So I rarely put up a cover type letter explaining a fic. But in this instance it's necessary. Here lately I've been blocked with writing so I came up with a great idea to help destroy that block. I put my WWE song file on my phone on shuffle and decided to pair every two superstars whose themes played in a story. Some are rather out there, but some are more along the norm.

Now not all of the pairings will be a smut pairing, and not all will be slash either. There might be multiple pairings staring certain Characters as I have different versions of themes, like Randy Orton, The Undertaker, Kane, Hardyz/Jeff/Matt, Triple H. Stables and Tag Team's apply. ;-)

Some might be long, some might be no more than drabbles, but the main job of this multi-pairing-chapter fic is to enjoy. So open your minds and enjoy. You might find something new that turns your crank. Also not all will feature a Prompt word, so keep that in mind if you see the word Prompt with an N/A next to it.

The start of each fic will be set up this way to alert you to what will be contained in each fic so that you don't read anything you won't like.






And away we go!