A/N: I know some don't agree with Clarice's actions in the last chapter. Everyone is entitled to their opinions and I am glad you chose to share them. I see the severity of her actions in exact correspondence to the actions committed against her. The man tried to harm her child. Also for those who didn't get the inference. She's pregnant. I'm not sure about all women but for myself and those I know pregnancy tended to make us reacted more emotionally. The 'you upset me, I'm going to make you regret it' mentality tends to come in to play. Add that to motherly instinct and the outcome is very interesting. Anyway, even if you disagree with my portrayal, I hope you enjoy the story.

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In the wee hours of the morning Agent Burke offered his sincerest apologies for the upset he caused in the lives of Hannibal and his lady. His life ended quickly after that. Clarice disliked his suffering but the man had tried to harm her child. Her motherly instincts overrode everything else. No one would harm her child. The body was dismembered and packed up. A trip to the country gave them the space and privacy to dispose of the corpse. The flesh was removed from the bones and left for the animals to take care of. The bones were crushed and the dust scattered to the wind.

Agent Burke's absence was noted and looked into by his superiors. They were told by a detective that his rental car was found on a side street of Austin, Texas. It was a rougher side of town. There were traces of blood found on the seat. He was listed as missing and presumed dead.

The world turned and time passed. Agent Burke's name was one for the records, cases that were closed, files that would be unlikely to see the light of day unless some student in the distant future pulled them for a reference.

A year after Agent Burke's disappearance Director Noonan lost control of his car on an icy road. He died when his car impacted a tree and caught fire. It was ruled an accident. Two days after the funeral Jack Crawford, four months retired, had a massive heart attack in his home. He was found in his bed. It was ruled natural causes. Those at the F.B.I. mourned and moved on.

Ardelia Mapp attended the funerals of both of her superiors. Afterwards she spent time with her dearest friend and her godchildren. Clarice's children were delighted with their godmother. Hannibal spent most of his free time in the capital city touring museums while Clarice spent time with her friend. They often had dinner together during their short visit. Plans were made for Ardelia to visit them in the future. Hannibal and Clarice returned home with their children. Clarice watched them while they slept. A smile came to her face.

"A penny for your thoughts, my dear."

"I was just thinking about Jack Crawford." she replied. He raised an eyebrow. "If he had known this would happen he would never have sent me to see you."

"Very true."

"An interesting errand indeed."

The End.

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