A/N: I wrote this April 27, 2011 after reading a chapter of TheOmegaMan's The Dimensional Paths: Digital Problems, gonna try not to spoil anything, especially since I haven't read any of the story in a long time due to personal issues and the fact that I couldn't bring myself to after what happens at the end of Chapter 3, but Kari dies.

It's not really meant to be read by any character in particular as long as it's read by a Digidestined, although I sort of had TK in mind. If you need a POV character then imagine it's a member of the next gen of Digidestined.

Let me set the scene for you so you can sort of get my mindset when I wrote this: The Digidestined are facing a new enemy, one which has all but decimated the kids' hometown. Kari is the first casualty of this war. The future looks bleak, especially with the loss of Kari. At her funeral, people are asked if they would like to say a few words. One of the kids gets up and says a few things.

Today, we have lost a blazing light. I can think of a few ways to describe Kari: Courageous, a great friend, loving, curious for knowledge, faithful, sincere, hopeful to the end, and kindness beyond any, a true miracle. She possessed all the traits that gave us our power, which is why her crest was Light.

She was the dawn at the end of the long night, the first light staving off the darkness, the star guiding us to our salvation, she was Hikari. Two worlds have lost their light today, and I fear we'll soon lose our warmth.

Kari was our sister, our friend, our daughter, our greatness, and our ever-burning inspiration. Her light has gone out long before it's time, but her legacy will continue, so long as we continue. We can take solace in the fact that she's at least found eternal peace. No more fighting, no more evil, no more tears, no more watching helplessly as what we love and built is annihilated. Just the warm embrace of death. May she rest in peace now and forever.