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Third person POV

Erica had just been turned into a werewolf by Derek. He told Erica he was going to mate her with Scott.
Scott was the student that caught her when she fell off the wall in gym class. He saved me?"Erica asked Derek, not remembering. Derek nodded, and Erica agreed to Derek's plan.

So the day after Erica got turned she went to school looking like a model, catching the eye of everyone. She was looking for Scott to tell him that Derek had made them mates. Erica found Scott at his locker talking to Stiles about Allison and how he hated felling like his love for Allison was fading away. As he was about to finish what he was saying, Stiles looked down the hall and saw Erica. Whoa. Scott, Erica is sexy!"Stiles exclaimed. Scott looked up, his eyes glowing gold. "Don't say that about my mate."Scott snarled. "Wait; did you just call her your mate?"Stiles questioned in disbelief.

Before Scott could answer, Erica walked up to him."Scott, we need to talk."Erica said, gesturing to a nearby classroom. Scott followed Erica into a classroom, but saw Allison watching them closely. Allison stared on, jealousy rushing through her body. 'Why would Scott follow Erica Reyes into a classroom? Speaking of Erica, how the hell did she look so good, when just yesterday she was a nobody with zero good-looks. To make it even more suspicious, she held herself differently. More confident, not shy.'Allison thought angrily."I really hope that Derek didn't turn her. She could take could eventually be mates. Oh no. I will get rid of her before she can take Scott from me. "Allison mumbled.

Scott and Erica were still in the classroom. "So, what did you want to talk about?"Scott asked Erica."Scott, i know your a wolf. "Erica said completely casusal like. Scott stood there, his mouth agape in an attempt to find words. "What? A wolf? Like a werewolf? Wow Erica i have no idea where you got that from."Scott lied. She laughed at his failed attempt at lying. Your lying. I can hear your heartbeat."Erica said, making her eyes flash amber, a darker shade of Scott's gold. "Scott, Derek made us mates. "Erica said nervoulsy. Scott cocked his head to the side. "Um, you can't assign mates. You have to be destined mates. He answered, curious why Derek would lie to one of his pup's as calls his pack. "Well then, Derek told me we're destined mates."Erica replied.

Scott was stood frozen in shock, the impact of what Erica told him finally sinking in. " . Before we actually become "mates" we should get to know each other first."Scott said , not to excited to end his relationship with Allison, but anxious to be with Erica. "Your right. We should do this slow and like a real, normal relationship."Erica agreed."Anyways, i need to get back to Derek."Erica said, leaving the class without another word. Scott was still in the classroom when Allison walked up to Erica and pushed her against the lockers."Why were you and Scott in that classroom?"Allison demanded. "We were just talking Argent. Erica spat venomously. " It better have just been talking . Scott is mine . Allison retorted smugly. Erica's eyes flashed amber and her fangs came out , signifying she was a beta wolf in Derek's pack. Allison gasped in shock, but grabbed the wolfsbane she always kept and held it by Erica. The affect was immdiate and Erica shifted back and flinched in pain. Allison began to backing away slowly , a smug look returning on her face. Scott is mine. And I won't allow some beta bitch take him from me. Allison spat and waled down the hall like nothing happened .

And all Erica could do was watch her walk away, Scott not far behind.