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Chapter One

Bella Swan

The last time I saw him seemed ages ago that I could barely recognize this handsome man before me. He had been just a kid then. Rosalie called him her pesterous, immature brother who was always up to no good. He had put all check marks on that annoying-things-to-do-to-your-sister list, something my best friend had always complained about. To Esme's eyes, he was her little boy, even up to the age of fifteen, and he could do nothing wrong. He was Carlisle's greatest achievement, a Cullen legacy so to speak as he was set to follow his father's footsteps. Judging by how well he did in middle school, I was in no place to question that he would be an amazing doctor one day.

He was this shy, lanky kid who barely saw anything without his eyeglasses; always had his nose buried in books that even Rosalie and I would not touch in college. He frequently followed us around, which annoyed Rosalie to no end.

That's how we left him.

But this guy, this man who offered to carry my bags up to my room... There was no way that he really changed this much in three years.

He grew almost a good foot taller. I was no meter stick expert but I would say he stood a few inches more than six feet. His hair was still the same set of mess but now it might have actually helped his case. It looks kinda...sexy. His eyes, don't get me started on the eyes... But, fuck, they were more intense than I had ever seen them before. They were daring and confident, as though he knew me inside and out.

When he brought his arms around me, I swear I felt his chest tighten and maybe felt some biceps. Oh, god, I sound like a pervert.

I was stunned. Floored. My jaw might have hit the ground. Did I say I was stunned?

I still can't get over it. How did this happen?

This is Edward Cullen, for Christ's sake. I've known this person since he was in diapers. Rosalie would be so disappointed in me for reacting this way.

Then, he turned around and walked away. I finally got the chance to catch my breath. Until, I noticed his ass. Oh, what a great ass you have. This would put some college guys to shame.

Can I bite you?

"Any time."

Shit, did I say that out loud?

He chuckled. He somehow found some humor in my lack of brain filter.

I rubbed my face in haste, embarrassed by the whole situation. Rosalie was being fussed over by her parents not more than five feet away from me, where I stood flustered.


"Don't worry, baby. I've been saving that and more for you."

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