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Chapter : The Deal at Home

Husky choked back a sob, his heart racing, threatening to beat out of his chest. He was soaked in sweat, on the floor of the guest room, shaking uncontrollably. His pale, colorless eyes looked at Gemma, she was right in his face, talking to him, her lips moving but he couldn't hear anything. She looked scared and he wondered why, it was just a dream right? He was fine. He just had to calm down. The door was lying on the carpet a few feet away, busted right off the hinges. Shit, did I do that? Now he was confused. Clay was there too hanging at Gemma's right some kinda of watchful guardian.

"Logan. Baby are you alright? Logan answer me. Hey come on!" Her fingers snapped in his face, and he shrunk away from the noise. His mind was slow, the pieces of a puzzle laying in front of him but he couldn't put the picture together.

"Gem, babe, back up a bit, Give him some room to breathe." Clays hand pulled at Gemma's and she finally moved away, then Clay was in front of and the pieces finally fit.


"Shit is right. You alright son?"

"Yeah fine I just," Husky let out a shaky breath, though he was now sure it was just a dream the feelings of guilt were all too real. "A dream, just a dream."

"You sure about that?" Clay's pale blue-grey eyes looked at him with concern but there was hint of something else, scrutiny it seemed like. "Seemed more like a fucking bad nightmare." Husky just nodded leaning against the wall, he was freezing as Gemma wrapped a blanket around him. He nodded towards the door.

"You couldn't just unlock it?"

Clay gave a thin smile, "You're mom was worried, didn't have time to find the key. Threatened to cut my balls off if I didn't get the door open, and you know your mother, she wasn't bluffing."

Husky hung his head, hiding the ghost of a smile on his face; the thought of Gemma castrating Clay was all too funny yet disturbing.

"Are you alright? You want some coffee?"

"Yeah, uh tea actually." Gemma nodded and walked by the broken door, her scornful eyes glancing at it then Clay with nothing but accusations. He shrugged hopelessly in return.

"I'll have the prospects fix it." Gemma just brushed off the comment and headed towards the kitchen, Clay turned back to Husky grey-blue eyes all business. "What's on your mind? Don't bullshit me. I can see the wheels turning."

"I want back in." Husky replied, his voice cold, eyes as dark as Clay's as he stared at the older man with the same harshness.

"Ha, you sure about that?" A mocking tone graced his bark of a laugh. " You're the one who chickened out."

Husky suppressed the growl in his throat, it wasn't the best way to go about negotiations. "I know. And it's cliché, but I was young. It's different now, I've seen a lot, too much almost. Where else am I gonna go? I don't have any skills to get a job, I can work the garage, but it be a stupid bet if you think I'm just gonna sit tight and mind my own business when things get rough. I'll be involved, wanted or not, and you damn well know I will find out whatever I need to, the guys know me, they like me, they won't hesitate to spill if I push them enough. Chibs and Tig especially, even Bobby, they're on my side old man."

"'Old man'? Insults and threats to spy? You really think that's gonna get you anywhere?"

"Not a threat, just facts. I wimped out, I know. But I want in, let me in. You see the cut on the wall," Husky nodded toward the frame leather, though Clay's studious eyes never left his face. "I can take it whenever I want, but I'm not. I'm asking you, the Prez I punched in the face all those years ago. I'm asking for forgiveness, but begging you to let me back in."

"This is you begging huh? No knees or anything?"

"I'm sitting on my ass, that's as close as you're gonna get. But what's the deal Clay, why so hesitant?"

Clay sighed and fell back to the edge of the bed, running a hand down his face, he seemed overly stressed and Husky had to wonder why, this wasn't supposed to be so hard. "You know, back when Thomas went under, Gemma was a wreck. Losing J.T. didn't help any, your mom is strong, and she'll show that in front of everyone. There were nights though, she cried, cried herself until her throat was raw and she was passed out from the exhaustion of it. It's a fucked up sound, Gemma- crying. It ain't…..natural." Clay stood and started pacing the room, and Husky just watched; confused as to where this was going. Anyway, that day she brought you home, I dunno she was different, you were a ragged mess, but she was attached to you- like that" He snapped his fingers for emphasis.

"It was like you helped her get over it all, something I never could do completely. And J.T. was in Ireland that whole time you know, and I helped out, with you and Jax best I could. But Jax- he's the spiting image of his dad, the way he thinks to, I sometimes forget it's Jax and J.T., and I love Jax I really do, he's like a son. But I have to admit, when you showed up I was a lot happier. Sure, you ain't ours by blood, but you're as much my kid as a blood relative. That's something Jax will never be. I thought it be interesting, see which of you got the crown next, sat at the head of the table. Then you left, and it all crashed down. I didn't lose some kid I had been raising for a few years I lost my son." Clay let out a long sigh, looking at Husky for the first time since he started this rant. "I get it now, why you left. But facts are facts, as much as I want you back in, you're a liability. How do I know, for sure, you won't run off again? I can't risk you having some emotional breakdown again, and this time running to some cop of shrink."

And back was the distant calculating man that is Clay, gone was that small vulnerable side Husky never knew the man had; It was back to negotiations, business as usual. "You'll need me." Clay cocked an eyebrow as if to say 'Wanna bet?' That, however, is a bet Husky would take. "I saw the Mayans, they're a tad bit out of their stomping ground aren't they? I've only been here about a week, but I've seen the tension in the club. You wanna push some new deals right, playing the game like usual; rolling the dice. But not all the boys are takers are they? I get the club back you get me- and everything that comes with it. I'll do your biding, keep your dirty secrets, you'll get my vote."

"You're kidding right?" Clay was skeptical, but his eyes lit up at the proposition. This could be an advantage, something he'd need if he wanted to handle everything the ideal way.

"Nah, straight up truth. Only two things." Husky almost giggled at how shot down Clay looked, Well don't lose all hope yet. "This doesn't go on forever, you have to end it once all is dealt with. Secondly, you tell me everything, I want to know the plans ahead of time. That way if these lies totally fuck us over I can at least feel properly guilty."

"You are a strange one, but smart. Fine, I'll let you back in. You're at Otto's left alright. You get your rank back and everything. Start work tomorrow?"

"Yeah." Husky couldn't help but feel a bit smug over this, it was a troublesome arrangement and he knew it'd probably bite him in the ass somehow but he needed to gain Clay's trust back, so here's a step in the right- probably wrong- direction. " I need to do something anyway, I swear if I have to sit through another minute of family pictures I'm going to stab my eyes out."

"From what I hear you're only on the second album, she's got like 3 more." Chibs laughed as Husky's eyes widened in disbelief, Gemma walking in right on cue.

"You gotta problem with keeping memories?"

"Oh no, not at all. Come on babe, let's leave the boy alone." Clay wrapped an arm around Gemma's waist, pressing a light kiss to her cheek before drifting out the door.

Gemma pushed a mug into Husky's hand after he pulled himself to his feet. "There's more on the stove if you want. You sure you're alright?" Husky almost winced at the way Gemma's eyes were glazed over with concern.

"It was just a dream, I'm fine; more worried for the door actually." He let out a small laugh, Gemma pulling at the hem of the blanket around his shoulders.

"Yeah well, blame a mother for worrying about her crazy son."

"I'm not crazy." Lie.

"Honey, have you met your family? You can't be sane and still be in this family. It's literally impossible."

"Explains Uncle Tig."

"Yeah, which reminds me, you've been back a week, when are you and Tig gonna stop playing the silent game like two year olds?"

"It's not a game." Husky pouted, a mocking glint in his eye that made Gemma scoff.

"Well figure it out, the guys are waiting for you two to beat the shit out of each other. And I rather not have someone in the hospital as a result,"

"What? So peaceful truce?"

"Air out the dirty laundry, I don't care how you do it."

"I can't do anything if he won't even talk to me, it's been ten years he should have gotten over it." Gemma's eyes flashed and Husky took a step back out of her reach, deftly dodging a swipe of her nails.

"You hurt him, you make it right."

Gemma left Husky a bit shocked, whatever happened to motherly love?

Okay then, I'll just let him kick my ass, Husky, put the door back in it's frame and shifted so his back was against the wall as he sat on the bed, finishing off his refreshing mint tea.

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