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Chapter 1

Meredith stared at the unfamiliarly smart girl in the mirror. Her normally scuffed skinnies and worn out t-shirt had been replaced by a clean white shirt and black knee length dress. Completing the look was a long and flowing black robe that trailed at her feet. The only features still recognisable were her uncontrollable brown hair that fell just below her shoulders, and her large hazel eyes.

She turned around and looked at her surroundings. Her room felt bare. The bed had been stripped so her mother could wash her sheets for her return at Christmas. Her cupboards were emptied into a trunk that now waited for her in the hall. She stared at the pictures on her window sill. She looked at each one in turn, her friends, her parents and the rest of her extended family. She was going to miss them but she was kind of relived that it was finally her turn to go to school. David, her older brother had always talked about how amazing school was and secretly Meredith had always been jealous that her brother could use magic. She didn't know why but the thought of seeing that smart ass brother of hers everyday didn't upset her, she missed him when he was away. With the thoughts of her family and tears brimming at her eyes she strode out the room towards the hall.

Her trunk was waiting for her in the hall. It was an old, oak wooden trunk with new gold embossed lettering that spelt out her name: Meredith Stepien. Underneath her name was a large recognisable symbol, the Hogwarts logo.

"Ready to go?" said a tall figure at the top of the stairs. His bald head reflected the light from the upstairs window into Meredith's eyes partiAlly blinding her, although that could also have been from the man's luminous green shorts and brown sandal combination. Meredith pulled on a light jacket as the temperature outside was warm but not to warm, perfectly normAlly for a September morning in Chicago.

"Sure, dad," Meredith replied. A short woman appeared around the living room door as David and Meredith's dad clambered down the stairs. The women had tears in her eyes; one had escaped rolling down her cheek as she stared her children. David was in similar attire to Meredith, except instead of a dress he had a grey jumper with the Hogwarts logo and black trousers. He also had his robe on but his displayed badges with the words: Head Boy, and Prefect. Meredith stared at him. His blue eye's matched the tie around his neck, completing his look.

David looked at his sister. Something stirred in his stomach. It was going to be different with his kid sister around at Hogwarts. It felt like yesterday that she was staring up at him from her crib and saying his name for the first time. He remembered his first day at Hogwarts and how Meredith had been so jealous she'd acted up and jumped into every picture, attempting to steal any thunder that he had, away from him. He missed those days. She was always going to be that toddler in his eyes but here she was, an eleven year old girl ready to set off to Hogwarts. Had it really been 7 years?

"Let's go sis," David whispered softly, pulling her into the living room, towards the fireplace. The woman was in floods now. She pulled both her children into a large hug, squeezing them tightly until Meredith began to feel faint.

"I'm going to miss you all so much! What am I going to do with no one to talk to other than your father?" She stuttered through her sobs. Meredith's dad's face resembled that of a sad puppy. "David you look after your sister and Meredith have fun but don't have too much. You're supposed to be learning!" she called as Meredith, David and their dad jumped into the fire and yelled King Cross Station London.


Wow, this is one hell of a climb. How many stairs can there possibly be? There is no way I'm going to be able to do this every day. At least, I'm not the only one struggling; there are a few others over there. One looked slightly scared, although he was average height; he had mousey brown hair and vibrant blue eyes. He too looked worn-out from the climb as his cheeks werescarlet. At least I'm not the only one tired out. Crap! He must of realised I was staring. Look at the ground or the ceiling; just don't look back over at him. Meredith felt the blood rush to her cheeks. Damn, why do I always blush? Come on how many stairs are there left anyway? Thank god I'm almost at the top.

Meredith was one of the last to reach the top of the stairs. A woman introduced herself as 'Professor McGonagall'. She then instructed the large group of first years to follow her through the large doors behind her and into the great hall. With a flick and a swish of her wand the doors creaked open and the vivid colours burst into Meredith's eyes.

Holy cow, that bright! The first years progressed into the light of the great hall where 800 pairs of eyes fell on them. The group marched towards a single stool with an old hat placed on it; it would be a strange sight for a muggle to comprehend. A list of names was then read out as one by one each first year was plucked from the group to sit on the stool and ear the hat.

OMWG! I can't do this! I can't sit there with every one watching, god I'll die of embarrassment! How did the others do it?

"Lauren Lopez" McGonagall called. A small brunette strode up to the sorting hat, her doe shaped brown eyes giving away her tough bravado. Her eyes looked terrified like a scared little puppy. She looked friendly and Meredith felt a pang in her heart when there were some snickers when Lauren had to jump to sit on the stool due to her height.

"Hmm, you seem nervous, there's no need to be, and you should not be worried or concerned by me. You seem strong, and brave. Gryffindor!" The sorting hat bellowed. Cheers from the Gryffindor table could be heard as Lauren ran towards the table and sat down.

"Bonnie Gruesen" was the next name that Meredith remembered. She swaggered on to the stool and stared out to the crowd. Unlike Lauren, her hazel eyes were hard and demanded attention. She looked like the kind of girl who tried to be different. Her dress better fitted than the rest of the other girls and instead of smart shoes she worn a pair of shiny doc martins. The hat barely touched the brim of her head before it yelled, "Gryffindor!" The girl stepped of the stool towards the same table as Lauren, who welcomed Bonnie with open arms. The two of them must be friends.

Meredith was day dreaming as the next name was called: "Meredith Stepien". Meredith Stepien, damn that's me. Move! Just don't embarrass yourself, just sit. This hat feels weird like its reading my thoughts. Don't look up there is too many people. Maybe if I just stare at the floor, this will be painless. Wow, that's a lot of people! Why did I look up! God just breathe! What's taking this stupid hat so long!

"Stupid am I? That's not very nice" the hat relayed the information out to the hall. Meredith blushed as the hall laughed at the hats comment, at her! "I see ambition. You seem very resourceful but I see a large amount of bravery as well. Hmm, difficult," The halls eyes were still on Meredith, she felt her cheeks burn. Just pick a house, there's only four it can't be that hard! "Okay, if you want to take that tone, Slytherin!"

Oh God! Really of all the houses I had to be put in Slytherin. The house of the evil people. Great, David will never let me live this down.

Meredith slumped off the stool and trod over to the Slytherin table. She watched as the rest of the first years were sorted. A few stood out in her head. A girl named Devin Lytle was placed in Gryffindor, as was her friend Britney Coleman. Nicholas Strauss, a Ravenclaw was sorted after her. He was short, and wore glasses that were perched on a kind face. A boy named Joe Moses was put in Gryffindor. Denise Donovan had stood out as she was a tall, skinny, blonde girl that now sat across from her. Her blues eyes had met Meredith's. Meredith sent her a warm smile which the girl returned. Another name that jumped out was Julia Albain, another Slytherin who sat next to Denise. The two of them seemed close already. Meredith realised she was staring so averted her gaze, to the front of the hall. There wasn't many left now. A short boy with dark curls was sorted next. He was called Darren Criss and he too was put in Slytherin. He now sat next to a blonde named Dylan Saunders who had been sorted after him. The next, was a girl called Jaime Lynn Beatty. She sorted into Slytherin as well. She had a cropped brown bob that suited her face, with two large blue orbs for eyes.

The last first year was a face that Meredith recognised from early. The only difference this time was his face was pale white. "Brian Holden". The boy stepped up and sat on the stool. The hat was placed on his head and Meredith sat with waited breath.

Please don't put him in Slytherin, please! That would be awkward! He might ask why I was staring earlier.

"Slytherin" the hat called. Damn! Typical the only seat free is beside me. Great! Brian strolled over and squeezed into the seat beside Meredith. With that the aging headmaster, Professor Dumbledore, welcomed everyone to a new year at Hogwarts. Then, with a swish of his wand the tables were filled with mountains of food.

Holy crap! So much food. Why am I suddenly hungry? Grab one of everything! Ooh, pasta.