A cough broke our contact. I looked where the cough had come from to see a silver haired man with his face half covered dresses in a pair of jeans and nice shirt.

"You must be the new. Where are the other three people?" He asked.

"The other three are my brothers and they'll be here momentarily." I said. I felt a moment of rage.

'Kill him! Kill him now!' the Phoenix demanded.

'Stop! There is no reason. This man has done nothing against us.' I said quickly.

I closed my eyes knowing they would be a flaming amber color. I tried to shake off the rage the Phoenix gave me when I felt arms around me.

I looked up to see Fang talking to the teacher and Micah holding me tightly.

"Stop it, Anna! Stop it! Fight her." He whispered in my ear. I took a breath and counted from twenty to zero. It helped a little. I needed to sit down.

"Sensei, where do we sit?" Micah asked.

"Anywhere. You may do anything you want just don't blow up anything or throw things at me." He said. Micah walked me to a dark corner of the room and sat me down in a desk. I put my head down and concentrated on breathing.

"What's wrong with her?" I heard Deidara ask.

"She has two different personalities. One who wants to kill and another that wants to have sex every fuckin minute of every fuckin day." Michael said. I kicked his knee.

"Ow." He complained. I turned my head to look at them.

"Watch your mouth." I mumbled. Gaara and Deidara laughed.

"Are you gonna be ok, yeah?" Deidara asked with worry in his voice.

"Sure. I'll be okay." I lied. Gaara's eyes narrowed, he knew I lied.

"Good, un." Deidara said.

"So who's the new girl?" A voice asked, I raised my head up to see a miniature version of Itachi. I doubted that he was nice or well-mannered, though he did have the arrogance that Itachi had.

"Why don't you just ask my name?" I asked.

"Insolent boy!" Phoenix yelled.

My brothers smirked knowing I hated to ignored.

"You better watch you attitude, whore! Don't speak to Sasuke like that." A blonde haired girl to stand behind the boy.

"Who the do you think you are calling me a whore? You don't even know me!" I said offended. "Considering what you're wearing I think you would be the whore."

She looked at her micro mini skirt and a two size to small V-neck shirt, then looked back at me.

"Well… uh… you have… scars. Atleast I don't have a horribly scared body. You should cover them, for everyone's sake."

I laughed, "Seriously, that's the best thing you could come up with? My scars? I got them protecting the people I love. In other words I will wear each and every one of them proudly, I couldn't give a pile of shit if you or anyone doesn't like 'im or not."

She turned and walked away.

"What's your name?" the boy asked.

"Andria." I said.

Michael squeezed my hand.