Chapter Eleven

In that moment, Edward seemed to be the same boy I had once known. That sweet boy who followed me and my best friend around town, who was always mischievous in his own quiet ways. With Edward carressing me so delicately, I almost let myself give in to my desires.

But not quite.

Shaking my head, I slowly escaped from his grasp. "No, Edward. I think that's enough. I've given you what you want so you can go on with your day as you please," I murmured, my eyes passively directed at places other than his intense pools of green. If I looked at him, I knew for sure that he could get me to do whatever he wanted.

I had let this go further than it needed to go. Yes, he was strikingly handsome and undeniably hot, but I had half a mind for a minute to be reminded that he was my best friend's not so little brother. This wouldn't work out well for us.

He sat up so that we were eye to eye. "Bella, look at me, please?" Edward begged and I was too weak to disobey. "I don't think you understand what I'm trying to do here..." No, obviously not. "You know that I like you and I'd do anything for you." He had stressed out the word 'anything' as if that would clarify things for me. Sincerity was all over his face and for a quick second, I forgot what it was that we were talking about. God help me; I was so helpless around this guy.

"Edward, you're seventeen. I don't think you really know what you want. You're young and you have the whole world at the palm of your hands, if you want it," I tried to reason out, hoping to get the message across. "Rose is my best friend and there's a lot at stake if we get more involved." Sure, he could think that he wants me now, but what about tomorrow; a month later; five years from now?

He gently cupped my face and brought his forehead against mine. This was too intimate for my liking. If only I was physically stronger to get out of his hold, I would have tried to move. I'm sure I would have... His lips met mine in a quick peck in the most innocent kiss he'd ever given me. Luckily, I was able to move my head away from him.

Morning breath. I didn't like kissing in the morning without brushing my teeth first, as O.C. as that sounds. I shot him an apologetic look. "I gotta run to the bathroom." He lightly chuckled in response, followed by a motion to get out of the bed too. "No, don't go after me," I warned in a firm voice.

"Fine, go do your morning girl rituals and I'll just stay here...and fondly think of you and your soft hands," he called after me. "This conversation is not over and I'm not going anywhere."

Yeah, yeah.

I resurfaced fifteen minutes later, only to find Edward fast asleep once more. God, this guy slept a lot! I know he had orgasmed a while ago, but he did not do anything tiresome so he had no valid reason to be knocked out. I nudged his arm carefully, attempting to wake him up. "Edward," I spoke softly right into his ear. He stirred a little and brought his strong arms around me, effectively bringing me back into bed with him.

Oh, no, I wasn't about to let him get some sleep and request another favor. "Edward, get up! It's past nine already!" He only responded by nuzzling into my neck and peppering me with light kisses.

"Go out with me, Bella."

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