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August. It was very hot in Japan nowadays, the sun was bright and high everyday. Most of the young students were on school break. A popular place to hang out was next to the river, where sakura trees bloomed during spring. The water kept the place quite cool. The grass was moving gently, thanks to the breeze blowing. Icy blue hair was being blown too, which were on the head of a young high schooler who was with his dog with similar blue eyes. That boy's name was Tetsuya Kuroko. Rather short and slim, he didn't seem to leave much of a presence in the surroundings.

His little dog was playing with a smaller version of a basketball, running happily in the grass. The dog's owner sat still, reading his book with a neutral expression on his face.

"Oi ! Kurokocchi !" Shouted a voice, full of excitation and joy

Another high schooler, though looking much manlier and mature, was coming towards Kuroko. He was tall, around 190 cm, with blond hair and golden eyes. He had earrings and looked like a model.

"Konnichiwa, Kise-kun." Replied Kuroko, closing his book and putting it back in his bag

The young man was Kise Ryota, a famous model and basketball player. He was once playing with Kuroko in Teiko middle school. As you can guess, Kuroko Tetsuya is also a basketball player. They both were in an amazing group of players back then, a group named after their overwhelming victories during three years without fail « Kiseki no sedai », the Generation of Miracles.

« I'm sooooo happy~ ! It's the first time you called me and asked me to come ! » Said Kise, with a beaming smile

« Summimasen. I just wanted to gather everyone from Teiko. » Was Kuroko's stoic answer, which got Kise crying anime tears

A tall boy, over 200cm, with purple hair was heading towards them, a little further away. He had a bag of sweets in which he grabbed candies and ate them. Kise looked over his shoulder to see him, after he saw Kuroko glancing behind him.

« Murasakicchi ! Ohai ! » was Kise's greeting

« Issu, Kise-chin… Kuro-chin… You promised me to give me back enough money for the sweets I used to come here. You'll gimme right ? » Asked Murasakibara Atsushi, the large player from the Generation of Miracles

Kuroko nodded and Kise's phone began to ring.

« Mochi mochi~ Midorimacchi ? Ehh…?! But Kuro-… AAAH ! MOU! I'm hanging up, you'd better come ! » Said an annoyed Kise, closing his cell phone.

Apparently, Midorima Shintarou, number one shooter from their old team, a tall boy with green hair, glasses and his fingertips taped, didn't want to come at the last minute.

He said how he wasn't obliged to answer Kuroko's needs and had other matters to attend to.

However, five minutes later, Midorima showed up, with a figurine representing a hot girl with a swimsuit in his hand.

A silence followed, the three other members looking at him with a face which meant « What the hell are you doing here ? »

« *Caugh* I only came because Oha Asa's horoscope said that my day would be better if I went to the river. It has nothing to do with you, Kuroko. » Announced Midorima's deep voice, his eyes avoiding the group and directed at the figurine.

He noticed they all tried not to laugh. He blushed faintly and shoved the figurine in the pocket of his jacket.

Murasakibara yawned, beginning to get bored, while Kise and Midorima were arguing over which way of scoring in basketball was the better, once more. Kuroko's dog barked loudly when a shadow reflected on the ground approached the group. Spiky hair and a normal height for a high school student.

« Aka-chin… You're late ! *munch* » Said the tallest player while eating

« I'm not. I believe I'm right on time, and I hope for you Kuroko that you have a good reason for summoning us here. » Declared the boy with red hair and with heterochromatic eyes.

« Akashicchi, don't be so cold suyo~ ! » Told Kise who stood up and took his shoulder

« Akashi-kun, thanks for coming. Now we will have to wait for Aomine-kun. Please sit down and make yourself comfortable. » Thanked Kuroko, while patting his dog's head to calm him down. It was still looking at Akashi with caution.

« Midorima, you better be ready for a Shougi game. » Said Akashi Seijuro, the former captain of Teiko's basketball team, while taking out a Shougi table and pieces out of nowhere. He used a tone which made the sentence sound like an order.

« Hmpf, today will be different than the past. It's the first time I'll play against you when it's the best day for Cancers, and I have my lucky item. There's no way I can loose, this is the will of fate nano da yo. » Answered Midorima, adjusting his glasses as always, adding his suffix out of habit.

Akashi laughed quietly and got his scissors out of his pocket, opening and closing them which got Midorima sweating a bit.

For forty minutes, the five guys waited for the last member of the Generation of Miracles to show up. Aomine Daiki, the Ace of their former team. A 192 cm tall boy with dark blue eyes and hair and dark skin.

The battle between Akashi and Midorima in their Shougi game ended with Akashi's win which got him to break Midorima's lucky item with his scissors, as he used to do under Midorima's shocked eyes.

« Osu… Tetsu, what cha want already ? » Asked Aomine, walking slowly with both hands in his pockets

« You're late Aomine-kun. It's not fair for everyone who has been waiting. » Replied Kuroko, with his habitual neutral tone.

« Aomine, if you still were in my team, I'd have made you train until you puked. » Said menacingly Akashi, pointing his scissors at him

« Cut it out already man. You're not my captain anymore, mind yar own business. »

Finally, all of the members were gathered. Kuroko stood up and walked a bit further, followed by his dog.

« Thanks for coming, everyone. I wanted all of you to come because I have something important to tell you. »

The five others looked at him intently.

« After all these years of playing basketball and having played nearly all of you with my actual team, Seirin High School, I've come to a conclusion. »

The wind sped up and blew over all of them with violence.

« I'll stop playing basketball. »

Said wind stopped brutally, and Kise jumped to get up quickly.

« Why ?! This is not like you, Kurokocchi ! You love basketball more than anyone else ! »

« I do. But the basketball I love isn't represented here. I thought that if I beat every single member of my ex-teammates, I'd teach them that the basketball we played at Teiko isn't right. However, it seems like none of you understood that. I don't want to play the next two years of my high school time playing basketball against your basketball. » Explained Kuroko, with a serious voice.

« Tch… Yar just a sore loser Tetsu, you disappoint me. » Said Aomine

« As expected, I really don't like you, Kuroko. You went even more higher in my dislike ladder. Not only did you ruin your talent in an useless team, but you will waste it by disappearing like you did at Teiko last year. » Reacted Midorima with an angry face

« Kuro-chin, you annoy me with your weird logic. It'll cost you more candies. » Were Murasakibara's words

« Kuroko Tetsuya. I was the one who discovered your talent and as I said to Aomine before, you won't succeed here. The reason of your success and your outstanding skills was Aomine. As long as you don't have the same or a better light, you won't scare me. »

Akashi said that with a dangerous look in his eyes, which didn't work on Kuroko.

« You can think what you want of me but I'm the only one who will decide in the end. I want to play a more honest and pure basketball than the one you all have to offer by playing individually with your personal skills. »

« But… Come on Kurokocchi ! Come with me at Kaijou ! I swear you won't regret it, you'll love Kasamatsu-senpaï and the others, we will work together I'll be a better light than Kagamicchi and Aominecchi ! » Kise tried to convince Kuroko, so sad at the thought of loosing Kuroko

« Sorry, Kise-kun, but I already declined your invitation. Did you have a memory loss ? » Replied Kuroko, bluntly

« No ! I definitely won't accept this ! It can't be ! » Shouted the model

« Kise, let him be. He'll regret this sooner or later. » Calmly said Midorima, pushing on his glasses

« Does Seirin and Kagami know about all this ? » Asked the blond boy, raising an eyebrow

« No, I wanted to tell you first since I began to play basketball with you all and in a way, you're the cause I'll stop too. »

« Haha ! If Satsuki gets word of this, she'll definitely bother ya, Tetsu… and me by the way… Maybe I'll stop playing too… It'll get even more boring… » Said the ace, sighing

« Murasakibara-kun. Here's your money. Now if you excuse me, I'll be going back home. »

He let the money fall in the tall boy's hands and walked away, getting his book from his bag and opening it again. The dog followed after looking a last time at the five boys behind.

Those five boys, deep inside, were shocked beyond words. Their personalities showed something different on the outside (not for Kise though) but they were really troubled by this announcement by the usually dull and quiet boy they all know.

That day was the last day they knew Kuroko Tetsuya as a fellow basketball player.

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