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' ' Andria's thoughts

' ' Elektra's and Phoenix's thoughts

" " regular talking

"Andria! Get your butt out of bed!" I heard my eldest brother yell.

"Dang it! Why can't people just let a girl sleep?" I complained. I was so tempted to turn my music up and go back to sleep, after I lock my door. If I didn't then one of my eight brothers would come in and poor cold water on me. I hated that.

"Andria, come on! Get up. The last thing anyone wants is Kadence in a bad mood." Fang, my practical brother, walked in from the door that adjoined our new bedrooms. I watched as he walked into the bathroom, closing the door. I sighed, as I got up to walk over to my closet of clothes.

I got out an ocean blue shirt that said "Bite me" on the front and "I'll bite back." My favorite jeans, which had a few rips and tares in all the right places, courtesy of my two best friends Crystal and Emily wanting me to have a pair of comfortable but kick ass jeans. I got out my matching blue bra and undies set and a pair of socks. Fang got out of the bathroom with his snow white hair, which was down past his butt now, wet.

Fang and I had an understanding, he would take his shower in the morning and I would take mine at night since I took a much longer shower. He went back to his room and closed the adjoined door to change out of his pajama shorts and into regular clothes. I got dressed and walked to the bathroom to tame as much of my hair as possible, before I got one of the guys to help me. My hair had grown past my butt and now was almost to my knees. I was a brunette with blue, black, and red highlights. I know it sounds crazy but surprisingly it looks good.

"Need help?" Fang asked smirking as I tried to tame my hair. I nodded finally and gave him the brush. He started at the bottom and slowly worked up, getting out the tangles.

"Are you excited about going to a new school?" He asked softly.

"Not really. Just don't want there won't be too many idiots, and jerks to bug us. I hope it will be entertaining. You?" I smirked at the thought of being entertained.

"Yea, I guess. Oh please try not to get into fights." Fang pleaded.

"I'll think about. No promises though!" I said. Fang began to French braid my hair since it messed up easily. I heard the door of the bedroom open. Sam stepped in to see Fang French braiding my hair.

"Almost ready?" He asked.

"Almost… yea, we're ready." Fang said. He finished twisting the ponytail holder at the end of my French braid. I got up to put on my two inch high black boots, my tiger necklace, my Celtic bracelet, and my sapphire earrings. Fang dragged me down two sets of stairs to the main floor of our new house where the kitchen, living room, and the game room were. Sam followed us down stairs. We saw Kadence sitting at the bar making us cinnamon toast Michael pouring us Sunny D, and Micah slicing us strawberries.

"Where are Ash, Levi, and Ilya?" I asked. Kadence answered, "They went ahead to get our schedules. We'll meet them there."

"Okay." I said as I grabbed a piece of toast from the toaster, a few sliced strawberries, and a glass of Sunny D. I didn't really want to go anywhere. Why couldn't we just go home?

'Maybe because people are trying to kill us.' Elektra yelled.

Oh yea I forgot to mention I have another personality, and a demon if one person in my head wasn't enough! Elektra is controlled by my Celtic bracelet and my magnetic anklet, which by the way doesn't ever come off. Then my demon the Phoenix is controlled by my tiger necklace. It really sucks to have two voices in your head besides your own.

'Shhhh… Too early to be up and loud!' the Phoenix mumbled.

'Agreed.' I said back.