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Hey guys, this is the final chapter of Book One. I want to thank everyone who stuck with this for so long, and I hope you've enjoyed reading this fic (and the next part) as I have writing it. In the meantime, check out Dark Tournament and Expedition (Don't start with World Tournament. It was my first fanfic and it is awful. Start with Dark Tournament and then read Expedition. They are much better).

"Gohan!" Starfire screamed, waking up on the couch in Titan Tower with the other Teen Titans. "Friends? We are not in Slade's lair?" she said, putting her hand out to block the rising sun's light from shining in her eyes.

"No," Cyborg said. "We're home."

"Was it all a dream?" Starfire asked.

Raven's joints cracked and she winced in pain. "That definitely was not a dream."

Robin stood up. "We need to find Gohan."

"I'm running my tracking programs," Cyborg said, viewing the holographic map inside the display panel on his arm.

"What does the map say?" Starfire said.

"Nothing," Cyborg said. "Not the slightest indication. I'll try Gohan's Titan communicator."

A yellow dot started blinking on the map. "That's over Titan Tower," Robin said. "He left it here."

"We're stuck searching for him with no leads," Raven said.

"Then we have no time to waste," Robin said.

A loud alarm blared from Cyborg's arm. "We have to look for him later."

"What's happening?" Beast Boy asked.

"Two creeps breaking into BioWave," Cyborg said.

"That biological advancement institute?" Robin said.

"Yeah," Cyborg said. "Anyone looking at stuff like that can't be up to any good."

"Teen Titans: Go!" Robin shouted.

Gohan landed on top of a large satellite tower, overlooking the cylindrical building five hundred feet below him. "I'm ready, Slade," Gohan said.

"Good," Slade said. "Your compliance will only help you and your friends."

"Shut up," Gohan snarled.

"I could have forced you to kill them, but instead I let you take them to their tower and I gave you the apprentice's outfit," Slade said. "Be grateful, boy."

Gohan put a black hood over his head. Gohan and Slade leaped from the tower and landed on the top of the building. "The gene division ray is on the eighth floor," Gohan said. "I'll be right back." Gohan smashed his fist through the roof and dropped through the hole.

Three guards wielding white guns surrounded the Saiyan. "Halt in the name of the law-"

Gohan punched a second hole, dropping onto the ninth floor. Three more guards surrounded him. "Wait," Gohan said. "Stop in the name of the law, I get it." Gohan punched a third hole, dropping directly in front of the ray gun on a desk with the blueprints under it. "This was too easy; what kind of idiot would leave this unguarded?"

He snatched the ray and blasted through the ceiling. "I have the ray," he said, looking around for his master. "Slade?" he called. "Slade!" he shouted.

No answer.

"Freeze!" The Teen Titans dropped onto the roof.

Robin held out his hand. "Hand over the ray or get destroyed, Slade!" he said, looking at the hooded man in Slade's outfit.

Gohan ripped his hood off. Beast Boy's jaw dropped. "No way!"

"Gohan!" Starfire gasped. "Why are you doing this?!"

Gohan fired a wide chi blast at the titans. Starfire and Cyborg dived out of the way. "So that's how it's going to be?"

Gohan stomped the ground and held up his fingers. "Run!" Raven exclaimed, grabbing Robin and Cyborg and flying away before Gohan blew the roof off of the building.

Fire and smoke filled the sky, creating a concealment of gray. "Cyborg! Track him!" Robin said.

"I can't," Cyborg said. "He's gone."

"How?" Robin snapped.

"He used his teleportation technique," Raven said. "Who knows where he could be."

Gohan slid the ray across the ground of the warehouse where Slade made Gohan his apprentice. "Here it is, Slade."

"Good," Slade said. "You've done very well, student."

"I won't be doing this much longer," Gohan said.

Slade held out a small remote detonator. "I'm afraid you are mistaken."

"I will get that detonator," Gohan said, "and when I do, you'll be fearing my wrath."

"Was that a threat?" Slade said. Gohan charged, throwing a punch. Slade caught his fist and started to squeeze. Gohan screamed in pain and slowly dropped to his knees, feeling his hand being crushed. "Your heart was racing in excitement when you fought your friends seriously. Even though you won't admit it, you enjoyed the thrill, the anger, the power, the blood lust."

Gohan broke free of Slade's grip and backed away, cracking his knuckles.

"You are a Saiyan, Gohan," Slade said. "Like me, like Vegeta, you live for the thrill of fighting. Maybe I could become a father figure for you."

"My father is dead," Gohan said. "When I find a way, I'll be glad to introduce you to him."

"The way I see it, there is only one explanation for Gohan's betrayal," Beast Boy said. "His mind was taken over by the Giant Killer Space Whale."

"This isn't the time for that," Robin said, trying to lock on to Gohan's energy signal using Cyborg's map.

"Even if his mind was taken over by something, I would have sensed it," Raven said.

"My biometric scanners determined it was the real Gohan." Cyborg sighed. "Our Gohan."

"Lies! All lies!" Starfire barked. "Gohan would not have a reason do something like this to us!"

"Something gave him a reason, Starfire," Raven said.

"Starfire," Robin said, putting his hand on her shoulder. "It doesn't matter what the reason is now," he said. "Gohan is a criminal now, and as Titans, we have to bring him down."

"Three words," Beast Boy said. "Disgruntled radioactive clone."

"I found him!" Robin said. "He's heading toward the particle accelerator building!"

"What would he need a particle accelerator for?" Cyborg said.

"Do we want to find out?" Robin said. "Teen Titans: Go!"

They rushed out of the tower and into Jump City, following Cyborg's map to intercept their old friend. "There he is!" Starfire shouted, pointing toward the Saiyan flying through the streets.

Gohan's eyes widened as he whipped around, watching as the Titans raced toward him. "Fight them," Slade said through a small communicator in Gohan's ear. "I'll kill them if you don't."

"Look, we don't want to fight you!" Cyborg said. "I don't know what's going on with you but let's try to talk this out-"

Gohan sent a roundhouse kick into Cyborg's face, sending him flying down the sidewalk. Beast Boy pounded his fists. "I guess there is nothing to talk about." He morphed into a tall, muscular humanoid with skin made out of green diamonds. The back of his head was elongated and came to a point. He charged, throwing several punches.

Gohan dodged two and caught the third, flipping the shape shifter over his shoulder. Starfire's eyes burned neon green in anger as she charged. Gohan fazed out, flying right past her and toward Raven. "Azarath Metrion Zinthos!" Raven chanted, firing a large, black wave of energy at Gohan.

"Fight to win," Slade said.

"Kamehameha!" Gohan shouted, clashing his wave with hers.

"Gotcha!" Robin exclaimed, throwing several explosive batarangs at Gohan.

Gohan yelped in pain as the batarangs hit, feeling patches of his skin begin to burn off. Gohan smashed through several buildings and hit his face on a telephone pole. He fell to the ground and grit his teeth. "Get up," Slade ordered. "You are still holding back. My thumb is getting very trigger-happy."

Gohan climbed to his feet and fazed out, throwing heavy, sluggish attacks at Cyborg. "Don't make me do this!" Cyborg ducked a punch and returned his own, slamming his fist into Gohan's stomach.

Gohan felt Cyborg's hand morph into a cannon. "Holy-" Gohan screamed in pain as Cyborg's sonic wave hit him with full force, sending him flying into the sky. Gohan flipped back and drew his hands to his sides. "Kame..."

"Enough!" Starfire barked, striking Gohan in the face with her palm.

"I had forgotten how strong she was," Gohan thought as his vision shook. He turned the direction of his growing Kamehameha toward Starfire.

Starfire held out her palm, forming a green ball of chi. "Don't move, lest you be destroyed."

"Fire," Slade ordered.

"Hame..." Gohan said through grit teeth.

Starfire's energy ball exploded in size, becoming as large as her. "You have become one of my best friends," she said, "and I cannot live in a world where we do battle at a magnitude like this."

Gohan's arms loosened. "Starfire, I-"

"But if you must attack, go ahead," Starfire said, glaring at the Saiyan through eyes filled with hot tears.

Gohan dispelled his Kamehameha. "I can't, I-"

"You made me do this," Slade said, pressing the button.

All of the Titans screamed in pain as their skin began to glow and change color into a dark, murky green complexion. Gohan caught Starfire in his arms, holding her as she writhed in pain. "Stop it! Slade! Stop it now!"

"Then finish them," Slade ordered, pressing the trigger again. The Titans' skin colors returned to normal.

Gohan's eyes widened. "Slade, I-"

"Finish them!" Slade barked.

Starfire looked up into Gohan's eyes. "Gohan?"

Gohan threw Starfire to the ground and charged a chi wave, holding his hands in a diamond formation on his forehead. "Masenko-"

A large, green stone smashed into the side of Gohan's face. A trail of spit flew from Gohan's face as the projectile hit. Gohan dodged a black wave of energy and fazed out, knocking Raven to the ground with a sweep kick. Gohan rose to his feet with an uppercut to Cyborg's chin. Three smoke bombs exploded around him. Blow after blow struck him from Robin. "How will you attack if you can't see?" Gohan closed his eyes, seeing the blue energy outline of Robin hopping around him. Gohan hopped in the air and threw a kick, nailing Robin in the chin. Robin flew out of the smoke and flipped back, throwing three explosive disks with one hand and rubbing his chin with the other hand. Gohan crossed his arms as the disks hit, sending him tumbling into the street. The Titans surrounded the titan gone bad. "This will be your last chance," Robin said. "Stop now or get hurt. Your choice, Gohan."

Gohan's energy exploded around him, sending all of the titans tumbling back. Gohan touched his fingers to his forehead and disappeared, leaving the Titans and a lot of mess to clean up. "Is everybody alright?" Robin asked.

"Yeah," Beast Boy said. "How did he do that green-skin-hurt-a-lot move?"

"It wasn't him that did it," Starfire said. "It was Slade."

"But Slade is dead," Robin said. "We saw him die."

"Gohan was talking to somebody," Starfire said, "he repeatedly called him Slade."

"It can't be," Cyborg said, "I was right there-"

"Why would he stop himself from accomplishing his own goal?" Starfire said. "You are all mistaken. Slade is alive."

"Before we take care of Slade, I need to analyze your cells to see what the heck caused us all to drop like that," Cyborg said. "Then, we can beat Slade like he stole something."

"He did steal something," Robin said. "He stole our friend."

Gohan burst into the warehouse with rage. "Slade!" he roared. "Get out here!"

"What do you want?" Slade said from behind him.

Gohan whipped around, throwing a roundhouse kick. "I want your blood splattered across the floor as I slowly crush your skull!"

"I remember the first time I said that," Slade said, ducking the kick. "It was a glorious day."

Slade and Gohan clashed in a furious flash of fists, fazing out and in again around the warehouse and lair of Slade due to their impeccable speed. Slade flipped over Gohan's head and whipped around, catching him in a full-nelson and lifting him off of the ground. "This is gonna be the last time you hear it!" Gohan threw a kick upward while arching his body inward, hitting Slade in the face. Gohan broke free of Slade's grip and turned around, slamming his fist into Slade's stomach.

Slade grabbed Gohan's arm. He let out a battle cry and threw Gohan into the air, smashing him into the ceiling. Slade fazed out and reappeared, pinning the Saiyan to the ceiling with his foot. "A couple more training tips and you could pose a threat."

Gohan's aura spiked. "Shut up!" he barked, blowing Slade away with the power in his voice. Gohan dropped next to a pile of flat, sharp-edged sheets of metal. He grabbed a sheet and curved it, creating a iron spear. He charged at Slade, spinning the spear like a staff.

Slade's eyes widened. He pulled out a small, metal rod, similar to Robin's, and pressed a red button in the center of the rod, making it grow into a five foot long bow staff. Slade parried a thrust and returned his own, beaming Gohan in the forehead. Gohan stumbled back until his back hit a pillar. He hopped out of the way of a strike and brought one back down, slamming the top of Slade's head. "That hurt," Slade growled. "That actually hurt!"

Gohan spun around, swinging his staff for a fully powered strike. Slade blocked the strike and thrust his knee upward into Gohan's stomach.. Gohan hopped back, letting Slade fall forward. Gohan pushed his palm forward and unleashed a bright yellow wave of chi directly into Slade's face. "Take this!"

Slade tumbled back, knocking over many stacks of boxes. Slade stood up and felt the large crack in his mask. "You shouldn't have done that."

Gohan spiked his aura and his hair that flickered yellow and black. "I should have done this!" He let his anger loose, punching a large crater into the ground just from the sheer power of the Super Saiyan. He threw the makeshift staff to the ground.

Slade charged, beating Gohan all around the face. "It's not helping you much," Slade said.

Gohan grit his teeth and caught Slade's fists. "Four Witches Technique!" he exclaimed, sprouting two more arms from his shoulder blades. The two extra arms held their hands above Gohan's head in a diamond shape. "Masenko: Ha!" he shouted, firing hot, searing energy at Slade's face.

Slade's eye glowed red. "You have a lot to learn," Slade said, blasting Gohan away with a red eye beam. Gohan fell back, holding his forehead in pain. Slade grabbed Gohan by his hair and slammed his head into the ground. "I teach you skills," he said, dragging him through the cemented ground. "I pull you under my wing, and all you care about are your stupid friends!" He stopped dragging him and looked at the trail of blood and broken cement. "Maybe I should just pull the trigger."

Gohan climbed to his feet and saw Slade's thumb over the trigger. "No! Please!" Gohan said, kneeling down before him. "I'll do anything you want! Don't hurt them!"

A green star bolt hit Slade in the back, knocking him to the ground. "Leave him alone."

"Starfire?" Gohan's face filled with terror as the Teen Titans stood at the opposite end of the warehouse. "No! Get out of here! You don't know what Slade will do to you-"

"We know," Robin said, "and frankly, we don't care."

"We are your friends," Starfire said. "We're not leaving without you."

Slade pushed the trigger, turning the Titans' skin colors green. The Titans hit the ground again, writhing in pain. "Attack them," Slade ordered Gohan.

Gohan turned toward the large tank with the viscous, green, biological compounds and fazed out, reappearing on top of it. He ripped a hole in the top. "If I lose my friends," she said, kneeling down and cupping some of the liquid in his hand, "you lose your apprentice." He drank the fluids and started to groan in pain as his skin turned green. He grit his teeth and fought through the pain, climbing to his feet. "I know how much you hate to lose."

Slade pulled his hand off of the trigger of the detonator and threw it on the ground. "You ungrateful brat!" he yelled, fazing out and clashing with the Super Saiyan.

"Teen Titans: Go!" Robin exclaimed, leading the Titans in the assault.

Gohan caught Slade in a choke hold. "Beast Boy!"

Beast Boy morphed into a humanoid tiger and rushed forward, cutting several gashes into Slade's chest. Slade threw Gohan over his shoulder and threw a kick toward Beast Boy's face. Beast Boy hopped back and Raven dropped down in front of him, pummeling the villain with a barrage of black energy bolts. Starfire and Cyborg followed with their energy waves, driving Slade back into a wall. The barrage stopped. "What's the matter?" Slade said, half panting. "Run out of firepower?"

Three explosive disks sat in front of him. "We win," Robin said, watching the disks explode.

The orange half of Slade's mask blew off in the explosion, revealing the burnt, splotchy, gray flesh underneath. "You were close," Slade said, pulling out a second detonator, "but I won't be defeated so easily. Goodbye, Titans." He pressed the detonator trigger and started to run for the doors of the warehouse.

The warehouse started to shake and rumble. "The building is coming down," Gohan said. "I saw where Slade placed the C4. There is no way for us to get out of here in time on foot. Grab on to me." He held his fingers to his forehead.

His friends placed their hands on Gohan's hands and shoulders and disappeared with him, escaping the fiery death of Slade's domain. In a blink of an eye, they were in the living room of Titan Tower. They all took a big sigh of relief. "We're home!" Beast Boy exclaimed.

"And we're safe," Raven added.

"And someone has a lot of explaining to do," Robin said, joining the other Titans in surrounding Gohan.

"I apologize for what I've done," Gohan said. "I thought that by handling Slade myself, I wouldn't have to worry about you getting hurt. I didn't trust you guys enough; I should have told you. I didn't want you to end up like my friends, like the innocent lives that could have been saved, like my father."

"What happened to your father?" Starfire asked.

"He died by sacrificing himself to save the world," Gohan said.

"Save it from what?" Robin asked.

"From Cell," Gohan said. "I became too confident in myself and decided to make Cell suffer. He took that as a way out and took my father out with him. My father's death was in vain. Cell came back stronger than ever, and I had to defeat him alone. When my friends tried to help, they died. When my father tried to help, he died. I didn't want any more of my friends to suffer the same fate."

Silence stunned the five Titans. "Why didn't you tell us?" Starfire asked.

"You weren't supposed to find out," Gohan said. "I don't like talking about it."

"You can't keep secrets that big away from us if you want to stay on our team," Robin said. "You nearly killed all of us and yourself, and caused a heck of a lot of damage to Jump City. If you would have told us, you wouldn't have had to go through all of this."

"I didn't want to risk-"

"It's not about you risking anything," Robin said. "It's us fighting alongside of you as a family. You are not alone any more. Stop acting like it."

"I should probably change out of these, then?" Gohan said, referring to his clothing.

"I'll be glad to burn them," Starfire said, her green eyes glowing in rage.

"So, I know this is a serious ending and all, but we just whooped Slade's butt," Beast Boy said.

"For once, I have to agree," Raven said. "Shouldn't we be celebrating?"

"Yes we should," Cyborg said, "and I know the perfect way to do it."

Beast Boy grinned. "Twenty four hour horror movie marathon pizza extravangazaticapalooza party!" he and Cyborg said simultaneously shouted.

"I'll go get the movies!" Cyborg exclaimed.

"We need to go to the store and get a few bags of popcorn." Beast Boy morphed into a Griffin and squawked, flying out of the window.

Gohan walked through the hallways and into his room. He closed the door and sat down on his bed, taking a deep breath. "My friends are awesome," he said to himself.

A knock at the door jarred him.

"One second," Gohan said, changing from Slade's outfit into a white t-shirt and black basketball shorts. He opened the door. "Starfire?"

Starfire threw her arms around him, holding him tightly while placing her cheek on his shoulder. "Don't ever do that again."

Gohan blushed. "I wasn't planning on it."

"I am not joking," Starfire said, pulling away from him. "If you ever need to talk, if something is bothering you, tell me. I can help you."

Gohan followed her out of his room and into the living room, sitting down on the couch. Beast Boy and Cyborg rushed into the tower with movies and popcorn. "It's time to do this!" Beast Boy shouted, loading the disc tray. "Exorcist's Exorcism of the Exorcist's Exorcism's Exorcist! The scariest movie of all time."

"Turn off the lights!" Cyborg exclaimed.

A red glow filled the living room as the alarm blared. "You're freaking kidding me!" Robin shouted.

"I am filled with disappointment," Raven said in her usual stoic manner.

The Titans stood from the couch. "He's at the Science and Industry Museum," Cyborg said.

"Teen Titans:Go!" Robin exclaimed, rushing out of the tower with the other Titans.

Starfire turned around before leaving, seeing Gohan lagging behind. "Coming?"

"Yeah," Gohan said, catching up to his friends.

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