Last time: Gohan has finally reached the high school. The girl that caught Gohan's eye is named Starfire, and they share an "almost" normal first period as the bully Sharpener has declared a rivalry between him and Gohan. Later in second period, Gohan befriends Garfield, whose unknown superhero alias is the Beast Boy!

"What do you mean you were stopped?"

Cinderblock backed away. "Cinderblock fight Golden Warrior!" he said, showing Gohan's blood stains on his fists.

"Well, did you win?"

"No." Cinderblock, "Cinderblock thrown in jail by Teen Titans. Golden Warrior strong, prove formidable foe…"

"Then eliminate him…"

"But how?" Cinderblock ask, "Golden Warrior very strong! Afraid can not handle alone!"

"Easy Cinderblock, he's going to have to come home eventually, and when he does he'll come searching for me."

"What you want Cinderblock do?" the beast asked, shaking in his boots.

"Let me see his blood sample."

"Uhh, okedoke." He stuck out his fist as his boss scanned it.

"Son Gohan… no father, sick mother, and four year old little brother… give this message to the H.I.V.E. academy."

"Okedoke." Cinderblock took the note.

"Tell them no survivors."

Cinderblock smirked. "Will do. Can Cinderblock come with?"

"Go ahead."

Cinderblock clapped his hands. "Yay! Cinderblock love go kill people no like!"

"Kukukukuku… go on. You only have a total of six hours and twenty four minutes. I'm not kidding about the any survivors part Cinderblock, kill them all, or answer up to me and the Brotherhood."

"Alright, Cinderblock kill them good!" He sprinted out of the building, headed for H.I.V.E academy. "I kill them really good!"


Cinderblock turned around. "Yes?"

"The fourth one is in his room."

Cinderblock smirked. "Shall I get too?"

"Bring it back to me."

"Alrighty boss!" Cinderblock said, bounding out of the office.

"Now who is up for lunch?" Chichi asked, bringing out a plate for a four year old Goten. "It's turkey!"

Goten walked over to the television and turned off Sesame Street. "I am I am!"

Chichi chuckled. "Now here you are."

Goten hopped on a chair and started eating, swinging his legs as he took the first bite. "Hey!" Chichi turned to the window.

"Who- who are you?" Chichi said, "What are you doing here?"

"Do you got any for us?" He was huge in stature, muscular, wore a black tank top and black jeans, and had long, orange hair. "That's okay if you don't, my friends and I ain't here for lunch!" He sent a punch through the window, knocking Chichi through the wall.

Goten hopped up on the table. "No one hurts my mommy!"

"It's okay, big old Mammoth isn't gonna hurt her." Mammoth said, hopping through the window with his four pals. "Unless my pals get to her first. Jinx, Gizmo, Cinderblock, tear it down."

Goten spiked his aura and charged, hitting Mammoth in the chin. "I said no one hurts my mommy!" He hit Mammoth again, sending him flying through the window.

Mammoth stood up again. "Little kid's got spunk!"

Jinx went flying out of the window. "That housewife has some strength-" Goten hit her in the stomach, arching the teen over his tiny fist.

Jinx gritted her teeth and whipped him across the front lawn. "Take this!" She extended her palm, sending a volley of Ki attacks towards Goten.

Goten's eyes widened as the Ki volley rapidly approached. "M-mommy! Help me!" He screamed, crossing his arms in an "X" to block the Ki.

"Die!" Jinx yelled, watching as the pink waves of Ki washed over Goten. "Well that takes care of-"

"Stop hurting mommy!" they heard, as Goten appeared from the dust.

"H-how? That should have killed you!" Jinx scrambled back and gritted her teeth. "Let's try that again!" she said, charging two balls of Ki on her hands.

Goten spiked is aura. "I- I won't let you!" He fell into stance. "K-Kame…" A small blue ball of Ki formed between his hands.

Mammoth smirked. "Look Jinx, apparently you're not the only one who can do magic tricks."

Jinx drew the Ki into one huge ball. "This magic is for real!"

Goten spiked his aura again, turning from its bluish color to a bright yellow. "Hame…"

Mammoth's eyes widened. "That's the-"

"HA!" Goten yelled, sending a small wave of blue Ki racing towards Jinx.

"Alright kid, try this!" Jinx sent her Ki wave and the two clashed in a bright, energetic power struggle. Jinx yawned of boredom as Goten's wave was being pushed back. "Mammoth, this is too easy. Take care of him."

Mammoth fazed out and sent a punch into Goten's side, knocking the kid through a few cars of his neighbor. Goten sat up and started crying. "Mommy!" Goten stood up again. "Come on!" He flew towards Mammoth with his fist cocked back.

"Mommy's coming sweety!" Chichi said, charging towards Cinderblock.

"Not so fast." Gizmo taunted, sending a kick to Chichi's cheek. Chichi scrambled back and spiked a purplish aura.

"Get out of my way!" She screamed, charging towards her opponents again.

Cinderblock smirked and lifted her up by the throat. "Cinderblock kill you real good!" He said, crushing Chichi's throat in his hand. He dropped Chichi's body to the floor as a stream of dark red blood slowly streamed from her throat, forming a pool leading from the body to the entrance of the house.

Cinderblock and Gizmo turned to their companions, who were busy fighting the pint-sized Saiyan. Goten charged again, hitting Mammoth repeatedly in the stomach. Mammoth arched forward as Goten continued his assault, forcing Mammoth to spew up blood again and again. Goten hopped back and cocked his fist back again, only to have the punch caught by Mammoth. "Now!" Mammoth said, "Let's see how long I can drag your face across the ground until your skin starts to peel off!" with his other hand he grabbed Goten's head, and literally scraped it up against the sidewalk; a thin trail of blood followed like Goten was a red marker. "Its alright boy, it'll all be over soon!" he cackled, as Goten hopelessly battered his arm.

"Stop mister, please!" Goten screamed.

"Fine then!" Mammoth leaped in the air. "Goodbye!" He said, slamming Goten's face into the pavement so hard the pavement broke.

Mammoth felt a tap on his shoulder. "Fight someone your own size."

Mammoth's eyes widened. "P-Piccolo?"

Chichi weakly reached into her pocket. Please let the phone be in here… she thought to herself, "No!" she rolled over onto her back as she slowly lost the rest of her oxygen. "Gohan."

Gohan's eyes widened as he scrambled back from his desk. His teacher stopped writing on the blackboard and turned around. "Is everything alright, Mister Gohan?" he asked, getting some snickers from the rest of the classroom.

Gohan clenched his fists. "I- I don't- I don't"

"I think you should go wash your face, Mister Gohan. You have three minutes, no more." The teacher said, returning to the lesson.

"Th- thank you Mr. Feinauer." Gohan stammered, racing out of the classroom.

"Hey!" The hall monitor yelled, "No running in the halls!"

Gohan nodded and started a brisk walk. "S-sorry."

The hall monitor looked Gohan up and down. "Dude, are you okay?"

Gohan nodded, trying to keep his breakfast from coming back up. "Yeah… I'm fine…" he lied, walking into the bathroom. Gohan took of his glasses and splashed some cold water on his face. What the heck was that about… He looked up into the mirror; his hair was drenched from sweat and he was very cold. "A cold sweat?"' Gohan felt his knees go wobbly as he fell back, hitting his head on the ground.

"Dude can't even stand up straight!" Gohan heard from behind him, "We'll make sure he doesn't stand again!"

"I really don't need this right now Sharpener." Gohan said, "I'm leaving. I need to get back to class." Gohan stood up and headed for the door.

"Don't worry shrimp," Sharpener smirked. "Me and the boys will beat the snot out of you later-"

"Shouldn't you be getting to class too, Sharpener?" Gohan asked, getting a snarl from Sharpener.

"No one tells Sharpener what to do! Not even Sharpener!" One of "the boys" said.

"That's right Eazie Ed." Sharpener said, "Now get on out of here before I lose my freaking awesome, oh so cool, spectaculicious-"

"Bye Sharpener." Gohan walked back out into the halls. He nodded to the hall monitor before reaching Mr. Feinauer's classroom.

"Is everything better, Mister Gohan?" Mr. Feinauer asked, he was short and stout, and had an almost elongated head with Einstein hair. He had that kind of, "Oh hey look at me I'm a scientist!" type of guy. He was dark skinned with white hair and wore a lab coat. He looked like a short and fat Neil deGrasse Tyson fused with Einstein with a heavy German accent.

Gohan nodded. "Yes."

"Good, you've come just on time to start our activity." Mr. Feinauer said, pointing to Gohan's seat. He waddled back to the front of the room. "Turn to ze bio-chemist activity on page seventeen. Remember zat dead frog project you've all done in Biology freshman year? Zis year we'll not only dissect zem, but we'll also be taking bits and pieces of their organs to see what elements help make zem tick. You can have one partner, one to cut, one to analyze. If you want to work alone, zat's fine. Write down ze results on the worksheet placed on the tables over there. You have the rest of the period to work, and if you need any help, ask me. Don't expect me to just give you ze answers though. Now get to work!"

Gohan walked over to an empty table on the far side of the room isolated from everyone else put on safety gloves and eyewear, and started to cut into the frog. I think I'm gonna work alone, just to keep from making any more bad impressions-

"That's my table." Gohan looked up from the frog; the girl with the long purple hair and gray skin grimaced at him. "Find another one."

Gohan looked at the other tables. "There are no more empty tables, and everyone else has a partner."

"Oh well." She said, sliding Gohan's books off of the table.

Gohan ran to catch them. "Hey-"

"No fighting over zhere." Mr. Feinauer said, "Gohan, Raven, you two work together."

They both hopped back and pointed to each other. "But-"

"No buts." The teacher said, "Unless you want to get a detention."

Gohan and Raven glared at each other. "I've already opened the frog up."

"Fine. I'll analyze it." Raven said, stomping over to the microscope. "What happened to your-"

"I fell down some stairs." Gohan spat out, cutting the frog's heart cleanly in half.

"Really now?" Raven closed her eyes, squinting so it looked like she was still analyzing. It looks a lot like the one the Golden Warrior has... maybe you're right this time Starfire...

The two went to work, operating then analyzing in a kind of rhythm, alternating sides occasionally. "Gohan."

"Yeah?" Gohan asked, "We've analyzed all of the organs on the worksheet."

"I know that." Raven whispered, "That's not what I wanted to talk about though."

"Alright, what is it?" Gohan said, writing his name on the worksheet.

Raven closed her eyes. I'm right… he's it. "Your Ki channels, raw base power, Ki distribution, bruise on your cheek, they're all exactly the same as him. I know you're him, Gohan." She smirked.

"Me? The Golden Warrior? That's absurd! What is this Ki?" Gohan backed up, laughing nervously.

"I didn't say who I was talking about Gohan, I can read your mind too so it's useless to lie at this point." Raven whispered, "Your battles, your family, your secrets, I can easily find out and you won't even notice."

Gohan hung his head. She figured it out and he would just be making it more obvious if he did lie. Alright, but if you want to have this discussion, it has to be telepathic.

Raven nodded. Gotcha.

How did you know? Gohan asked, oh, and please don't tell anyone. If you use this to your advantage, or hurt my family with it, I'll hurt you-

Please, Raven rolled her eyes. You can barely access your most powerful form, but I won't tell. Star is getting highly suspicious though, so you might want to ramp up your game a little. How did I know? Simple, I was trained by one of the demon kings himself: Daimao Piccolo and so were you. Your Ki distribution resembles his tutelage a lot, so does your fighting style. With Piccolo, Tien, Chichi, and Goten being the only family you have left, I wouldn't want to jeopardize that. Raven smiled. Next time you see the Teen Titans, don't be afraid to stick around and get a piece of the action; it'd be nice to have a little more help.

Gohan held out his hand. You promise not to tell? I'll promise not to tell any of your secrets either; you're not the only one that can read minds.

Raven shook his hand. Promise.

"See? You two can be friends." Mr. Feinauer said, "But be friends after ze class is over."

"Can we leave class early?" one student asked.

"Nein!" the teacher said, collecting everyone's papers. "Zose zat completed ze activity, which was only eight of you, has no homework."

Some of the students groaned. The bell rang and the students started to clear out, heading to fourth period.

"Well I guess I'll see you later." Gohan said, "Bye."

"Seeya." Raven replied, the two going their separate ways.

"Alright… Mr. Simon's class…" He said, walking towards the history wing of the school.

"Gohan! Hey Gohan! Its me!" Gohan turned around.

Gohan waved to his new friends. "Hey Garfield, Hey Star, hey- erm… I don't know-"

"It's Robin." The third member said, not making eye contact.

"Hello Robin." Gohan said, "You're the guy that pushed me on the bus this morning."

Robin smirked. "Yeah, and?"

Gohan walked over and extended his hand. "I'm sorry we got off to a rough start."

"You should be." Robin said, walking past Gohan. "Don't make mistakes around me, Gohan. Okay?" He kept walking.

Starfire rolled her eyes. "Why Robin why?"

Gohan just shrugged and walked to fourth period. Mr. Simon was extremely tall, closing in on seven feet. He was thin and lanky, with a thin head and light skin. "Hello students," he said in a very English accent. "I am Mister Simon, your College Course Advanced Placement World History teacher, or CCAPWHT… kekappwhit? I'll work on it later. Today, we'll be taking a fifteen question pop quiz; giving you two minutes per question and then we'll go over it. This will be over all the topics we'll be learning over the year, some may be easy, some may be hard, good luck." Gohan walked into the classroom and sat down in a front row seat. "Looks like we've got ourselves a daring one."

"Yeah, he's had a history." Mr. Simon turned around.

"Robin, choose your seat." Mr. Simon said; Robin walked to another front row seat and sat down. "You'll all write your answers down on the note card on your desks. Question one: Saint Simeon Stylites was a monk who gained fame in the 5th century for spending blank years standing on a small platform on top of a tall pillar in Syria. How many years did he stay on the pillar?"

Thirty seven… Gohan thought to himself, writing down the answer.

"Question two: In the First Dynasty of ancient Egypt, hoards of staff and family members were walled up with the body of the dead king. Why?" Mr. Simon cleared his throat.

I know this… Robin scribbled down another answer.

Mr. Simon started to pace the room. "Question three: In 1927, Otto Rohwedder invented what?"

Erm… I think it was… Gohan shook his head and scribbled down his answer.

Mr. Simon checked his watch. "Alright folks, question four: why were pigtails banned in China in 1911?"

Man… Robin chuckled, writing down his answer.

"Question five," Mr. Simon took a sip of water. "Mesopotamian traders built collapsible boats which they would sail downstream with a donkey on board. Why would they do this? Answer in a complete sentence."

That's just a logic question… Gohan chuckled, it's easy.

The questions continued; Gohan and Robin knew the other had been answering too, so they made sure their answers were right. Mr. Simon turned around to look at the clock. "Time! Anyone want to take a crack at numbers one through five? Going once… going twice…"

Gohan and Robin glared at each other as a tiny lightning spark formed between them. They turned to the teacher and shot their hands up. "I would!" They said simultaneously. "Not him, me!"

"Gohan, I'll let you take a crack at it." Mr. Simon said, "Go."

Gohan smirked. "Thirty seven years, they would help him in the afterlife, sliced bread, pigtails would remind them of their feudal past, the boat would collapse and then they'd ride the donkey up along the river trail on the way home!""

"Bingo," He chuckled. "Look out Robin, you may have some competition."

"Not likely…" Robin mumbled, "Give me the next five!"

Mr. Simon smirked. "That's the spirit!"

"Killing one's father, Alexander the Great, Ubaldo then George then Anthony, eighteen forty seven, Mongolian cavalry charge." He spat out, "How do you like them apples Gohan?"

Gohan growled. "Whatever."

"Correct." Mr. Simon said, "Who would like the last five?"

Gohan's hand shot up first. "Mohenjo Daro, Alice Stebbins Wells, lightning rods, King Menes from the god Horus, Gorgias of Epirus in mother's coffin!"

"Well, I didn't call on you," Mr. Simon mumbled, "But those are correct. Students, by the end of this year you'll know the world's history like the back of your hand, if you all have hands anyway-" the bell rung. "Oh well, we start tomorrow in Mesopotamia.

The class quickly cleared out. Gohan stepped out of the classroom. "Wait."

Gohan turned around. "Robin."

Robin led them into the bathroom. "Starfire has told me her suspicions and don't make a fool out of me." Robin warned, "If you are the Golden Warrior, you better start acting-"

Gohan rolled his eyes. "I'm not the Golden Warrior, Robin."

Robin looked him up and down. "It's not a coincidence you and him have the same bruise; even if it is starting to heal-"

"Him? The Golden Warrior? He's not even human human let alone super human." Robin turned around.

"What do you want Sharpener?" Robin asked, "Didn't I tell you to leave me alone? I'm doing this for your own good."

"Oh, have you and shrimp teamed up?" Sharpener smirked. "I'm so scared."

"You're still here?" Gohan smirked. "What do you do? Brush your hair?" he taunted, making Robin chuckle.

"Well you should be scared of me at least." Robin said, "I've trained with more than just a fitness trainer."

"Blah blah blah." Sharpener said, "Let's go boys, they're cramping our style." He said, walking away.

"You've run into Sharpener too?" Robin asked, "I don't necessarily like you, but I can't stand him."

Gohan smirked. "Don't tell this to anyone, but I've done a bit of martial arts myself."

"I know what today's gym unit is." Robin smirked. "Sharpener and I have the same class. What's your gym hour? I want to knock you around the head too."

Gohan chuckled as his Saiyan lust for fighting kicked in. "Ninth."

"Cool." Robin walked away. He's let this feeble act slip... hopefully he isn't just trying to intimidate- Robin chuckled. Who am I kidding? Gohan the Golden Warrior? That bruise of his leaves some possibility, I guess I'll really need to piss him off…

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