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He looked up through the glass skylight as the water rushed over it, warping the view of the bright blue sky, his eyes adjusting quickly to the light as he awoke from what was probably the longest night's sleep he'd ever had. He smiled and stretched his body out over the bed, as his left hand came to rest on something soft and warm, causing a slight stirring and a feminine sigh to emit from that side of the bed.

He looked over at the naked woman lying next to him. Her smooth silkiness was brightly accentuated by the refractions of light from the skylight glinting against her pale, porcelain skin. He moved his hand from her skin to under him and rested his head on it, rolling to his left side as he admired his view of her, her body rising and falling softly with her breaths.

He slowly and gently moved his right hand from his side to her back, ever so softly tracing the patterns the light and water from the skylight formed on her skin, letting his mind wander to the memories of the previous day, and especially those of the previous night.

"Let's go out on the town," she had said as she entered life support, a spark lighting up in her eyes that he wasn't sure was a good sign or not, "I've got some shopping to do, and we could meet up and catch a movie, and have some good food for once, instead of nutrient paste." she finished, making a face of disgust at the mention of the unsavory dietary supplement.

He had looked up at her after being deep in meditation, a quirky smile beginning to play at his lips before opening his eyes, and thought of her possible intentions with this sudden invitation. He had made his feelings for her known, but she had already stated she'd needed time to sort it out, to think, and meditate. It had been well over a week since those events, and as the Normandy sat docked at the citadel for the past three days, he'd seen very little of her, as she had preferred to stick to her quarters or the various citadel shops nearly the whole time. Her sudden invasion into life support, coupled with the abrupt invitation, could only mean one thing: she had finally made up her mind.

He stood and looked at her properly, the thin smile he had been suppressing began to spread upon his face nearly imperceptibly, an unmasked ray of hope lighting his eyes as he responded, "I would be honored, siha. What time would you like me to meet you?" he'd asked simply, holding back his emotions, barely able to restrain his body from moving closer to her in his excitement, afraid to frighten her off with the intensity of his feelings for her.

But he couldn't fool her, she was as much of an expert as he was at reading people of all species, and she read the barely suppressed emotions in his eyes and stance. She'd known for a long time how he felt, watching him as he entered a room, listening carefully for the steadily increased rate of his breathing the closer he moved to her, catching him staring at her even when he thought he was being stealthy, looking away from her quickly as his cheek ridges flushed when he noticed he'd been caught.

He saw the recognition on her face, and his cheek ridges turned an even darker shade of red again, a response he was unable to control, no matter how deeply his training was ingrained in his soul.

She smiled and nodded her head reassuringly before speaking, "I'll call you when I'm ready, and meet you at Apollo's Cafe. We'll head over to the theater from there, or eat first, whichever." she said, apparently trying to sound nonchalant, and only partially succeeding. She blushed and rocked nervously from one foot to the other, seemingly wondering if he'd noticed, then realizing there was no way he couldn't have.

He nodded his assent, and his smile finally broke through his control as he responded, "That sounds... quite agreeable. I will await your call, siha.". She smiled widely in response before realizing she was doing it, and turning quickly to exit life support. He grinned to himself and watched her lithe form as she make her escape, admiring her speed and balance despite her obvious embarrassment.

He decided to make preparations, and gathered some grooming tools from his bag before heading to the showers.

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