Hi there,

Long time no speak, huh? Please don't hate me. :D

I know it's been quiet on the Klaine front when it comes to nellie12, but as some of you may know, it's because I've been working on developing my own characters and their universes. I was inspired by a few of you to do so with this fic. It took a while, but it's finished. It would mean the world if you'd search "RIDE by Nellie Christine" on Amazon. Maybe you'll like it?

Yes, this title is exclusive to Amazon. The good part is that you can download the Kindle App on whatever device you have and you'll be able to enjoy if you so choose. The better part is that it is FREE if you have Kindle Unlimited! Yay! Don't like e-reading? Cool. It's available in Paperback as well.

I'm interested in hearing how you think Bentley and Kit's story compare to Ride!Kurt and Ride!Blaine's story. :)

So, until next time, you can find me at nelliextine on Twitter.