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We Have A History

chapter 16

13 Years Later

A 28 year old couple were both sleeping in their master bedroom. Dick and Zatanna were being cozy in their bed as they let slumber take them to the depths of their dreams. League duty can really take it all out of you and other things. They felt like they've only been sleeping for a few seconds until a scream echoed around their house.

Dick and Zatanna's eyes went wide open and jumped out of their beds. They went straight to the room that the scream was from. They opened the door and saw little 3 year old John Grayson clutching his stuffed elephant that he named Peanuts. He insisted. (It was one of the hints I had put in Future 2)

Thunder roared around the house. This causes the 3 year old to whimper in fear. He was still very scared of thunders even though he knows that there are far evil things to fear about than nature. His parents are the heroes, he should know.

They both went to their son's side immediately. They both tried to comfort him as much as they could. Although, another thunder came and another raven haired Grayson child came in the room.

The 6 year old hugged her dad, "Daddy I really don't like the thunder."

He puts his daughter on his lap, "It's okay Mar-Mar the thunder won't hurt you, you're inside."

"But why does it have to sound so scary?"

Dick kisses his oldest daughter's cheek, "Well, you know not everything in life is happy. Sometimes we mostly have to just stay whelmed."

"But daddy, me and John always try to stay traught and the thunder is still scary."

He paused so that he knew what he was going to say next. Finally, he says, "Well, why don't you be the hero and try to defeat it."

She had a questionable look, "How?"

"Villains are like fear. They want to take over you until you're nothing but a crippled mess, just so that they can hide their fear of loosing. Although, since we're heros, we can fight that fear."

Maria's eyes were wide, "I want to fight fear!"

John was also listening, "Me too!"

Zatanna giggled, "Well, you can fight fear by sleeping."

"Can we sleep with you and daddy tonight?" John asked.

Maria started to beg too, "Ppppppllllleeeeeaaaaasssseee ."

Dick was okay with it, but Zatanna had to say yes to it too. No matter how hard she tries to look away, she just couldn't get their imploring eyes away. She finally nodded.

Maria and John both raced to their parent's bedroom. Their parents were right behind them. Dick rapped his arms around her hips and kissed her forehead. She turned off the lights behind her.

She sometimes thinks that her kids sleeps too much in their bed with them, but the words that Dick had told her when Maria and John were just a toddler and a baby always makes her change her mind. He would always say, "Let's just try to spend as much time with them as we can because we don't really know if it's our last."

He would always say that in a sincere way and not in a pensive way like he does as Nightwing. She has and always will love him about it.

They already know which positions their in. And around that time, it's easier for them to sleep.


11 Years Later

Zatanna entered the room while she was holding a picture frame. A smile has warmed up on her face all day. She places the picture frame gently on the shelf. It was a picture of Maria in her graduation gown. Zatanna really felt like time was going too fast.

She looked around the shelf. It was sort of like Wally's souvenir shelf that was once in the cave in the old days, but instead of objects, it's pictures in picture frames with all the great memories of their family.

She started to look at every one of the pictures that were on the shelf. One had a picture of little John and Maria in Bruce and Selina's arms during Christmas day. Bruce and Selina would have to be the most greatest grandparents at spoiling their grandchildren. Every Christmas, they would always try to make their presents either bigger or grander. She would always try to make her brain process that her family was extraordinary than the others.

Another picture that caught her eyes was a picture of Dick, her, and the kids in their karate outfit. Zatanna had agreed to let their kids be taught in martial arts even in a young age. She knows how dangerous the world is, so it was acceptable in her book. And she'd been practicing with her husband so many times that she was pretty sure they almost have the same moves.

There were pictures of when her kids were born. Both of them loved being parents. They probably would've had more if only they weren't protecting the world. Although, they would also make their kids their main priority.

On the top shelf was a picture of the old team in their civvies. Roy was somehow in the picture too. They loved that picture so much because it was all taken right before the crisis they all had. It was in the old days when everyone was happy and goofing off. And it was also the days when the team were mostly just worried about Artemis hurting Wally pretty badly after a prank he had pulled.

She sighed from all the great memories rushing through her mind. Then, she looked at the oldest picture on that shelf. Every time she stares at that picture, she would always feel like a young girl. She loves that picture too much. It was the first pictures of Dick and her together as 10 years old. (I bet you guys can figure out the picture she's looking at right now) She's had it for a long time and she would never forget that day. Ever.

She suddenly felt arms wrapping her around her abdomen. He started kissing her neck, "Watcha doing babe?"

Her smile curved even bigger, "Just looking."

"At old memories?"

She nodded, "It's just going so fast and there's a lot of them too."

He hugged her tighter and whispered in her ear, "That's because we have a history."

He gave out a laugh, but it was more like a chuckle to her. They didn't even notice that John was already home. He had stopped at the door opening and saw their parents. He knew what they were doing. Even as a kid he has always found his parents gross in his own way, "Eeeewww!"


39 Years Later

The cave was full of generations of heroes to come. They would mostly hang out in the cave because it's fun for them. A 79 year old Zatanna came in the cave via the zeta tubes. She thought the cave would've been full packed with teenage superheroes, but then she just remembered that they were all going to a mission around this time.

She had items in her hand. She went straight to the beach. The sun was on the horizon as she looked up from the far sea. She took out her pen and pencil while she laid her bottle on the ground. Her hands swiftly begins to write.

Dick I've missed you so much. I wish you could be hear with me and the kids.

Also, the grandchildren. We miss you so much. I know, that you're always

by our sides helping us because I could always feel your ghost next to me and

protecting me. Make sure you tell my dad that I love him, too. I know that you're

also happy because you're reunited with your parents again. I love you. And don't worry,

because I'll be with you again.

She rolled up the paper and put it in the bottle. She kissed the bottle for good luck and then threw it into the waters. She had missed him so much after that accident. He had sacrificed himself to save the people he loved around him. In her book, that was the greatest sacrifice ever.

One drop trickled down her cheek, "Don't worry, I'll see you again."

*Tears*It's finally over. *tears*

I told you there would be tears when this story is done. This story is so so so so so so chalant! So thank you so much for loving it and liking it as much as I loved writing this!

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