Yu-Gi-Oh! ORichalcos

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It's Yami Bakura vs. Yako Tenma. Bakura's ensured the demise of one Wicked God card, but at the cost of another one breathing down his neck (and with the breath this one has…)

But the entire time, Bakura has been drained Yako's life points with his trap cards, and already Yako's lost almost half of his original 4000…

Youngbountygirl: Realistically, unless it defeated Dreadroot and gained its effect, Diabound is pretty screwed vs. a Wicked God card, except maybe Eraser. But then again, Eraser would have the last laugh.

China Smith: Indeed. As for pulling the same trick he pulled with Yami Marik, Bakura is still being cautious, as he doesn't have that much knowledge of the Wicked Gods effects, and look at what happened last time.

Sustained by Hate! Part 2

Yami Bakura growled as the last vestiges of the fragments of his Earthbound Spirit faded.

Yako stared him down, but any victory celebrations were cut short as the massive pair of jaws erupted from the ground around him and closed, inflicting a further 500 points of damage to Yako and decreasing his life points to 2000.

Yako gasped in pain as he felt more of his strength begin to drain. He shook his head angrily. He hasn't even declared a single attack, and I've already lost half of my own life points, he thought. We're both on 2000 life points...

He straightened up, and gave Bakura a chilling look. "That's the end of my turn," he said. "And the Eraser goes down to 4000 attack points." The Wicked Eraser bristled as its strength shrank.

Bakura smiled, and drew his next card. He began to laugh at Yako. "When I played my Multiple Destruction card, I discarded a few fiend monsters," he chuckled. "In my hand I have a monster that requires a sacrifice of the spirits of three fiends." He placed the card into his disk. "By sacrificing three monsters from my graveyard, I can summon my Dark Necrofear!" he declared.

A bald-headed blue-skinned woman clad in dark leather appeared in a cloud of smoke, clutching a marionette. (2200/2800)

Dark Necrofear, thought Yako. Bakura's ace monster from the Battle City tournament. But he must know that it's powerless against a God monster.

The Wicked Eraser screeched in agreement.

Bakura grinned. "I'll leave my turn at that," he said.

Yako blanched in surprise. What?, he thought in surprise. He's ending his turn just like that? He looked at Bakura's eyes and shuddered. He didn't like the look in them. He's completely confident that he can ride this out…, thought Yako. He drew his card, thinking. Ah, Bakura. You think that I will entrust my field to a Wicked God card, and that I would take the chance to deal a large amount of damage to you. Yako raised his hand. You would never expect me to do this.

"Get ready, Bakura," declared Yako. "I sacrifice the Eraser!" he yelled.

Bakura's eyes opened wider in shock. "You what?" he asked in horror.

The Wicked Eraser looked at Yako angrily as it began to turn dark. Soon it had become a black, viscous ash cloud that burned and tore through Dark Necrofear and Summoner Monk.

"What's going on?" asked Bakura fearfully, looking around them.

"When the Wicked Eraser is destroyed, it takes everything else on the field with it!" declared Yako. "And I have the ability to destroy it during my turn!" He touched a button on his disk before the corresponding card could be destroyed. "And with the Jar of Greed trap card, I can draw another card!" he added. He drew as the last cards were wiped from the field, and the ash cloud faded.

To think that monster could do something like that, thought Bakura grimly. I was planning to power up Dark Necrofear with my facedown cards, but it doesn't matter. But now he's free to attack as much as he wants!

"Next I'll summon this monster from my hand," declared Yako. "Beast King Barbaros!"

Yako's centaur-like lion appeared with a roar. (3000/1200)

"3000 attack points and no sacrifices?" asked Bakura.

"No," replied Yako. "In exchange for this summoning, my Beast King's attack points become 1900."

Barbaros growled as its strength shrank.

"Get him, Barbaros!" yelled Yako. "Attack directly! Tornado Shaper!"

Barbaros thrust its lance into Bakura, throwing the dark spirit backwards. His life points decreased to 100 and he gasped as his strength was drained from him.

"I'll place this card facedown and end my turn," said Yako, slotting the card into his disk. "One question, Bakura – if that is your real name," he said. "You're like the Pharaoh, aren't you? A spirit taking over the body of an innocent boy…"

"My host doesn't get any say in what I want," replied Bakura flippantly. "He's useful, nothing more."

Yako gritted his teeth. "Your Shadow Game is destroying him."

"He should be proud that he's donating his energy to me," commented Bakura, drawing his next card. "Now, I activate Polymerization!" he declared. He held up two cards from his hand. "Now I can fuse my Headless Knight with my Earl of Demise to create the Duke of Demise!" he declared. (2000/1700) A skull-headed fiend in ragged clothes appeared, holding a cutlass.

"I play my facedown trap card!" declared Yako. "Junk Dealer! Now the components of your fusion monster become mine!" The card flipped up, and glowed. A blue-skinned corpse, clothed in scarlet and clutching a sabre crawled out of the ground, followed by a headless suit of armour. (2000/700), (1450/1700)

Bakura snarled, and pointed at Barbaros. "Now, Duke of Demise, attack Beast King Barbaros!" he declared. The rotting fiend charged, and swung its blade, splitting Barbaros in two and shattering it. Yako winced as his life points decreased to 1900.

Bakura slotted two cards angrily into his disk. "I'll place these two cards face down on the field," he said. "That ends my turn."

Yako drew his card. He looked at it, then at another card in his hand, and power rushed through him, filling the void left by the Shadow Game. He added the card to his hand, and selected another card. "I activate the Photon Lead spell card," he said. "I summon one light attribute monster from my hand with four stars or less." He selected a card. "I choose Daybreaker!" he declared. The sable-caped ivory-armoured knight appeared. (1700/0) Yako flashed his shark-like grin, and held up another card. "Now I sacrifice all three of my monsters!" he yelled. The three monsters vanished in a whirlwind as Yako placed the card on his duel disk.

A black spot formed in midair and expanded into the Wicked Avatar. (?/?)

"Look at this monster, Bakura," warned Yako. "It's the twin to the monster that Marik Ishtar used to defeat you – The Winged Dragon of Ra!"

Bakura gasped in shock. "This creature is as powerful as Ra?" he gasped.

"Now do you see?" asked Yako. "I've won! You can't defeat me now! Watch as the God takes on the form of the most powerful monster on the field!"

The form of the Wicked Avatar shifted into a black skinned corpse in ragged clothes, clutching a cutlass. (2001/2001)

And then Bakura burst out laughing. "Hah-hah-hah-hah-hah-hah! Tenma, did you really think I hadn't learned from my mistakes after I was defeated twice by the Egyptian Gods?" He smiled, and Yako flinched at the level of evil in that smile that would make the most sadistic beings in existence suffer.

Yako bolted his fear down, and slid another card into his disk. "Next I play Monster Reborn!" he declared. "Now I'll summon a monster from the graveyard!" He drew a card out from his graveyard, and placed it beside the Wicked Avatar's card.

Red lightning erupted from the ground as the aqua skinned, bone sheathed form of the Wicked Dreadroot emerged with a roar. (4000/4000)

"Another Wicked God monster?!" cried Bakura in fear.

"Wicked Dreadroot! Fear Domination!" yelled Yako. Dreadroot tensed, and the attack points of the Duke of Demise fell to 1000.

"What did your monster just do?!" asked Bakura in shock.

"The special ability of the Wicked Dreadroot halves the attack and defence points of every other monster on the field!" explained Yako.

"Haven't you just crippled your own Wicked God monster then?" asked Bakura.

"No," said Yako. "The Wicked Avatar always has the highest power on the field – the attack points of the strongest monster on the field plus one." He laughed as the form of the Wicked Avatar dissolved and reformed into a black copy of the Wicked Dreadroot.

Bakura cursed. One point, one single point…but it makes all the difference, he thought grimly.

Yako raised his arm. "Whatever trap cards you have set are useless!" he declared. "My Wicked God cards are immune to such effects!" He pointed at Duke of Demise. "Wicked Dreadroot!" he yelled. "Attack his monster with Fierce Knockdown!"

Dreadroot clenched its fist and threw a massive punch at Duke of Demise.

"Game over, Bakura!" yelled Yako.

"You fool!" replied Bakura. "The game is only just beginning!" He touched a button on his disk. "Now I activate the trap card known as Draining Shield!" he declared. "This trap card cancels your attack and raises my life points by the value of the attack points of the monster that attacked!" He laughed as a rush of energy flowed into him, restoring him to 4100 life points.

Yako grimaced. "Keh!" he muttered. "I've still got one more God card left!" he warned. "Wicked Avatar, attack Duke of Demise with Dark Fierce Knockdown!" he yelled. The black Dreadroot launched a titanic punch at the Duke of Demise, and this time, the attack connected.

Bakura howled as he felt the power of the Wicked God monsters strike. He fell to his knees as his life points dropped to 1099.

Yako's lip curled. His Duke can't be destroyed by battle, but at least I'm shaving some life points off him. "I place one card facedown," he said, slotting it into his disk. "Then I end my turn. And as spell effects only last for one turn against a Wicked God card, the Wicked Dreadroot returns to the graveyard."

Dreadroot sank into the ground behind Yako, ever the stoic, and Duke of Demise straightened up as Dreadroot's fear power evaporated, while the Wicked Avatar took the form of the Duke of Demise once again.

"I have the Wicked Avatar on my field," said Yako. "You can't win."

Bakura gave a low chuckle. "You really think so, foolish mortal?!" he screamed. He drew, and Yako took a step back.

What the – what is with that card he just drew?, thought Yako in shock.

Bakura smiled. "I pay the cost to maintain my Duke – 500 life points," he said. His life points decreased to 599. "And now I'll sacrifice my Duke of Demise to summon this monster!" he declared, placing the card into his disk.

Duke of Demise vanished, and a new monster appeared in its place. It was a grey skinned fiend with a serpent tail in place of its legs, a face that was as hardened as that of Bakura himself, and two pairs of small wings – one at the hips and one at the shoulders.

"I summon Diabound Kernel!" declared Bakura. (1800/1200)

The Wicked Avatar shifted into a black version of Diabound, and the two fiends faced off.

"You might have summoned a new monster, but Avatar is still more powerful than it!" warned Yako.

"Not until I seal it in stone – with this spell card, Grief Tablet!" declared Bakura.

Avatar squirmed in pain and shock, until it vanished into the aged tablet that had appeared behind it, and an outline of an orb appeared on the tablet.

"While it's there, any of its powers are useless!" laughed Bakura. "Destroying that tablet is the only way that you'll get the Wicked Avatar out of there! Although, you'll suffer a 500 point penalty for doing so!" I can't lose. When I destroy the Wicked Avatar, my Diabound will duplicate and absorb its power. And even if he tries to destroy his own card, I've got Curse of Royal facedown – and I can stop the destruction effect there and then. He smiled as he thought to himself. The energy that this Shadow Game has been siphoning off for Diabound hasn't been all that bad either. This Tenma fellow has been excellent!

"Now, Diabound!" yelled Bakura. "Attack his Wicked Avatar with Helical Shockwave!" Diabound raised its hands and blasted a shockwave of energy at the tablet.

Now!, yelled Yako and the Wicked Avatar. "I activate the spell card, Mystic Wok!" he declared.

"What?" asked Bakura in horror.

"This spell allows me to sacrifice a monster and gain life points equal to its attack or defence value, and I choose the Wicked Avatar!" explained Yako.

The tablet shattered, and the stone fragments slammed into Yako, dropping him to 1400 life points as the black form of Diabound vanished in a flash of light.

Bakura looked at Yako furiously. "You'll pay for that," he warned. "Diabound, finish him off!"

Diabound blasted a wave of energy at Yako, and Yako felt himself drift away as his life points decreased to zero.

Diabound faded away, and Bakura stared at Yako. He walked over to him, and reached for his deck, but a wave of black energy blasted the dark spirit back.

Bakura growled and then groaned as three presences entered his mind.

Leave, now, warned the voice of the Avatar. Backed up by the presences of Dreadroot and Eraser, they seemed to tower over Bakura, despite his own considerable power.

Diabound appeared behind Bakura. Do you know who I am?, he warned the Wicked Gods.

That is why we are ordering you to leave, declared the Avatar. Now go!

Power blasted Bakura away, and black smoke shrouded Yako Tenma in a cocoon. Bakura backed into the elevator, and slammed his hand onto the button for the ground floor.

Well, that was more dangerous than I anticipated, thought Bakura. I couldn't really resist when I found out about this guy. He chuckled. At least I have my original plan to go with. Let's go to KaibaCorp and pay Seto a visit.

Don't worry, Yako's fine, the Wicked Gods both prevented their capture and a Penalty Game.

And here we are. The end of Yu-Gi-Oh! ORichalcos, and the probable end of my involvement with Yu-Gi-Oh! R. I'll still keep writing – I expect that Dissidia will take up the rest of the year, and then hopefully I can start my own Yu-Gi-Oh! Fanfiction with my own original characters. It's already in the making (in my wee little mind, anyway.)

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