Scott POV
I groaned as the sunlight hit my eyes through the window. "C'mon Scott, you have school."My mom told me. "Thanks mom."I said gratefully, trying to hold back a wince. She gave me a warm smile and left. When I heard her car pull out I pulled down the covers and looked at the blood stained bandages around my abdomen. I whimpered when I stood and pain struck me and I felt nauseous.
I took a shower and carefully cleaned the wound that wasn't healing like my other injuries would. I got out and rewrapped my midsection and pulled on my clothes and shoes, trying to keep my groans and flinching to a minimum. I then grabbed my bag and called Stiles to pick me. Soon we were off to school.
The moment Stiles and I arrived I caught Erica's and Isaac's scent and moments later they were standing next to Stiles. "You told them?"I asked, but I knew the answer. Stiles shifted nervously. "Yeah, but only because your still hurt and they care."He mumbled. I pat his back and he straightened. I chuckled and nodded. "Thanks for looking out for me Stiles."I stated and he grinned.
We walked towards the school together, but I saw their intention. Stiles to my right and Isaac and Erica slightly behind. They formed a protective formation around me and I'm grateful, but I was upset they didn't think I could protect myself. I ignored it as we joked and laughed. Well, until I caught Allison's heartbeat coming towards us.
"Scott?"Allison asked. Erica and Isaac tensed and their eyes flashed gold. "Stand down guys."I whispered, just soft enough so only they can hear. "Yes Allison?"I replied politely, ignoring my urge to rip out her throat for stabbing me. "We need to talk."She said. Before I opened my mouth though, Erica snarled, "No." Allison glared harshly at her. "Shut up you beta **!"Allison spat. I clenched my fist and pushed down my urge, as Erica's mate, to rip her to pieces. "I'll be fine guys, it won't take long."I said evenly, showing no signs of anger. They nodded reluctantly as Allison led me to a classroom.
'Erica, I want you, Isaac and Stiles to follow and hang around the hallway by the door.' 'Okay Scott.' And I heard her tell the others as Allison closed the door. "Scott, are you mad at me?"Allison asked nervously. I scoffed and a scowl marred my face. "Oh no! I'm not mad! All you did was stab in my damn stomach with a **ing dagger that was covered in wolfsbane and mountain ash!"I growled sarcastically. "Scott! You betrayed me! And I was going to stab that **, not you!"Allison shouted in response. "How did I betray you Allison?"I asked, more calmly this time. She let out a sigh. "You agreed with Derek and his pack. You became part of Derek's pack!"She exclaimed. "Allison…"I started and I saw the hope in her eyes. I was going to feel quite guilty.
"Allison, we're through."I said carefully analyze her reaction and if I need back up. Allison started to cry and I felt guilty. "Why? Why do we need to break up?"She sobbed. Allison was still my friend, and she was hurt. "Because, one, you're a hunter and your family wants to my brother, Derek, and the pack , two you almost killed me, three you lied, and fourI fell out of love with you and fell in love with someone else."I explained softly and gently.
She her body hiccupped as she cried. "Allison, please, just give me space and don't talk to me."I said as I left the class, closing the door softly.
Third Person POV
Allison was so hurt and ** off. "If I can kill your mate, then you will be in love with me again Scott."Allison mumbled evilly.
When Scott got out of the class he smiled at his friends. He turned to Erica and grabbed her hand, gently pulling her towards him. Her scent filled his nose and it was euphoria. They were centimeters apart and he felt her hot breath over his lips.
"Be my girlfriend?"He asked softly. Erica smiled and gave him a chaste kiss. "Yes."She whispered against his lips in a teasing way. He wrapped her into his arms and picked her up, kissing her passionately. "I love you."He whispered into her ear, his lips grazing her ear and she shivered in pleasure. She buried her head into the crook of Scott's neck and he felt her smile against his skin. Her lips touched his pulse point as she whispered, "I love you too." And they stood in the hallway embracing each other, while Isaac and Stiles stood smiling.
None of the teens realized the danger coming ahead, all due to a scorned hunter. As the saying goes, Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.