his head. "You're going to blow through your money at this rate, kid. Don't forget about college. And moving here is going to be expensive."

Blaine nodded as he walked next to his uncle, stepping aside to let a man walking his dog go by. "I know. I'll be using the money dad left me when I turned 18 for all of that."

Don shook his head. "Use wisdom, Blaine. That's all I'm going to say."

"Yeah." Blaine scratched at his jaw. "I'm about to get on the train and head over to Fifth Avenue, and then to Times Square. I'm going to see if that huge Toys "R" Us has any monster killers for Mikey."


"Nothing," Blaine patted his uncle on the back and went over to the R-Line subway entrance. "I'll see you in a few hours."

A train had just arrived going to Brooklyn so Blaine hoped one would be going uptown soon. He swiped his MetroCard instead of hopping the turnstile since police officers happened to be down there. When he walked onto the platform, he could tell a few people recognized him by some of the responses. They didn't approach though.

Blaine put his earphones in and listened to some music, blowing a bubble with his gum while he waited for the train. He thought about calling Justin to make sure everything was going smoothly as soon as he got back outside, and he also thought about how much he should spend on Kurt's gifts. He could hear his uncle already…

"You're taking him to Ohio, Blaine. You can't buy hundreds of dollars of gifts on top of that. Think about New York and college. Blah. Blah."

In the midst of his thoughts, the train pulled up. Blaine nodded his head to the music and smoothed out his t-shirt, pulling his jeans a little higher before stepping on. It would only be about seven stops until he was at his destination, so he tried not to zone out and think about sex like he always did during car/bus/train rides. He thought about sex a lot during times like this and he didn't exactly have reason.

No really, it was specifically car/bus/and train rides where his mind went to sex.

The train pulled off and the teen observed his surroundings. The music continued to play as he leant back against the doors, breathing in the NYC air and trying not to choke.

Look inside my soul and you can find gold and maybe get rich
Look inside of your soul and you can find out it never exist
I can feel the changes
I can feel a new life
I always knew life can be dangerous

Blaine paused the song when he felt someone tapping his hand. He looked up and noticed the face right away. She was as beautiful as she was before with long blond hair and bright green eyes, and that smile. Blaine's eyes went wide when he saw her.

"Ashleigh… H-Hi…"

"Mr. BMX," the girl looked over him almost proud. "Wow. Look at you."

Blaine smiled and nodded. "Look at you. You look amazing."

She smiled back. "Thanks."

Blaine felt awkward with the fact that he didn't exactly know what to say. He and Ashleigh weren't exactly friends… ever. Sure they screwed each other's brains out on occasion but it was safe to say they weren't friends. "Well, um…"

"I live in New York now if you were going to ask," Ashleigh told him, looking a little awkward now herself. "My family moved here about 7 months ago."

Blaine nodded. "I remember you leaving school. I just didn't know why… it wasn't because of me, right?"

She laughed now, brushing hair out of her face. "Oh Blaine, still as vain as always, huh?"

Blaine smirked, leaning off of the doors as they opened, "You're one to talk."

"Well," a few people stepped off and Ashleigh resumed after the noise died down, "We needed to relocate because of some… personal things. Well it isn't so much that we needed to. My dad wanted to…. Anyway, New York has been good for me."

The train doors closed and Blaine leant back again. "That's good. As long as you're happy."

Ashleigh nodded, staying quiet.

"I have a boyfriend now. And I know you'll ask when I turned gay but… he's special."

The girl played at her necklace as her eyes went wide. "Really? What's his name?"

"Kurt Hummel," Blaine told her, "he moved to Cali at the end of May and I met him not long after. I thought he was amazing. Pestered him until he got with me."

Ashleigh laughed and nodded. "Well you always were an annoying little shit. But I'm happy for you."

"Thanks," Blaine laughed too and nodded. "I'm happy too."

The girl looked as if she'd say something but didn't now, nodding. "Well, it was nice seeing you. I'm happy you're doing well for yourself—"

"Sweetheart," A taller guy with matching blond hair and blue eyes walked up. His entire demeanor screamed preppy and Blaine noticed the stroller he was holding onto a second after he started speaking. "She's really cranky, I tried giving her something to eat but that's not it."

Ashleigh looked like she wanted to hit the guy who Blaine suspected was her boyfriend. And was that her kid? "Landon… don't worry I'll change her when we're at home—"

"Who's your friend?" Landon asked, looking directly at Blaine.

I don't have time for this, Blaine thought, looking away. "I'm an old friend of Ashleigh's. Nothing to worry about—"

"I'm not worried," he told him.

Ashleigh sighed and held onto the pole as Landon and Blaine exchanged looks. "Blaine, this is my boyfriend, Landon McIntyre. Landon, my friend from Long Beach, Blaine Anderson."

Landon nodded. "I've never heard about this friend…"

Ashleigh pulled the blanket down a little bit and tried to sooth the crying little girl. She couldn't have been over a month old. "Mommy's here, Brooklyn."

Blaine caught a glimpse of dark brown hair and green eyes when the train stopped, and he raised an eyebrow. She didn't look much like Ashleigh and definitely not Landon for that matter. "How old is she?"

Ashleigh looked up and went stiff when she remembered Blaine was there. "Oh… She'll be a month old on August 14th."

Blaine looked Ashleigh in the eyes but the girl quickly looked away. "It was nice seeing you again, Blaine. We get off next stop so we're going to—"

"No we don't," Landon said with a confused tone.

"Bye," Ashleigh smiled at Blaine again and took the stroller away from her boyfriend, pushing her daughter to the opposite end of the car. Blaine watched her go and watched Landon whisper-shout at her as they maneuvered their way through the train.

To say that was suspicious would be an understatement.


"Your total is $207.98." Kurt smiled as he accepted the customer's credit card and swiped it, waiting for the transaction to go through. Mikey folded his legs as he sat on the floor, working hard in his coloring book. This time he was doing something for Blainey as a welcome back present. As happy as Kurt was that they were going back to Ohio for his birthday, he didn't know what he'd do having to explain that to Mikey. His boyfriend didn't think that through, much.

"Ok, you're all set. Just sign here," Kurt pointed out the place and handed over a pen, nodding to the customer as they said thank you. "No problem! Thanks for shopping at Odyssey Sports!"

The man grabbed his bicycle and wheeled it out of the store. Kurt's cell phone started to ring as soon as Mikey exclaimed that he was hungry.

"Steve is bringing food back soon, Munchkin."

"Oh," Mikey huffed and dramatically grabbed his stomach, and Kurt laughed as he answered the unknown call.

"Hey, Kurt speaking."

"Hello Mr. Hummel, this is Leonard Riley from the Pace High School of the Performing Arts."

Kurt went frozen for a moment before his brain started working again. Farrah looked at him like he was crazy. "Mr. Riley! H-Hello!"

"Hi, Mr. Hummel." The man repeated, and Kurt could hear the smile on his voice. "I'm sorry we took so long to get back to you, but there were a lot of students whose last names began with A-G to return calls to. Anyway, on behalf of the judges, I would like to invite you to spend your senior year at Pace High, if you still want to join us."

Kurt's mouth had dropped wide open. Even though Liam had told him this would happen, nothing really prepared him for hearing the words from Leonard fucking Riley himself.

"Kurtie, a fly is going to go in your mouth and then you're going to be mad. That happened to daddy once."

Farrah smiled.

"I-I'd love to! It'd be a pleasure to work with you and your colleagues at Pace! This is my dream—"

Farrah watched her coworker lose his shit as she continued to work on inventory. Mr. Riley laughed on the other line.

"I understand, Kurt. It's a pleasure having you. We'll see you at Orientation August 8th at 6:30 pm."

Kurt wrote it down and nodded as if the man was present. "We'll be there. Thank you!"

"Goodbye, Mr. Hummel."

Kurt hung up the phone and ran right over to Mikey, picking him up and kissing his cheek repeatedly. Mikey laughed and hugged him back, turning his face so that Kurt accidentally caught his lips instead.

"You little sneak." Kurt said with a laugh, blowing a raspberry into the boy's cheek again. Mikey laughed.

"Hashtag sorry, not sorry Kurtie."

Kurt rolled his eyes.

"Congrats, Kurt. Enjoy your senior year."

Kurt looked at Farrah and nodded. "Thanks. And I know your uncle is Eugene Thomas… one of the judges."

Farrah smiled and looked back at her work. "He's a respectable man."

"So you did try to sabotage me…"

"My uncle wouldn't go along with it, and you're obviously really good right?"

Kurt shook his head as he put Mikey down, though the little boy clearly wanted more kisses. "I hope whatever beef you have with me is behind us, right?"

Farrah sighed and leant onto the counter. "You got the guy. Congratulations. Next week is my last week here before school starts and I probably won't ever see you again, so it's time to stop being a bitch, I guess."

Kurt shrugged as Mikey made the 'O' face at the curse word he heard. "You're right. Life is too short for this."

Farrah nodded as Fez-Steve walked back inside. He held up the food and smiled. "Lunch time, people!"


From Kurt:

So orientation is next Sunday and I'm so excited.

From Kurt:

We're going to meet new people and have great experiences! Gah, I'm so excited!

Blaine smiled and picked up his cell phone.

To Kurt:

That's great babe.

He tried to figure out how in the hell he was getting all of this shit back home even though he knew he should be preparing for his interview with RIDEBMX magazine the next day. And of course that stupid, uppity party.

"Maybe I'll have it shipped," he thought to himself aloud. "That makes more sense, right? …Hm."

From Kurt:

Ok. I can tell you're bored with my conversation.

Blaine sat down on the hotel bed and shook his head at the conversation.

To Kurt:

I just have a lot on my mind, I'm sorry. Skype?

From Kurt:

I'm shopping in the mall with David right now. We can Facetime if you'd like.

Blaine bit his lip and thought better of cutting into David's time. He got cursed out last time.

To Kurt:

That's fine. Just text me when you get in because I need to jerk off in the shower. And question…

From Kurt:

Ok, go on.

Blaine thought about asking what Kurt would think if he had a kid out there somewhere, but he knew he was probably looking too far into it. Ashleigh would've told him a long time ago if she was having his child. Even though her family had money pouring out of every crevice of their body and didn't really need his help, and even though they never really liked Blaine to begin with (being caught having sex with their only daughter on the living room floor did that to a relationship) she'd do the right thing, right?

Of course she would.

So Blaine didn't ask that. He was just making rash assumptions.

To Kurt:

Fendi or Louis Vuitton?

From Kurt:

Fuck you. Don't ever make me choose.

Blaine laughed and got up, undressing for the shower.

From Kurt:

What did you get me? Tell me what you got me!


Sunday morning, Kurt had already packed most of his things for Lima even though he wasn't supposed to know.

He also thugged Justin into telling him just how long they'd stay in Lima. The answer was five and a half days, so he knew just how much he needed.

Burt knew too. He and Blaine were always in cahoots about something or another, but this time, Kurt had figured out what thanks to Quinn and Justin having the same standard Apple ringtone.

It felt good.

"Do you want your gift before you go or when you come back?" Burt asked as they drove to the airport to pick up Don and Blaine. Before Kurt could even respond, the man had answered for him. "Actually, I'll keep it locked away until you're back. After all it's better than your other gifts and you need to save the best for the last."

Kurt laughed and nodded. "Fine. If I don't find it first, I'll wait."

They pulled up at the airport and Blaine and Don were already outside. Kurt grinned and walked over to help with their luggage, not complaining when Blaine prevented him from helping at all. Don smiled and shook his head, thankful for Burt being there so he didn't have to lug everything into the vehicle on his own.

"My dad is here," Kurt said, laughing against Blaine's lips. "Hands away from my ass, please."

"I missed you beautiful," Blaine kissed his boyfriend's neck and led them towards the car, helping load the rest of the stuff, "Let's go home and resume with lazy Sunday as planned."

Kurt looked confused. "But isn't our flight early in the morning? We should pack."

Blaine froze and turned to face him. Kurt smiled widely.

"So Justin didn't tell you I knew?"

Blaine dropped his head. "When did you find out?"

"Friday," Kurt said, proud of himself for knowing. "You should know that you cannot sneak anything past Kurt Edward Hummel, my love," Kurt got into the second row of seats and patted the spot next to him. Don took the passenger side and Blaine shook his head, not believing that his friend had ruined the surprise days ago.

"I've spoken to him about five times since Friday and he's never mentioned that."

Kurt laughed. "Jus doesn't want anyone mad at him, babe. You know how he gets."

Blaine shrugged. "Well I still want to relax with you… lazy Sunday is a tradition."

Burt and Don shared small talk as Kurt took his boyfriend's hand. When they pulled off, Kurt kissed Blaine on the hand.

"So tell me all about New York."

"Am I getting that…dance when we get home?" Blaine whispered. Kurt smiled.

"We'll see."

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