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The last thing that I ever did at my house was try to kill my stepmother.

I was cooking dinner for my two younger twins when my drunk stepmother and my uncomfortable looking father trudged inside. My stepmother stumbled a bit, knocking aside a one of my high school books. It fell flat on the ground. I rolled my eyes. Bobby immediately bent over to pick it up.

He set it down on the kitchen table. "Thanks Bobby," I said sweetly. My younger stepbrothers were practically my life, besides boring old school. In fact, when I'm not doing homework, I'm taking care of Bobby and Matthew and sometimes a hangover stepmother.

"Matthew," my stepmom, Tyler, said in a slurred and hoarse voice. "Go get me a beer."

"B-but," Matthew stuttered. He was terrified of Tyler. "Didn't you have enough?"

Tyler turned, glaring at Matthew. "Damn it boy, when I say get me a beer, you get me a fucking beer!" She grabbed Matthew's hand and pushed off of his chair. "Go get me one, NOW!" She screamed. Matthew stared at her, tears streaming down his voice. "GO!"

"STOP IT!" I screamed. I picked up Matthew and grabbed Bobby by his hand. I protectively wrapped Bobby and Matthew into a hug before turning to face Tyler. "Just leave them alone! Their just kids!"

"Damn it, Annabeth," Tyler snarled. She stomped up to me and we had a minor stare down. I carefully position Bobby and Matthew behind me. Tyler grabbed a hold of my face and pulled me close. "If you ever back talk to me again, I will kick you out of my house." Then, Tyler slapped me. It wasn't uncommon for her to hit me but most of time; it was never in front of Matthew or Bobby. "Get my beer, now." Her breath smelled disgustingly of vodka, rum and French fries. Where had Tyler taken my father to? "DO IT!" She commanded. She grabbed a hold of my shoulder and flung to my side. I crashed again my wall, pain exploding in my forehead. Blood began to seep from my wounds. Bobby and Matthew quickly started to run to my side when all of a sudden Tyler grabbed a hold of their hands. "Where the hell do you think you're going?" Tyler pushed Bobby aside. He crumbled onto the ground. Tyler squeezed Matthew tightly. "And you, don't you ever back talk me AGAIN!" When I saw Matthew get hit for the first time and him burst into tears, I had enough.

"DON'T YOU EVER TOUCH HIM AGAIN!" I screamed. I leaped up off the ground and before I could comprehend what I was doing, I grabbed a kitchen knife and charged after my stepmother. I wrapped my hands around Tyler's throat, slammed her into a wall and pressed the blade against her cheek. "If you ever even think of getting anywhere near them, I will kill you!"

"You don't scare me," Tyler snarled. "Besides, I'm your mother. I can do whatever the hell I fucking want to those little kids."

After she said that, I couldn't help myself. I picked up the blade and thrust it into her stomach.

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