Chapter 5: Bright Realizations

His eyes focused again as he slipped out of his solipsism, the memories of the previous day slipping from the front of his mind, back into a newly created part of his mind that safely housed all his memories of his siha. He surveyed the scene before him once again, his hand – having relaxed and fallen back next to him in his reliving of the sweet memories - reaching out once more to stroke the milky skin of the exquisite form next to him on the bed. She stirred at the touch, a moaning sigh escaping her as she lightly arched against the motion of his fingers, and began to show signs of waking.

She lies still for a moment, enjoying the sensation, before turning slowly to face him, a smile tugging on her lips, a look of contentment and peace beyond measure displayed on her beautiful features. Her smile widens and she opens her emerald green eyes to greet his, his own eyes widening brightly at the sight. She smiles, and closes her eyes again, sliding her body closer to him, nuzzling into his warm chest, leaving a soft kiss on his skin before sighing blissfully and drifting back to sleep, her body rising and falling steadily with even breaths.

He smiles to himself and wraps his arms around her, holding her close to him. As he closes his eyes and lets the world of dreams claim him, his final thought was that in all his life, being a father, a husband, through all his meditations and prayers; he had never been more at peace than he was at this moment.


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