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We Have A History

Little six year old Dick Grayson was playing around in the circus. He always has fun with some of the animals that come to the tour with them. He didn't really notice that his parents were talking to some man that was wearing a magicians outfit. His dad called him to come meet their guest. He puts a smile on his face and ran to his parents to meet the magician.

"Hi! You must be Richard Grayson, your parents have told me great things about you." Zatarra held out his hand to shake his.

Dick had manners so he shaked his hand, "Thanks and you can call me Dick."

Zatarra smiled at his great personality, "Of course, Dick."

Then Mary started to talk, "Oh you know Dick, Mr. Zatarra has a daughter almost your age what if you play with her."

Zatarra snapped his fingers like he just remembered something. He called her name, "Zatanna! Now where did she go. Zatanna!"

A shy girl with black hair, blue eyes, and wearing a purple dress came out of the wagon that was behind them. Her voice was really soft, "Yes daddy?"

"Come here Zatanna I want you to meet someone." Zatanna went forward, but she still hid behind her dad's pants because she wasn't use to new people. She especially wasn't good with people when her mom died.

Dick saw that she was uncomfortable about meeting new people so he thought it would be a good idea to greet himself first, "Hi my name is Dick!"

Zatanna just bit her lower lip. John thought it was a little bit awkward so he insisted, "Hey, why don't you guys feed the elephants! Zatarra and I have some business to talk about with Mr. Harley."

Zatarra looked at his daughter, "You can if you want to Zatanna, but just be careful."

Zatanna smiled a little bit and nodded. Dick had a big smile on him because he loves feeding the elephant, "Come on Zatanna!"

Dick grabbed her hand and he started to drag her to where the elephant was, but he made sure he was gentle when he pulled her. Giovanni took one last glance at his daughter and then went to follow the Graysons.

Dick handed her some hay to feed the elephant. She still wasn't all comfortable with him, but he kept on trying to have a converstion.

"He's a really gentle animal. Do you want to pet him?"

Zatanna nodded shyly. She touched the animal and flinched. Dick saw that and chuckled, "He's not going to bite. Peanuts really like people petting him and he's really nice. Come here."

Zatanna went a little closer to him. Dick touched her right hand and started to touch the elephant. Zatanna looked at his right hand and then to this mysterious boy that she just left, but felt really comfortable with like you know that your going to be with him and know him for the rest of your life. She smiled at him; her smile was actually bigger than she intended. Dick smiled at her back. The conection just clicked between them.

Then Dick thought of an astrouse idea, "Hey Zee do you want to come with me on a special tour. Is it okay if I call you Zee?"

"Umm yeah, but what's wrong with my real name?" Zatanna asked jokingly.

"Nothing, I just thought you might like a nick name. I mean I have a nickname." He explained.

"Oh okay. Well what's your real name?"

"Richard Grayson, but I'm use to people calling me Dick."

"Okay and thanks, I like my new nickname, but you have to promise me one thing." Zatanna said.

Dick had a confused face, "What?"

"You have to promise me that your only going to be the only one to call me that." She started to giggle.

The future boy wonder laughed, but he did his signature laugh that you would only hear him as Robin, "Promise."

"I like your laugh. You should keep it." She said.

"Really? I thought that laugh was weird."

"No it's good. I like it." She smiled at him which got him smiling too.

They didn't really realize their hands were still locked together. Dick started running which made her run too. She didn't actually know why their running, but she did find out that he was leading her to some place special. They went on top of this big cargo wagon that over looks the entire circus. And the best part of it all is that no one else can see them, but they can see them.

When they were climbing up there Zatanna asked, "I thought we were going on a tour?"

"We are, but this way is better."

She didn't know what he was talking about, until she finally saw the view. She was speechless from all of it, but all she could say was, "Wow!"

"I know right. This is my special place and no one else, but me know it."

Zatanna sat next to him, "Well you showed me and now I know it."

Dick passed her some popcorn that he brought with him, "I know," he paused, "I trust you."

That brought a smile on her place, "Thanks."

For a few seconds they were just eating popcorn and Dick was pointing out all of the places around the circus and everyone who were there that he knew. Zatanna was all happy until she saw Dick's mom. She remembered her mom and missed her so much. Dick saw that she turned sad easily when he pointed his mom.

"What's wrong Zee?" The raven haired boy asked. Although he didn't get a respond so he asked again, "Zatanna?"

She heard her name and looked at him, "Sorry I trailed off. I was remembering my mom when I saw yours."

"What do you mean remembering?" He asked.

"My mom died last year." Her voice became softer and silent in every word. (I don't really know how her mom died or when she died)

"Oh, I'm sorry. I never really had a relative that died before, but atleast you still have your dad. And you'll always have a good friend to talk to." The little boy smiled at the suggestions he said.

Zatanna gave out a faint smile, "So we're friends."

Dick nodded, "Friends."

They couldn't stay on top of the cargo wagon for long because their parents were calling them. They found out Zatanna's dad was going to perform tonight in the circus so they had a whole night of fun as they saw their parents do their act. The best part of it is, is that they got closer together.


3 Years Later

They didn't meet again until 3 years later. Dick was adopted by Buce and his parents had just died 9 months ago. Zatarra had to talk to Batman about something that he had to do some league duty and he only trusted his best friend to take care of his daughter for a week. He hated the fact that he wouldnt get to see her for so long, but he trusted Bruce to take care of his Zatanna.

"Thank you, Bruce for looking after her." Zatarra had a smile on his face.

"No problem. I'm pretty sure Dick would love the company." Bruce said.

"Oh yes, you know they've met before when Dick use to be in the circus. Me and Zatanna performed in one of their shows, but it was a long time ago. I don't even know if they remember each other."

"Well either way we're glad to have her this week. And we'll make sure you won't worry about a thing while you're on your trip."

Zatarra sighed in relief because he knew that he really meant it, "Thank you."

Zatanna was was sitting on one of the couches while her feet was swaying back and forth. She hasn't really been in Wayne Manner, but she knew her dad was going somewhere and that she was staying in this place. She kept on staring at her suitcase until her dad came out with Mr. Wayne. She sat up and Zatarra came to his daughter for one last good bye before he leaves.

"Zatanna I'll be gone for a week. Mr. Wayne has kindly let you stay at his home. I want you to be good and safe. Okay?"

"Okay daddy." Zatanna nodded and gave a kiss on his dad's cheek for good luck.

Goivanni gave her a good bye hug and then went out the door. When he was entering the car he saw Zatanna looking out the window so he waved at her and she waved back at him. She watched the car as it got farher and farther away until you can barely see it anymore.

Then from behind he heard Mr. Wayne say, "Umm Zatanna, Dick is coming back here in 5 minutes. You do remember him right? Your dad told me you use to be friends when he was in the circus."

"Dick?" She asked.

"Yeah, but know he's my adopted son." He explained.

"Oh okay."

"I'll just send your stuff to your room and feel free to walk around if you want." He suggested.

She nodded back at him. The place was really big so she didn't know where to start looking. Then she just sat back down on the couch and thought about her old friend, Dick. He remembered little bits of pieces of memories being with him, although what was clear is that they were good friends easily. She wonders if that's going to happen again. Her train of thoughts were collapsed when she heard the door open and some people were talking.

"Come on Alfred you know that I was good on the half pipe."

"I'm sure you were Sir, but I'm pretty sure you could have been hurt."

"Alfred, do you know what me and Bruce do every night."

"Yes I do Master Richard, but.."

Alfred froze when he saw a girl that was sitting on the couch. Zatanna stood up, "Hi."

Alfred just said, "Hello."

Dick thought that she looked really familiar like she was always in his memory. Then something clicked. He kept on thinking that it couldn't be her until he asked, "Zee?"