Chapter Ten

I watched my slightly shaking hand as it obediently moved with Edward's. Compared to his manly hands, mine were really small. He had put my hand over the massive bulge in his boxers, and tentatively left it there as though he wanted me to make the final decision by myself.

Giving a handjob, per se, was not a problem. Heck, I'd done this at least a hundred times before; I knew it was the easiest and quickest way to please an impatient man. I was concerned about whom I was about to give it to. But I thought, fuck it—I might as well give in now. Edward was relentless and I was only beginning to see just how much.

I leaned toward his bottom half to pull down his black boxers. Underneath, Edward's peen was obviously wide awake and having a magical celebration on its own. And boy, was he seriously packing. I'd had my fair share of cock views before and he was so far from the worst. His cock looked so adequately masculine in spite the strained color—like it was sculpted to absolute perfection. And he was leaking with an amount of pre-cum, just a tad. I licked my lips at the sight. Oh, God, I felt like a sex-deprived woman.

"Fuck, Bella," Edward moaned as I began to stroke him firmly. I witnessed how his facial expression change from desperation to frustration. I admit, I was a little bit stressed out myself. He skillfully thrusted into a fast, definite rhythm into my hands. "Yes, just like that! Mhmm..." Our breathing came out in gasps and I could feel a sheen of sweat beginning to cover my skin. Agh, why was it so hot in this room? "Bella!"

Not more than a minute later, he started to curse louder, causing me to panick and halt my movements. "Don't stop, baby. Fuck, I'm coming! Fuck!"

The sight before me at that one, single moment should have been repulsive. He just blew his load at me, and surely stained my bedsheets. But damnit, my body had never felt so alive as it did right now. I couldn't even begin to imagine what other things may feel like...

And then I knew that there was only one direction I was heading to.

"Baby, that was amazing." Edward pulled me up so I was lying on top of him as he kissed me fully on the lips. His kisses were hungry and desperate, and wet... His hands deliciously moved all over the erogenous spots on my body. I knew I was fucked when I felt myself getting so, so wet. I was getting weaker by the second and it was only a matter of time before I lost my rational and irrational judgment altogether.

"Edward, let me go," I reluctantly pleaded as I pushed myself off him and out of the king-sized bed. He grabbed my arm loosely and gave me a questioning look. "Now what?"

"Please let me take care of you, Bella."

A/N: Le gasp! Edward wants to reciprocate but just what do you think is he trying to offer Bella? Emotions are all over the place now, eh? Methinks these two should learn to communicate before they engage themselves in more interesting activities—but Bella thinks interesting things should come first so there you have it.

As always, thank you to all my supportive reviewers. Know that this chapter was written for you. ;)

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