Yu-Gi-Oh! ORichalcos.

I said that I wasn't going to leave the R series behind just yet.

Pegasus ended up copping it pretty quickly in the anime Waking the Dragons. What I wonder though, what happened to the Asian division of Industrial Illusions, where Yako Tenma claimed he was from in chapter 1 of R?

Here's what I think happened. And what Yako did when he learned that Pegasus had been taken from them once again.

This won't be updated as regularly as R, as it will be all original. An OC from Cosmic Kiss, who is just awesome, will be appearing in this fic, and depending on what happens, this may or may not tie in with the canon of her fic "The Edge of Doma."

I'll only say it once: I don't make any claim to own Yu-Gi-Oh! Cozzy owns her OC.

Blinded by the Light!

Maximillion Pegasus breathed heavily on the roof of Industrial Illusions America.It was the end of the duel; Pegasus still had 100 life points, and Thousand Eyes Restrict and Harpies' Pet Dragon on the field.

His opponent's field was filled with six powered-up Harpie Ladies. "Did you think it was fun to steal people's souls at Duelist Kingdom, Pegasus?" she asked. "Now it's time for me to have a little fun." She selected a card in her hand, and slid it into her disk. "I activate Harpie Lady Phoenix Formation! Since I have six Harpies, I can destroy up to six of your monsters."

Pegasus gasped as his monsters were destroyed, and the sum of his monsters' attack points was taken from his life points. He screamed and crumpled to the ground as a cylinder of green light closed around him.

"Aaggh!" screamed Yako Tenma, bolting upright in his bed.

He brushed a lock of silver hair out of his face, sweating hard, and walked over to the window, only wearing his sleep trousers.

Yako looked out over Domino City, from the window of Industrial Illusion Asia, and wondered why he was so worried.

"What a horrible nightmare," he remarked. "Master Pegasus . . ."

He walked to the door, and headed up the stairs to the roof. It might have been the middle of the night, but he needed fresh air.

On a camera screen, three figures watched Yako move up the stairs.

"What, no sly comments, missy?" asked a blond man with slightly tinted irises and blue-white robes.

"Be quiet," shot back the girl, also blond and wearing a white corset top, black shorts and a black sleeveless jacket. She turned to the third teen, a redhead in maroon combat robes. "You'd better be as good as you say you are. Got that, newbie?"

"Don't worry, this weakling won't know what hit him," said the redhead confidently.

The blond boy snorted. "This 'weakling' beat Seto Kaiba with one attack. This weakling created a divine power from an idea. If you take him lightly, you'll end up toast."

"Please," said the redhead. "This guy's always been weak. You probably thought he was his brother. This'll be easy." He walked out of the door, and headed for the same rooftop that Yako was headed for.

Yako threw the door open and walked out into the cold night. The wind that brushed over his bare chest stung, but he ignored it, breathing in cool lungfuls of air.

"Isn't it nice?" said a rather brutal voice.

Yako whirled around instantly at the sound of the voice. A fiery headed teen in maroon combat robes stood before him, with a blue device that appeared to be a duel disk on his left wrist. He grinned at the shocked man's face.

"See I just love walking shirtless onto a roof in the middle of the night waiting to get ambushed too," joked the teen. Then he frowned. "Come on, little Yako, don't you recognise me?"

Yako frowned, and then gasped. "Quinn Blaine?" he asked.

Blaine laughed. "So the famous bad copy remembers my name."

Yako clenched his fist at the insult. Then he realised what Blaine had said. "Ambushed?" he asked.

"That's right!" crowed Blaine, and a portion of the blue disk he was wearing slid out and deployed a nasty looking scythe with five slots and five T-shaped areas on it.

The Tenma brother gasped at the sight of the disk. "How did you get up here, Blaine?" he asked.

Blaine grinned. "Oh, I have my friends," he sneered. "But you're completely alone little Yako."

Yako sighed. "Stop it."

"Stop it," mimicked Blaine childishly.

Yako gritted his teeth. "So, do you want a duel, then?" he asked.

"Why of course!" said Blaine in mock surprise. "Why else would I deploy this threatening looking duel disk if I didn't want a duel?"

Yako ignored him and headed to the door. He typed in a code, and a grinding sound pierced their ears as a chute rose up from Yako's room. The door opened to reveal a duel disk and a deck enclosed within.

Yako strapped on the disk, and readied it, shifting it to duelling mode. "Let's go! Time to duel!" he called, and they drew their starting hands.

Blaine moved first. "I draw!" he called. "I'll throw out the shrimp known as Solar Flare Dragon, in attack mode!" (1500/1000) he said.

A serpent that appeared to be made of lava and flame appeared in front of him and hissed.

"Next I'll play these two spices!" laughed Blaine. "Two Tremendous Fire's!" he laughed. "I take 500 damage for each, but you take double that!"

Yako screamed as he was surrounded by fire, dropping his life points to 2000, while Blaine laughed as his own life points dropped to 3000.

"Next I'll add a card facedown to the dish," said Blaine. Then he face-palmed himself. "Oh my! I almost forgot the secret ingredient!" He slid a card into the field zone on his disk. "I play the Seal of Orichalcos!" he yelled.

"The what?" asked Yako, before a blast of green light blinded him.

A massive green band inscribed with a strange language expanded out from Blaine. The band encircled Yako and he yelled in shock as he felt something pass through him.

Then, green lines extended out from the edges, drawing an asymmetrical six pointed star.

Yako could only watch in shock.

Down below, Gekko Tenma raced into the security room.

"What just happened?" yelled the Perfect Duelist.

"Some kind of shock on top of the building!" responded Richie Merced from a control console, still in his sleepwear. "The cameras are down, so we can't see what the heck's going on up there!"

Gekko slammed his fist into the wall. "I'm going to go check on Yako!" he called.

Yako looked at the Seal in shock. "This seal," he whispered. "I saw inscriptions about this seal when I was researching the mystic science system!"

Blaine, the Seal glowing in his head, laughed at that. "This Seal gives me more power than all three of your Wicked God cards!" he laughed.

"Impossible!" said Yako. "Nothing could be that strong."

Blaine snickered. "Think what you like, Yako. This Seal could elevate me to the top of the Card Professor's Guild!" he said.

Yako glared at him. "Are you serious?" he asked. "That's what this is all about?"

Blaine grinned. "This Seal will trump any deck! Willa's White-Horned Dragons, Richie's effect monsters, Tilla and her master, the Perfect Duelist, and even you, Yako! I've heard about your strength increase!" He clenched his fist. "Now you're the most powerful duelist in this building! A duelist who could rival the King of Games himself in strength, one who defeated the mighty Seto Kaiba himself!" He chuckled. "You, my friend, are one hell of a seasoning! The Great Beast will love the taste of you!"

Yako frowned. "What are you babbling about? End your turn."

"With pleasure," said Blaine. "But first, I explain the effect of the power of the Orichalcos! Every monster on my field gains 500 attack points!" Solar Flare Dragon hissed as its eyes glowed red, and it charged up to 2000 attack points. "Now I end my turn," said Blaine. "And now Solar Flare Dragon takes a bite out of your life points with its effect!" he called. The flaming creature blasted a ball of fire at Yako, smashing into him with a massive crash.

Yako screamed in pain as the flames surrounded him.

"See," said the blonde teenage boy. "I told you this guy would be fine. Card professors are so easy to manipulate."

The girl sighed, and chewed on her nails nervously. "You do know how much information this guy has let slip about us? First he says he's not alone. Then he reveals just how strong the Seal of Orichalcos is. And now he's just told Tenma about the Great Beast."

The boy shrugged. "Look, he's not exactly irreplaceable. If he gets Tenma's soul, then we're all good, and you can get all the credit from Master Dartz. But with Tenma having lost most of his life points in the first turn, he's as good as gone."

Yako Tenma hadn't felt such pain since his burning by Ra. He struggled as his life points dropped down to 1500. He grasped the top card of his deck. "My turn," he groaned. He drew with a flourish. "I summon this monster from my hand!" he called. "Beast King Barbaros!" (3000/1200)

Behind Yako, a panther-lion hybrid that resembled a centaur in form appeared. It's lower body was all black panther, but it's upper body was muscular humanoid lion, armed with a massive javelin and a rounded shield.

"Hold on!" protested Blaine. "You can't do that; Barbaros is an eight star monster!"

"Read the card, Blaine," said Yako quietly. "By lowering his attack points to 1900, Barbaros can be summoned without sacrifices!"

Barbaros growled as its strength shrank.

Yako slid two cards into his disk. "I set two cards facedown. That ends my turn."

"About time!" snarled Blaine. He drew, and chuckled. "Here comes another shrimp! I summon Solar Flare Dragon!" he yelled. Another flaming wyrm materialized in front of him, its eyes glowing red as it increased to 2000 attack points. Blaine laughed. "Now, here's the kicker seasoning! Even if you could stand up to my dragons, you can't attack them as long as I have them both out! Each is the only pyro type that can be attacked, and each is a pyro type!" He pointed at Barbaros. "Solar Flare Dragon! Barbecue that pitiful Beast King Barbaros!" he yelled. The flaming dragon released a blast of magma that scorched Barbaros, and the monster bellowed as it was destroyed.

Yako stood there calmly as his life points decreased to 1400.

Blaine smiled. "You're wide open, Yako! Solar Flare Dragon, attack Yako, and end this duel!"

Yako touched a button on his disk. "Go, Level Resistance!" he yelled, and a facedown card flipped up. "This trap summons at least two monsters from my deck, but their levels must be half those of Barbaros's level!" He selected three monsters. "I summon Seraphim Gardna!" he called, and an angelic guardian in white and blue armour holding a shield appeared in a kneeling position. (1000/2000) "I summon Angel O1!" he added, and a little hooded angel appeared. (200/300) "And finally, I summon Tellus the Little Angel!" (500/500) and a little spherical angel appeared.

Blaine cursed. "Solar Flare Dragon attack Tellus!" he yelled.

"No, you idiot!" yelled the blonde boy from their hiding place. "Anything but Tellus!"

Yako shrugged as the flames of Solar Flare Dragon destroyed Tellus. "When Tellus is destroyed, I get a Tellus Wing Token," he said, and a little wing appeared on the field.

Blaine cursed. "Fine!" he said. "I end my turn, and turn up the heat!" he laughed. "Both Solar Flare Dragons roast you!" The two flaming dragons blasted Yako with fire, and his life points hit 400.

"My turn," said Yako, drawing. "I activate Monster Reincarnation," he said. "By discarding my Summoner Monk, I return Beast King Barbaros to my hand."

"Bring him out!" called Blaine. "He doesn't scare me!"

"I sacrifice three monsters to summon Beast King Barbaros!" called Yako.

The massive panther-lion hybrid rose out of the ground in a blaze of light.

"When Barbaros is summoned with three sacrifices, his special ability activates, destroying all the cards on your field!" called Yako.

Blaine laughed as the two Solar Flare Dragons shattered upon being struck by a tornado. But the Seal remained untouched. "Did you think that the Seal could be destroyed by a measly monster like that?" he laughed. "As long as I have the power of the Orichalcos, I'm invincible!" he screamed.

Yako looked at him. "You're insane," he said. "Beast King Barbaros, attack!" he yelled. "Tornado Shaper!" Barbaros raised its massive lance and threw it towards Blaine.

Blaine stopped laughing. "Wait!" he screamed. The lance smashed into Blaine, dropping his life points to zero. Blaine dropped to his knees in horror. "No! The Seal of Orichalcos cannot be defeated!" he screamed as the Seal closed around him. A vortex of green light cut off his screams and dropped him to the ground.

Yako sighed as the holograms faded. He walked over to the fallen form of Blaine, when a blue-white robed figure cut in front of him, and snatched up a green stone and the Seal of Orichalcos card.

"Stop!" yelled Yako in surprise, but the figure had leaped off the building into a nearby helicopter, which wheeled away erratically.

"Yako!" yelled Gekko, rushing out of the lift. "It's terrible, terrible news!"

"What news?" asked Yako. "What's happened now?"

"It's Master Pegasus," panted Gekko. "Master Pegasus has been attacked again!"

The blue-white robed teen shouldered the girl away from the helicopter controls. "I'll take those, and remind you that, next time, you actually learn to fly a blasted helicopter."

The girl decided to go for the sympathy angle, and pouted. "Aww, but it was so much fun!" she said.

The teen sweatdropped at that and sighed. "Look, let's get back to base and see if that sister of yours is alright," he muttered. "Tenma may have won, but I don't see much of a threat with him. I'm sure Master Dartz won't mind."

Okay, so that was longer than normal. But I've got no idea when the next chapter will be up, so bear with me.

Quinn Blaine's method of speaking was based on the dub character Toban-Jan from Duel Masters. That has always stuck with me, despite what it is.

Now what shall Yako do now?

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