Brother search

today was the most horrible day ever! First i'm seperated from my mother and twin who's a boy his name is yuck which I don't think was a very good name but I love him anyway. Second my father decided to move to Alaska at the last minute. Third I don't know where I am but I know it's a town. I really feel like crying right now I suddenly hear something it sounds like another girl I know that there are people here but I don't know anybody. Well it's better then the person who split my family (in the original fanfic yuck accidently got him and lily seperated in this one it's a new oc) I got up from where I sat I heard screaming though and just froze there if you couldn't tell I was not only a newbie to this town but scared as well. The screaming continued it was that girl again she yelled something I didn't know what it was but she said my brothers name wait why? Did she know him or was she just saying it? I could hear fighting outside where I was I walked out and I could never believe what I saw the girl was a rabbit like me and yuck but she was pink and had a bow like I did she wore a karate uniform but what she was using astounded me! She was using woofoo of course I was a woofoo too but my mother taught me how I only use it in case of emergencies mom said though I needed a real teacher to teach me how to use it out

the boy she was fighting had turquoise green fur that looked messy honey eyes like I do and razor sharp teeth. The boy then said give up yet and then adressed the girl as yin "yin" as she was called said no my brother shockingly attacked her with a foo orb I then asked myself how did he learn that? But of course it wasn't loud enough for either to hear I covered my mouth as he shot one by one at her and what impressed me the most from her was her willingness to dodge each orb he threw at her well and what impressed me from my own brother? He knew how to conjer up an aura AN AURA! I always wanted to learn how to do that I started feeling a bit jealous though only a bit mother didn't get a chance to teach me how to do that then again did my own mother even know how to conjer up an aura? HA your finished! My brother said but yin then said think again and she defeated my brother in a swift blow to the aura's chest so that really was the weak spot mother had always told me and yuck when we were younger that but to actually see that in person? My brother got up this isn't the last of me! my brother announced before running off. I did have some thought of following him since it's been awhile since I last saw him but I didn't because another pulse ran through me I really wanted to meet that girl my brother had been fighting also I wanted to know how she could do what she did and if maybe I could join her.