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Agent Burke woke abruptly. This was the direct result of the bucket of ice water being thrown on him. He shouted in surprise and tried to move. This brought the shocking realization that he was tied, very firmly, to a metal chair. His wrists bound to the arms and his ankles tied to the chair legs He looked up. Clarice was sitting across from him on a table. Beside her, on the table, were several objects. None of which looked very pleasant to him. Along the side was another table. On it looked like a bundle of sheets. Agent Burke could see his knife sticking out of the top.

"I'm glad to see you're wake. I would have hated to start without you." Clarice said.

"Untie me." Agent Burke yelled.

"I don't think so."

"You'll get what's coming to you. I will get loose then justice will be done."

"What exactly do you think I have coming to me, Agent Burke?"

"You're as bad as he was. Here I thought he'd just manipulated you like the weak willed woman you are. But now I see he poisoned you. He turned you into another demon like him."

"No he merely opened my eyes."

"So why did you kill him then?"

"What makes you think I killed him?"

"I saw the tape."

"Really? Who all saw this mysterious tape?"

"Crawford, Noonan and I all watched it. They wanted to hide it. They destroyed it and said it didn't exist. There could be no tape because you were dead. I bet they wouldn't have been so quick to let you go if they knew the truth."

"So you thought you'd track me down and do what they decided not to do."

"You need to be punished. You were an agent of the F.B.I. You went against orders and allowed that man to corrupt you. I bet you enjoyed what he did to you. I bet you enjoyed it when he defiled you."

"Every minute of it." she replied with a smiled.

Agent Burke heard a chuckle come from behind. Clarice looked passed him and smiled.

"Do you have all the information you need now?" she asked. Agent Burke tried to see behind him to no avail. Receiving a nod to her query Clarice turned to the table with the sheets.

"Who's there?" Agent Burke called. "Whatever she told you is a lie. If you help her with this then you are no better than she is. She's the demon's harlot."

"Are you a religious man, Agent Burke?" Hannibal asked from his place.

"Who are you?"

"Answer my question and I will happily answer yours."

"I believe that good people should eradicate evil when they find it."

"Does that include killing innocent children?"

"That child was no innocent. Its parents were evil. Its father was soulless, malicious murderer spawned from hell and its mother is a pathetic, corrupted whore."

"Well aren't you just full of compliments." Clarice said coming over. "Can I remove his tongue now?"

She dropped the sheets on the table where she had been sitting. Agent Burke stared at the doll as Clarice pulled out the knife. She placed it on the table behind her.

"Patience my love." Hannibal said. "I did promise him an introduction."

Clarice sat back down on the table. Hannibal came forward.

"Agent Burke, please allow me to introduce Doctor Hannibal Lecter."

Agent Burke's eyes widened.

"You can't be Lecter. She killed him." Agent Burke stuttered.

"I'm afraid you were deceived Agent Burke." Hannibal said.

"I saw the DNA and the fingerprints. I talked to the coroner."

"Like no one has ever faked DNA before." Clarice commented. "God you're as dumb as Krendler was. At least he was slightly amusing at the end."

"Clarice." Hannibal said.

"Fine. Have your little conversation."

He gave her an amused smiled and she smiled back.

"If you have any last words, Agent Burke, I would recommend you make them quick. My wife's patience only exists in the presence of our son."

"If you kill me someone will come looking. They'll find you. They'll know the truth."

"You came here on a fake passport. Who's going to know?" Clarice said.

"They'll take fingerprints."

"Then I guess we'll just have to ship you back to Texas, dump you in an alley; maybe take in a show or two. We could make a weekend of it."

"You'll get caught if you go back to the states."

"We haven't in the past. I'm sure we won't this time." Hannibal said.

"What if we just throw him in the wood chipper?" Clarice asked. "No body for anyone to find."

"That's a bit noisy for this time of night my dear."

"We could do it tomorrow morning. The staff will all be off tomorrow anyway."

She ran her hand over the instruments on the table.

"Then again maybe we should just wait and see what's left."

"What are you going to do to me?" Agent Burke asked. He was truly afraid of the couple in front of him.

"We're going to kill you…eventually." Clarice said frankly picking something up from the table.

"You can't do this."

"Why not?"

"You can't just tie a person up then kill them."

"If you were untied it would be a bit more difficult." she replied. She plunged a blade into the back of his hand and he let out a screech. She waited for the noise to subside. "You see that would have been much more difficult if you had been moving around."

Hannibal chuckled.

"You can stop this. I'll help you kill him. I'll take you back to the States. You'll be a hero. I'll protect you and your child."

"The child you tried to murder less than an hour ago." Hannibal interjected.

"He's manipulated you, brainwashed you. You were one of the greatest agents the Bureau has ever had." Agent Burke said. "You are stronger than him. Fight it Starling."

"You expect me to leave my husband, my home, to go back with you, a man who has insulted my family and attempted to murder my child. Wow that's a tough decision but I think I'll pass."

"You can't do this."

"Hannibal," Clarice said turning to her husband, "I recall an offer you once made me that I turned down at the time. I think I've changed my mind."

"What offer would that be my love?" he replied moving closer to her.

"The one you made me at Union Station by the carousel." she replied. He smiled and kissed her.

"It would be my pleasure."