As promised, here is chapter seven. I'd like to think of this one and the eighth chapter as closing curtains for the "declaration" arc. The next one might be the "dissension" arc but I'm not sure what to do with it yet. I have a lot of things going on in my head for a little further in the story but not for the immediate future. Oh well, I will try not to make it boring.

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Kuroko decided. He wouldn't wait for the end of the year. He couldn't. He had to transfer now. The boy had all the opportunities he needed to tell everyone of his intentions. Now was a good time.

« Waf waf ! » Barked his dog, it's tail shaking

Of course, he would take his dog with him. It'd be a souvenir of his life here and what he left behind. Anyway, he wouldn't abandon him like his previous owner.

His phone shook. A message.

« From : Kise-kun
Subject : None.

Hi Kurokocchi, could we meet today ? »

He opened a new message and replied to the blond boy.

« Hello, Kise-kun. I'm packing my stuff but we can still meet in the afternoon if it's ok with you.

- Kuroko Tetsuya. »

Once it was sent, the barely noticeable boy continued to pack his belongings letting a change of clothes out for his rendezvous with Kise Ryota.

Akashi Seijuro was dribbling the ball on a street basketball ground, facing three opponents. They were some high school boys passing by who wanted to have a game. It was obviously a win for the captain of the Generation of Miracles.

« Too soft. Basketball is a sport where you have to dominate. If you don't, you get crushed, understood? »

The three friends nodded and even bowed before running away, somehow scared.

« Dat's not nice Akashi… Picking on the weak. »

Aomine Daiki just appeared, with his uniform on and a towel around his shoulders. He had a serious face and stared continuously at the former captain of Teiko while walking towards him.

« I'm not. They wanted a game, I just accepted to waste some time before you came. You're late by the way, Aomine. If we were in middle school, you'd have to run fifteen more laps. »

Akashi stared back as fiercely, and with a smile across his face.

« Yea, yea… Whatever you say… So, what cha wanna talk about ? »

« Tetsuya. »

The blue haired boy froze for a split second when he heard that name. It didn't go unnoticed to Akashi's sharp eyes.

« So ? » Asked the dark skinned player of Touou Academy

« I'm planning to make him reconsider with Shintarou's and Ryota's help. You will join us. » Explained the boy with heterochromatic eyes, with a tone sounding like an order

« Aaaaaa…~ You gonna do da same as dat idiot Satsuki… I'm not yar pet, get it ? »

« I expected that kind of thing already. You know me Aomine, I never go unprepared. »

« Hnn… ? »

« One on one. The winner does whatever he wants. Both of us like a lot this kind of thing, right ? » Akashi smiled. It was sure to work.

« I'm not interested, I'm going home. See ya. » Was Aomine's instant answer, leaving Akashi behind with his jaw dropped to the floor

« W…Wait Aomine ! What the-… EH ?! »

Akashi ran after his former ace, completely speechless. He was not a man who declined such challenges before ! Furthermore, he was always going on and on about how he wanted to play Akashi so much back in those days. Did the situation change him to the point he doesn't even want to play basketball seriously anymore… ?

Kise was patiently waiting, sitting on the grass. The blond boy had decided to meet his favourite player and friend back at the place where the declaration was made. Though this time, the weather wasn't very bright : the sky was engulfed in a mass of gray clouds and the forecast announced it might rain today. As always when it comes to meeting Kuroko, Kise Ryota was there thirty minutes before the appointed time. He laid down, his hands behind his head, acting as a cushion. A stormy wind blew over the place, somehow announcing the rain that had yet to come.

« Konnichiwa, Kise-kun. »

The model looked to the right and saw Kuroko standing there with his dog next to him and a suitcase. The blue eyed boy made sure to take it with him to leave a greater impact on his former teammate, wanting to show how resolved he was.

« Kurokocchi… »

Bullseye. It made Kise at a loss of words, not even remembering what he was supposed to say in order to stop him. Kuroko noticed how lost he was by the look of his eyes.

« I'm leaving in three hours from now. »

'So soon… Everyone from Teiko won't be able to make it even to see him off at the station…'

« Is there no other way… ? Midorimacchi is very sad too you know. And you already know about Momoi-chan… »

« Yes, she confessed her feelings to me but sadly couldn't return them… yet. » Added the sixth player, a bit embarrassed

« I won't stay here, I feel like something is calling me outside. Something I can't quite put my hands on, that can make my life change, my basketball and maybe even you. » He continued, sitting next to Kise

« You start talking like Midorimacchi… » Pouted the beautiful boy

« Not at all, please do not say something like this. It's not nice. » Complained Kuroko, making his friend laugh lightly

« Will you come back ? »

The question. Momoi expected him to come back. He couldn't answer straightly because honestly even him didn't know. Now Kise was hoping for the same thing.

« Maybe… I hope so, it will mean the change I'm after happened. »

He answered in the same way. He noticed Kise turning his head in the opposite direction suddenly.

« Kise-kun… ? »

« Aaaa~ that's… I'm not supposed to show such a shameful thing… *sniffle* »

He was obviously crying and wiping with haste his tears with his sleeves. It stroke Kuroko's heart a bit.

« It seems a lot of people are crying because of me nowadays. Gomenasai. »

That made Kise cry even more.

« Summimasen. » Kuroko apologized once again.

The blond wasn't holding back anymore and the other boy gently embraced him in a warm hug. It sent a shock-wave like feeling into Kise's spine. It's the first time they had been so close physically… and maybe even in the way they spoke about their feelings.

« Please be ok and play an honest basketball for me, Kise-kun. You're the member I was the most convinced would change after playing against you and making you see what basketball is truly about. Keep thinking of me by playing this kind of basketball and it will look like I'm always here. »

Kise had a lump in his throat and couldn't speak clearly. He just nodded and stood up, drying his last tears. Kuroko smiled and stood too, his dog barking happily and running around the boys.

« I will. Now go before it starts raining. »

Kuroko bowed and left, with a sad smile. The dog went between Kise's legs before running off next to his master.

« Don't forget to text me Kurokocchi ! » Shouted Kise, while the blue haired boy was walking far away from him and waved his hand to show he heard him.

« Go before my rain is falling again… » He added in a whisper

Kuroko wanted to see one last person before he departed. It was a very important person he let down and it was the least he could do.


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