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"Did you bring the stuff?" Neru questioned, her voice in a whisper.

"The stuff?" Teto replied, a blank expression on her face.

"The stuff!" Neru repeated angrily.

"What stuff?"

"The stuff we need!"

"For what?"

"For the thing!"

"What thing?"

Neru sighed in frustration and hit her forehead with her palm. "THIS thing!" she said, jabbing her finger at a calendar. A date had been circled in yellow and green highlighters, and pink hearts decorated it.

"OHHH! THAT thing!" A look of enlightenment washed over Teto's face. She reached into one of her bright pink drills and produced a carrot, and took a banana from the other set of curls.

"Brilliant," Neru said with a smile. She put her hands together and laughed manically. Teto looked around, blinked a few times, then lightly tapped Neru's shoulder.

"What do you want?"

"Ummm…. So what exactly is the thing again?"

Neru's head banged the wall. This was going to be a long day.

"Rule number one is that you have to be sneaky. Reeeeallly sneaky." Neru instructed. "This is the way of the ninja." She struck what she assumed to be a ninja- like stance, but tripped on a power cord in the small supply closet. Teto, not seeming to notice, nodded her head furiously.

"Rule number two," Neru continued, once she had removed her ponytail from a bucket of paint, "is to never trust anyone. Never. Ever."

"But-" Teto started.

"EVER." Neru cut her off firmly. She took a pad of paper and a pen from her pocket and proceeded to draw up a diagram. "Okay, so we'll be here, and target number one will be here."

"Is that me?" Teto questioned, pointing to one of the crudely sketched figures.


"…I look like a potato."

"Shut up. Rule number three: never question the master." Neru huffed. "I've already set up the traps, so now we just have to wait for the targets to fall right into them."

Teto clapped her hands and squealed. "This is going to be so great!" She exclaimed.

"Shut up! Remember rule number two! Sneaky! Like a ninja!" Neru reminded her.

"I thought that was rule one."


"Yes Neru?"

"Shut up."

Gumi's P.O.V.

I wandered the halls of school, looking for something to occupy my time during my free period. Sighing, I blew my bangs from my forehead and swung my arms- wait. What was that? Out of the corner of my eye I saw something… Orange? It just moved! Hurrying towards the end of the corridor to get a better look, I saw it was… a carrot? A carrot! Boy, was I hungry for a carrot. I followed it. It moved again. It seemed to be on a thin string of some sort…Hmm. I slowed down when I was a metre or two away from the carrot, then pounced. It jerked away, out of my reach. Getting up off the floor, I chased after the moving carrot until it led me into an empty art room… weird. Suddenly, there was a flash of something yellow, and my goggles- my precious goggles!- were whipped off my head.

"Hey!" I cried. "Give those back!"

There was no movement from anywhere in the room. Raising an eyebrow, I turned around in a circle, my eyes darting around the room to check for the mysterious presence. A voice came from nowhere, making me jump.

"If you want to see your precious goggles alive again, go over to the table with the paint." I grudgingly obliged, not just a little creeped out.

"Now, take that pile of clothes and go behind the door, and change into them, then make your way to the next room up."

"What the hell? I-"

"Just do what I say." The voice cut in. I had a feeling I recognised that voice…

"Fine…" I grumbled, looking down on the pile of clothes. "Wait… WHAT?!"

A grumpy and extremely mortified Kagamine Len sat on a desk, his wallet gone and dressed head to toe in- what could be worse!- a frilly, puffy, cute maid dress complete with frilly socks and cat ears. Yes, cat ears. Len groaned into his hands, his face completely red.

The door clicked open. With a start, Len was on his feet. What if it was a teacher? What if it was one of his friends? WHAT IF IT WAS KAITO?


Gumi P.O.V.

"…Len?" It came out as more of a strangled cough than anything. Here I was, decked in a much too frilly embarrassing maid outfit, and my boyfriend was dressed in the




For about ten seconds, we stared at each other with bewildered expressions on our faces. I twitched. His face was as red as a firetruck, and we were both frozen in place.

I burst out laughing.

"I- I can't believe it! I'm- AHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAAHAHA- so-PFFT – surprised it-HAHAHAHAHHAA-suits you-HAHAHA-SO WELL!" I wheezed, bent over double due to a laughing fit.

"Hey!" He cried, trying to run over and stop me. "Don't laugh at me! I was blackmailed into this and-" He tripped on his high heels, falling with an unceremonious crash to the ground. I couldn't take this. I fell over backwards, still laughing my face off.

"My poor brain can't comprehend this!" I was still cracking up. "What do I call you now? Len KagaMAIDne? Lenneko? Magical Kitty Len Len?"

"Those are horrible puns and you know it!" Len accused, trying to look angry, but I could see he was trying to keep away a smile.

"Well somebody looks grumpy." I said, an evil look coming into my eyes.

"Gumi, if you are going to do what I think you are going to-"

"Looks like someone needs a visit from…"


"THE TICKLE MONSTER! AHAHAHAHA!" I pounced on poor Len, pinning him down and tickling his sides mercilessly.

"S-Stop Gumi!" He managed, tears of laughter in his eyes.

"Never will the tickle monster stoooop!" I shouted triumphantly.

Len managed to somehow sit up during my tickles, and pecked me straight on the mouth.

"Wha-" I said, blushing and stopping to cover my mouth. Flipping me around, he sat up as I lay on the floor, still confused.

He gave me a smirk.

"Stop damn smirking, Kagamine, you know I hate it-MMM! Oh my gosh Len, stop!" I shouted, embarrassed, as I pushed him away from my face.

"The slobber monster never stops!" Len declared, kissing all over my face.

"AHAHAHA! Cut it out!" I squealed, wriggling around. I managed to knock over a tin of green paint in the process, and in my defence I smeared some on his face.

"What the hell Gumi!" he shouted.

I only laughed and flicked some more on him.

"Oh you are SO gonna pay!" He cried, grabbing a tin of yellow paint and retaliating.

"No fair, you're on top!" I squealed, trying to shield myself from the oncoming assault.

"You should have thought of that when you decided to try and give me a paint job.

This was war.

After about five minutes of paint warfare, we concluded in a mutual surrender, Len still sitting on me, hands on either side of my head. We were covered in an assortment of red, green, yellow and blue.

He pulled up again, and we realised the situation we were in.

"This is extremely inappropriate," I muttered, breathing heavily. Len was blushing, red as Miss Meiko's outfits.

There was the sound of a shutter clicking, and we jumped up.

"Crap! Who's there!" Len shouted as we looked around.

"Haha yes! We got some great photos!" Teto whispered gleefully to Neru.

"Yeah, but they're about to find out our location!" Neru hissed from behind the curtain they had chosen as their hiding place.

"Soo… what do we do?" Teto started to panic.

Neru smirked evilly.

"Rule number three," she said.

"Huh? Neru, I-"

"Don't. Trust. Anybody."

Teto didn't even have time to correct Neru on the rule number before she was shoved out from behind the curtain, Neru absconding from the room.

All she could think about were the furious faces of Gumi and Len as they approached her.

"Oh crap."

Gumi P.O.V.

"KASANE TETO!" Len and I shouted in unison. We should have known! I looked at Len and he nodded. Teto sprinted out of the room, Len and I straight at her heels with murder in our eyes.


As we ran, we screamed threats at the top of our lungs. Teto, terrified, burst through the doors of the cafeteria, where it seemed she hoped that having other students around would keep her safe. She was wrong. We would KILL HER.

Len and I slammed the double doors open in unison.

"WHERE IS SHE?" I roared, panting.

We were met with dead silence.

Five seconds. That was how long it took for it to sink in. I stared at Len in horror, and he looked back with an equally, if not more, mortified expression on his face.

"Ah." I said.

"Um." He said.

The whole school was staring at us, dripping with paint and panting heavily. Ah yes. And did I forget to mention?


The silence continued.

"…Your ears." Rin said, finally speaking up.

"What?" said Len. It came out as more of a squeak than anything.

"Your ears are a bit… wonky." She gestured to his cat ears.


There was more silence for a few seconds, then the entirety of the student body at Crypton High burst out laughing. There were wolf- whistles and shouts of "Kinky!" and "I didn't know you guys were into that!"

"Please…" Len groaned, laying his head on my shoulder.


"Please. Please kill me."

"Only if we get Teto first."


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