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Robin started to zoom in on the map, slowly getting closer and closer to the dot. "He's in the room," Robin said, completely zooming in. "It's-"

A yellow bolt of chi smashed into the holographic generator projecting the map, obliterating it instantly. "Sorry," Gohan said. "It's for your own good."

"Gohan!" Cyborg exclaimed, leaping toward him to tackle him.

Gohan disappeared, so did the dot on the screen. "Wait," Beast Boy said. "Gohan is Silver Sabre?"

Robin gravely nodded. "We have to find him and make him answer for what he's done." He rushed to the staircase. "Teen Titans: Go!"

The five Titans met outside the tower. Cyborg sat in his newly built car resembling his robotic parts in the design and color. "Gohan's gonna pay for betraying us like this!" Cyborg said, turning the ignition and changing the wheels to rocket-fueled blasters.

"He needs to be detained," Beast Boy said, morphing into a large, green, scaly dragon.

"Since when could you turn into that?" Cyborg said.

"I've played approximately 280 hours of Skyrim on my PC." Beast Boy said, breathing fire every time he spoke.

"We're running out of time," Robin said. "We need to stop Gohan."

"Alright, Slade!" Silver Sabre shouted inside the dark, empty warehouse where only the slightest humming of the failing air conditioner could be heard. "I brought you the chips. Come out; let's negotiate."

Bright lights illuminated the entire warehouse, revealing the hundreds of Slade's henchmen surrounding him and a large, cylindrical, aquatic tank of green, viscous liquid on the opposite side of the room standing at forty feet tall and twenty feet wide. Slade stood on top of the tank with five medical syringes filled with the viscous liquid. "Thank you so much, Silver Sabre," Slade said, hopping down from the tank. "I owe you so much already." Slade walked up to Silver Sabre and reached for the chips.

"First tell me what you're planning," Silver Sabre said.

"Right." Slade stepped back. "The tank you see behind me is filled to the brim with billions of larval, parasitic organisms capable of killing their human hosts in a matter of several seconds. As soon as it comes in contact with the compounds listed inside those chips, they will mature and take flight, killing and reproducing. They will become the apocalypse."

"Is this guy serious? I've gotta destroy that tank without him realizing who I am," Silver Sabre thought, swallowing. "That's very dastardly, Slade, I'm glad to be a part of your awesome scheme-"

"You're new to this," Slade said, "aren't you?"

Silver Sabre nodded. "Yeah; any tips for a beginner?"

"Don't be a suck-up," Slade said.

Silver Sabre handed him the chips. Slade entered the chips into a large computer next to the tank. "Unbelievable..." Slade chuckled. "Zyrconium bisulfate in an aqueous solution of Teslanium nitrate?" he muttered under his breath. "Where would one even get their hands on elements as rare as Zyrconium or Teslanium?"

"Under Tesla's basement and Zyrcos base in Kenya," Silver Sabre said, opening a small container holder in his arm. Two small vials, one with a blue, crumbly powder and the other with a red, watery liquid were kept chilled in an icy coating in his arm. "Here, this is all that exists right now." Silver Sabre's hand missiles started to glow red. He dropped the vials and threw himself forward, falling on his chest. "Whoops!" A red wave of energy fired from his hand, eviscerating the vials and subliming the two elements.

Slade shrugged. "I guess I have to use the vials I have," Slade said.

"That's convenient," Silver Sabre said.

"It is," Slade said, "especially when people try to mess it up on purpose."

"What do you mean?" Silver Sabre said. "Why would I mess it up?"

A large, green dragon crashed through the top of the warehouse. "The jig is up," the dragon said, glaring at Slade and Silver Sabre.

"The Teen Titans," Slade said.

"We know it's you," Robin said. "Stop pretending and come quietly, or will you be doing this the hard way?"

"You heard him, Gohan," Slade said.

"Gohan?" Silver Sabre said, knowing his plan had failed.

"You think I'd fall for your stupid plan?" Slade said, kicking him in the chin and knocking his helmet off.

"Actually, I did," Gohan said. "It was simple: destroy the final ingredients and then the machine. You get killed in this falling deathtrap by the explosion of your machine and the Silver Sabre disappears."

"But why couldn't you tell us about this?" Starfire asked, hurt and upset because of Gohan's lies and betrayal.

"I couldn't trust you and the others to not get hurt again," Gohan said. "I had to do this task myself to get rid of Slade for good. He's too dangerous to be put in a jail."

Slade chuckled. "You and me are alike in more ways you can imagine," Slade said.

"You think so high of me to equal my actions to yours?" Gohan said. "That doesn't make us alike."

"There is one thing that you and Slade share," Starfire said, angrily glaring at the half-Saiyan. "Neither of you can be trusted."

Gohan turned to the Teen Titans, seeing his friends up in arms against him. He turned back to Slade and his minions. "I guess I'm outnumbered." He spiked his aura.

"This hasn't been the first time my minions have taken the blood of a Saiyan," Slade said. "Your father was the first to go, and then your mother and brother's untimely demise."

Gohan's body filled with rage. "So it was you," Gohan said. He clenched his eyes shut and screamed, feeling every inch of his body shake with the transformation of the Super Saiyan. He slowly raised his head, looking Slade in his eye. "I'll-"

"You'll what?" Slade said. "Let rage consume you? Kill me right here? It won't bring your family back!"

A crater formed around Gohan's feet. "Calm down, Gohan!" Robin said. "He's trying to get inside your head!"

"He's going to die," Gohan said shakily.

"We can't let you kill him!" Starfire said. "That would make you no better than he is!"

"If you try to kill him, we'll be forced to stop you!" Raven said.

"Don't do it, dude!" Beast Boy said.

"We will hurt you," Cyborg said.

"If you get in my way, I will dispose of you," Gohan said. "I'm sorry," he continued, turning to face them, "but if you stop me from destroying Slade, the price will be too costly. It's for the best."

"Are you sure you wanna do this?" Cyborg said. "I agree that getting rid of Slade would solve a lot of problems, but we can't kill the criminals. Mercy like that is what separates us from them."

"Then let me separate you from us," Gohan said, forming a yellow, transparent energy barrier around the five titans.

Slade chuckled. "I guess you're ready to get started?"

"Why don't I level out the playing field?" Gohan said, pointing two of his fingers into the air. "Break Storm!" he exclaimed, creating a large flash of yellow energy to fill up the whole warehouse. When the flash had disappeared, Gohan, Slade, and the titans were all who remained.

"You're serious, aren't you?" Slade said.

Gohan charged toward Slade, throwing punches with all his might. "You won't escape me!" Gohan said, landing one successful blow on Slade's cheek. Slade stumbled back as Gohan hit him again in the face. Gohan fazed out, reappearing behind Slade knock him to the ground.

Slade crossed his arms over his face, blocking a devastating heel kick. Slade rolled back to his feet, breathing heavily.

"Had enough already?" Gohan said, charging again.

"It was a nice little warm-up, I'll admit," Slade said, catching Gohan's Super Saiyan fist. "But now, it is my turn."

Slade shot forward, slamming his knee into Gohan's stomach. Gohan nearly brought his breakfast back up as Slade drove his knee into his stomach. A blow to his cheek sent him flailing through the air and crashing into a pile of packing boxes. Gohan let out a battle cry and burst from the boxes in a flash of yellow chi.

Starfire and the other titans watched as Gohan went toe to toe with Slade. "We need to find another way out," she said. "Brute force is not going to help us."

"In this space, my photon configuration bomb would burn our skin off," Robin said. "Gohan needs to have the energy to keep this barrier running, and they will grow tired soon."

"A little too soon," Cyborg said. "In both of their current states, Slade has the upper hand."

"But we can't just sit here! Gohan's going to get creamed if we let him fight alone!" Beast Boy said.

"We need to wait for Gohan to lose enough energy so we can break the barrier," Raven said. "Trying to break through a barrier like this one is pointless."

Flashes of yellow and white appeared all around the warehouse due to the fighting duo's great speed. Gohan dodged a flurry of fast fists from Slade and countered with a kick toward Slade's stomach. Slade fazed out, reappearing above him with his hands bunched together. "You're still to slow for me!"

Gohan dodged and sent a kick into the side of Slade's face. "I don't know about that," he said. "I've been beating you around today."

Slade flipped around with his hands drawn to his side. "Kame..."

Gohan's eyes widened. "No way!"

"Hame..." Slade said, forming a blue ball of energy between his hands. "Ha!" he exclaimed, firing the blue wave of death at Gohan.

"You call that a Kamehameha?" Gohan said, forming his own. "Kamehameha!"

The two waves of death clashed in a bright, vibrant power struggle.

"Cyborg!" Robin said. "How does Gohan fare now?"

Cyborg reopened his power reading panel on his arm. Numbers started flying across the screen. "Gohan's power is increasing," he said, "it looks like Slade's choice to use Gohan's technique wasn't the best move."

Gohan's wave doubled in girth with an explosion of yellow chi. "I'm going to finish this now!" Two more arms sprouted from Gohan's shoulder blades. "Four Witches Technique: Masenko!" Gohan shouted, forming a bright yellow phaser above his head with his two extra hands.

Cyborg's arm began to spark. "Whoa!" he exclaimed. "The reader is short-circuiting!"

"Slade has no chance!" Raven said.

Gohan fired the yellow phaser. Slade closed his eyes as the phaser hit him in the head, sending him flying into the wall. Gohan's Kamehameha followed, slamming into Slade's chest and arms. Slade fell to the ground on his stomach, too exhausted and broken to get up. Gohan descended to the ground and slowly walked over to Slade. "This is for my family!" Gohan said. His aura thinned out and disappeared.

The barrier thinned as well. "The barrier is breaking," Raven said. "Use your cannon, Cyborg!"

"I'm on it," Cyborg said, blasting through the barrier.

"That's enough, Gohan," Robin said. "You've defeated Slade. Let's put him in jail and go home."

"I'm sorry, Robin," Gohan said, charging a yellow wave of energy on his palm and aiming it at a defenseless Slade. "He's too dangerous to be alive."

"I'll say this once," Robin said. "Step away or get hurt."

Gohan fired the wave of energy into Slade's head, ending the villain's life. "It was for the best," Gohan said. "I'm sorry, but it had to be done."

"I feel sorry too," Robin said. "Justice like that cannot be tolerated."

"Neither can mercy on villains like Slade," Gohan said. "Do you think he would have had mercy on you?"

"He'd kill us as soon as he had the chance," Robin said. "Adopting the same mentality as Slade makes you no better than he is."

"I'm not Slade," Gohan said. "I'm out to save the world, not destroy it. Maybe you're right; I am like Slade, but in no way will I be Slade."

"This is not saving the world," Robin said. "This is making the inhabitants of it scared. When this reaches the public, how do you think the people are going to react?"

"They are going to make me out to be a monster," Gohan said, "but when Slade stops trying to take over the world, they will thank me."

"It's not that simple," Robin said. "They'll be thanking you from jail."

"Then let me go down as a villain," Gohan said, spiking his aura.

"What happened to you, Gohan?" Starfire asked. "Where is the quiet, peaceful boy I met?"

"You don't know me very well," Gohan said. "Every time I held back, every time I didn't land the final blow, good people died. My friends died. My Sensei died. My father died, and it was all my fault. I plan to never make that mistake again."

"Your plan isn't going to work," Robin said.

"How do you know?" Gohan snapped.

"I've tried, and I've failed." Robin pulled out his bow staff. "Teen Titans: Go!"

Beast boy morphed into a green Velociraptor humanoid with wheel-like appendages beneath his feet. "This is gonna hurt me more than it hurts you!"

Gohan charged. "I know it will."

Gohan and Beast Boy turned into blurs as they darted around the warehouse. "Keep him running, Beast Boy!" Cyborg said, locking his cannon sights on Gohan. Cyborg fired the sonic wave at Gohan.

Gohan caught Beast Boy's fist and flipped him over his shoulder, directly into the path of Cyborg's blast. Beast Boy yelped in pain as the blast hit his side, sending him barreling back toward Gohan. Gohan hopped into the air and caught Beast Boy by his tail. "Dragon's Throw!" he exclaimed, whipping Beast Boy into the ceiling.

Beast Boy slammed his head into a light fixture above him and fell to the ground, morphing into his human form, He fell unconscious as soon as his head hit the ground. "Beast Boy!" Cyborg exclaimed. "You're about to get it now, Gohan!"

Cyborg fired another blast into Gohan's chest, slamming him against the wall. Cyborg leaped into the air with his fist cocked back. Gohan's eyes widened as Cyborg's fist slammed into his stomach. Gohan grabbed the sides of Cyborg's head and slammed it on Gohan's knee. Gohan let out a battle cry and whipped Cyborg across the room. He rushed back toward the center of the warehouse. A huge net fell from the ceiling trying to ensnare Gohan in a trap. "Surround him!" Robin exclaimed, forming a circle around the half-Saiyan with Raven, Starfire, and Cyborg.

Gohan shot a wave of energy into the net, destroying it instantly. "Now!" Cyborg exclaimed, firing blasts of energy with Starfire and Raven.

Gohan grunted in pain as his friends' attacks hit him all at once. Gohan slumped to the ground. "Give up, Gohan!" Starfire pleaded. "I don't want to hurt you!"

Gohan exploded in rage, creating several shock waves of energy around him. The four remaining Titans were sent barreling back. Gohan climbed to his feet. He looked at the gauntlets on his hands and tore them off. He fazed out, kicking Cyborg in the chin. He fazed out again, knocking Cyborg unconscious with a heel kick to the top of Cyborg's head. A flash of gray knocked Gohan to the ground. Gohan rolled out of the way of three jabs from Robin's staff and spun around, knocking Robin off his feet. Gohan and Robin both rolled to their feet and charged. Gohan blocked a strike to the face and returned a punch, nailing Robin in the cheek. Gohan followed with a volley of strikes, hitting Robin one after another. "Azarath Metrion Zinthos!" Raven shouted from above, blasting Gohan away with a bolt of black energy.

Gohan rolled back, taking a kick from Robin to his face. Gohan hopped to his feet, blocking more blows from the leader of the Teen Titans. Gohan kicked Robin in the stomach and whipped around, knocking Robin back with a roundhouse kick to the cheek. Several more black bolts crashed into the ground, making Gohan dart around the warehouse, dodging them. A green star bolt smashed into his face, making blood fly from his nose. Gohan ducked under a flying kick from Robin and sent an energy bolt into the back of his head. Robin let out a groan, blacking out from the pain. "Starfire!" Raven said. "We need to take him out together!"

Starfire nodded. "Let's go."

Gohan let out a battle cry, firing thousands of bolts at the charging superheroes. Raven yelped in pain as the bolts struck her all over her body. She dropped to the ground and her burn marks started to steam. Starfire fell to the ground as well, staring weakly at her old friend. Gohan's hair faded from yellow to black. He looked around the warehouse, horrified at what he had done to his friends. "What have I done?" Gohan asked himself, dropping to his knees.

"You've passed the test," Slade's voice said from on top of the big tank holding the dangerous organisms. Gohan whipped around, staring toward the top of the tank. Slade and two drones stood on the tank, clapping for Gohan. "You did very well."

"No," Gohan said. "I killed you."

"What you fought was nothing more than an experiment," Slade said. "It was a test to see if you are truly capable."

"Capable of what?" Gohan asked.

"Becoming my apprentice!" Slade said in a cheerful tone. "Congratulations, Son Gohan!"