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' ' thoughts

' ' inner thought

" " regular talking

"What do I call you, daddy, father, or Maru?" I asked.

"Any of the three."

"Maru it is and maybe daddy on occasion." I asked.

"Sounds good." Maru said.

"I need to get back it's nearly morning already." I said softly.

He tightened the hug for a moment then let me go, brushing the tears off my cheeks. "Be safe, my daughter. I will see you soon." He said, kissing my forehead.

I walked to the door and looked back, "Love you, Maru. Be safe."

I walked back to the inn to see Kaka-sensei waiting in the room. He looked up as I came back through the window.

"Where were you?" He asked.

"Walking around, training." I lied.

"Do you realize how worried I was?!" He raised his voice.

"I left a note. I'm perfectly capable of taking care of myself."

"You think you are but you're not. You couldn't even defeat one of the Akatsuki."

"I already did! I defeated Sasori of the Red Sand." I yelled back finally losing my temper.

"Apparently, you didn't realize that when I got a huge scare from Sasori's puppets." "You couldn't even do the things that Sasuke and Naruto could." Kakashi said.

"You're right. I could do more!" I said. I grabbed my bag and leaped out the window into the drizzle of mist that had yet to leave along with the rain. I ran into the woods hiding my chakra.