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It took me a total of about five seconds to process what I had been told. When I did finally manage to speak, all that came out was a strangled, "Whu?"

"You heard me the first time, Gumi," SeeU said patiently.

"She… she… she what? But… she- how do you even know this?" I stammered, trying to sift my thoughts properly.

"She told me!" SeeU replied with the quirk of an eyebrow. "and from the looks of it, she didn't tell you!" She placed a hand on her hip and the other one on my shoulder. "She can't be dating Akaito,"

"B-but she is! She told me! I saw them!" I babbled frantically, attempting to make sense of the situation. If SeeU was lying to me, then that would make more sense. But SeeU wasn't one to lie. Sure, she did joke around, but when worst came to worst, she was down- to- earth and reliable.

"I- I'll probably be going now… my house is down that way," I said, rushing off. SeeU just stood and watched, smiling gently and shaking her head.

"Hey, this is Rin. If you're hearing this message, that means I'm probably not here or I'm ignoring you. If I'm ignoring you, it means you suck. If I'm not ignoring you, leave a message after the tone!"

"Hey Rin, this is Gumi, we really need to talk. Can you come to the park outside my house as soon as you get this? See ya."

I pressed the "end" button on my phone and tossed it on my bed. I hadn't had a quiet moment since… that incident happened with Kaito. Screw everything, I thought to myself, closing the door to my room and sliding down it to sit on the floor. I heard a knock. Mum wouldn't be back for another hour, so that meant it must be…. Ugh.

"What is it Akaito?" I droned, kneading my hands through my unkempt hair. He had finally come back after two nights, but had locked himself in his room for all the time he was back, only coming out to eat at random times during the day, and go to school.

"Let me in," came the muffled reply from outside the door. Grudgingly, I stood up, tried to smooth down my messy hair, and swung the door open slowly.

"What do you want?" I said, half- sighing. He looked happy, smug even. After everything, I hadn't expected for him to look like that. It made me feel nervous and uneasy. Akaito walked past me to sit on my bed, lounging on it like he owned it. I stood near the door, arms behind my back.

"So," he said lazily, plumping a few of my pillows and lying back with his hands behind his head. "Hows it going with you and your cute little perfect Greek god?"

"Len's fine," I growled, narrowing my eyes.

"Oh?" His eyebrows moved up only a fraction, the change in his features hardly noticeable if I hadn't been watching him so hard. He continued, "because my sources say you might not be happy with him,"

"And why would that be?" I clenched my fists and swallowed the lump in my throat.

"Well," he said, inspecting his fingernails. "If you're so happy with him, then what was that little thing that went on in the drama room with that blue idiot?"

Immediately my senses heightened and I began to panic. A horrible prickly feeling ran down the back of my neck and down my spine, and I took a step back. Palms sweaty and eyes wide, I regarded him with the look of a trapped animal.

You always look at me like a deer in the headlights, Gumi.

"What are you talking about? How do you know this? Why are you saying this?" I shouted frantically. How did Akaito know all this? Had someone possibly seen…

"Ah, so it's true then." He smirked, his eyes glinting cruelly. My eyes pricked with panicked and angry tears.

"How do you know? Tell me! You always have so much to say, so tell me now!" I lashed out, my eyes wide and my breathing ragged.

"Only if you admit it, you dirty little whore!" Akaito raged suddenly, standing up so quickly that I shrank back, scared that he might strike out at me again. He seemed to sense this, and took a step back, upset.

I never meant to hurt you, Gumi.

He regained his composure. "I'm sorry, Gumi, I love you, I really do," he said gently. I regarded him warily. "I know all these things because I love you, you know."

"What kind of messed up logic is that?" I spat venomously.

I'm messed up, I know.

Akaito smiled. "Well, let's just hope your blonde little boyfriend doesn't get wind of this," he remarked breezily, hopping off my bed and walking towards the doorway.


"What?" Akaito whipped around to look at me incredulously.

"Please," I repeated, swallowing my pride, "Don't tell Len. It's all I ask of you. I know I don't deserve it, but please, just don't tell him."

Akaito smiled as gently as he could manage, and brushed a tear off my face. I hadn't even realised I'd been crying. His hand slid down my face and onto my neck.

I could snap it right now, you know. I could break your neck and keep you with me. Then you'd be mine only.

He was silent as he took his hand away. His eyes were conflicted, and he seemed to struggle wit his thoughts."It suits you, this kind of personality," was the only thing he said before walking away.

When I got to the park, Rin was already waiting for me on a swing seat.

"Hey," I said, smiling weakly.

Rin was looking away.

"Do you… hate me?" She finally managed to say. "SeeU… she told me that… you knew…"

"What?" I squawked. "Why would I hate you? You're my best friend no matter what!"

Rin turned to face me, tears in her eyes. She smiled.

"Does Len know?" I questioned.

"…I'll tell him when I'm ready. Just… don't tell him just yet."

"Don't worry. I promise not to tell him." Hah, Gumi, you promise? I said to myself. Since when could you keep one of those? Ugh. I shook my head once, violently, to rid myself of nasty thoughts.

"I just thought… maybe you wouldn't accept me…" Rin continued, her eyes wandering over the chains of the swing.

"Oh Rin, of course I accept you! Best friends look out for each other no matter what, right?" I opened my arms. "Hug?" She grinned and hugged me hard.

"Just one thing," I said as we broke apart. "If you like girls then… why are you dating Akaito?"

"That's… something I can't tell you, Gumi." She said quietly, looking away. "Just trust me on this one, okay? Everything will be explained sooner or later."

I hesitated for a split second, bit my lip, then nodded. If Rin had a reason for doing what she did, then I would trust her judgement.

"So…" I began, this time my voice playful. "Who's the lucky chick you've got your eye on?"

"OMG, Gumi, shut up!" She squealed, hitting me on the shoulder. I laughed evilly and tickled her sides.

"I'm betting it's SeeU right? Riiiiiiiight?" I countered. She blushed and hit me again.

"I'll take that as a yes!"

Kaito sat with his head in his hands on the edge of his bed. He couldn't do this. It was wrong. What he was doing was ruining someone's life. It was selfish, deceitful and manipulative. If only he knew how much he was being manipulated himself. Used all his life. Being used was the only way to gain people's favour, he concluded. Even Gumi had used him. He was okay with that. As long as she was happy. But would what he was doing make her happy? Maybe not now, he convinced himself, but in the long run yes. Couldn't she see he was doing everything for her? Why was he doing all this for her? He groaned.

She hates me now, but later she'll thank me.

Yes, later she will thank me for all I've done for her.

This can't be healthy, this kind of blind devotion.

Later it will be worth it.

She'll see.

Akaito paced around the carpeted floor of his room. Interesting. Very interesting. He had a knack for finding information that had served him well over the years, from blackmailing the principal of his old school to finding out things about dear, sweet Gumi.

As long as everything goes according to plan, I'll have the advantage.

She won't even know a thing.

What I'm doing is the lowest of the low.

Since when have I ever played clean?

Later she'll know why I did it.

She'll see.

Len was sprawled out on his bed, thinking. The best type of thinking was done sprawled out on your bed, contrary to popular belief, he thought. Back to the point. Something was wrong with Gumi. She had been acting strangely all of today, and hadn't been waiting for him at the school gates after school, like she normally did. And Rin. She was definitely acting weird as well.

Maybe she's lonely.

Yeah, that's probably it. She needs a boyfriend or something. Not Akaito. A proper boyfriend.

And being her caring brother, I'll be the one to find her one.

She won't even see it coming.

Years from now, Rin will thank me.

She'll thank me for being the best brother ever! I'm taking on this responsibility!

Later she'll be grateful.

She'll see.

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