Pairing: Matt Hardy/Wade Barrett

Prompt: N/A

Rating: M

Warning: Slash, man on man sex, drinking, public sex

Disclaimer: I don't own these Characters, I'm not making any money off of them, and this ISN'T true. It's made believe.

He wasn't one to be star struck but as he stood there Wade couldn't stop staring. Across from him stood the pros and Wade slowly let his eyes sweep over them. Speaking in low tones in the corner were Matt Hardy and Chris Jericho; their eyes ghosting over the fidgeting newbies while they waited for NXT to start. Each rookie had already been assigned their pros and they'd spend some one on one time with them but for the most part the rookies had been confined to the large house they'd been placed in for the duration of the contest. As Wade drifted his eyes over Matt's tight jeans, Matt Striker climbed into the ring and said a few things to the pros before he cleared them out of the ring.

Wade's eyes stayed glued to the jeans; watching the way the cupped Matt's ass and toned legs. He let his eyes wander from head to toe a few times before settling his gaze back on then full rounded globes of Matt's ass as he imagined grabbing the ball chain that bit into Matt's throat and using it as leverage to fuck Matt so hard that the older man lost all muscle function and could only beg him for more as Wade left his claiming bites on the strong column of Matt's throat.

The sound of music jerked Wade away from his thoughts and he straightened his coat as his name was called; smirking as he and Chris made their way to the ring. Introductions were ran through and the pros were once again dismissed and again Wade's eyes were glued to the elder Hardy's posterior as he followed behind Heath Slater's pro Christian. After that Wade didn't have many opportunities to covertly ogle the object of his current lusts and before he realized it the show was over and the ring aprons and ropes were being changed over for SmackDown.

As the rookies were herded back stage Matt stopped Justin and took the younger man aside; asking if he wanted to accompany him to the ring for his match and Wade sneakily moved just close enough to hear them even as he pretended to be absorbed in removing his jacket and wrist tapes.

"And after the show a few of us are going to his local bar to unwind. You're welcome to come along if you want."

"Thank you Mr. Hardy." Justin grinned.

"Matt, just call me Matt. You can bring any of the other rookies along if you wish; the more the merrier after all."

A lady with purple hair and a lip ring tapped Matt's shoulder and handed Matt a clipboard before touching the ear transmitter that she wore and listening for a moment before taking off in hurry.

"I'm going to get changed, you hang out here and I'll be right back."

Justin nodded and Matt headed back down the hall towards the locker room; pulling his hair free of its elastic prison as he went and sending it swishing over his shoulders and causing Wade to groan as he pictured wrapping the dark mass around his hand and pulling hard. Without trying to arouse suspicion Wade threw his wrist tape in the garbage and started down the same way Matt had gone; stopping when Justin call his name.



The word was shadowed by an arched eyebrow as Wade turned to face Justin; whom was shifting from foot to foot nervously and flushing slightly.

"Uh…Matt asked me to go along tonight out to a bar and he said I could invite anyone to go with us…and well…uhhhmm..I wanted to know If you…haaa….wanted to go?"

The flush on Justin's cheeks grew darker and it took Wade a moment to realize that Justin was asking him out in a date like manner. Normally he'd be flattered, after all Justin fell into his type; dark haired and flexible; the only one that didn't was Justin's partner in pranking crime Heath, but he coveted the redhead for different reasons.

"I'd be happy to go Gabriel, why don't you go ask Slater and Sheffield. I'm sure they'd love a reason to go out and drink themselves more stupid than normal." He suggested with a small smile; hoping that he'd been able to avoid a potentially awkward situation.

"Ohh….uh, sure. Sooo see you after Smackdown?"

Wade nodded as he hurried away; his mind burying Justin and his school boy crush under the thought of the bigger game he was after how he wanted to bring the older man down. The locker room was overly noisy and Wade made his way through the crowded room, glancing down the aisles until he spotted Matt. The dark haired man was in a state of undress where his button down shirt was gone and the fly of his jeans was undone and open as Matt chatted with those around him. Wade took up residence in the aisle just across from Matt but situated himself to where he could see the other man but he was relatively hidden from view.

A low groan built up in his throat as he watched Matt slide his jeans down the thick, muscled hips only to bend over to tug his blue tights into the place. The stretchy lycra/spandex mix clung to the toned calves and thick thighs before hugging the bountiful rounded globes of Matt's ass and for the first time in his life Wade felt envious of an inanimate object.

"You stare any harder Bare-it and the poor man will go up in flames."

Wade jerked around; color blooming in his cheeks momentarily as he looked up into the smirking features of Heath. The red head ran a hand through his shortened red locks as he looked over his shoulder to where Matt was tying the strings on his tights and Wade scowled; no one was supposed to look at the other man like that. Biting back a growl Wade stood and started to remove his knee pads and unlace his boots.

"I'm quite sure I don't know to what you're referring to Slater."

"Uh-huh. And I'm not going to blow all you no-name wannabes out of the water and win NXT." Heath laughed as he stripped down to his boxers and started to change into his street clothes.

Wade snorted in derision and turned his attention back to Matt only to find that the old man had already left. Swallowing an annoyed huff Wade got to his feet again and purposely shouldered Heath into the lockers as he made his way back to his bag that was two rows up to gather his shower kit. His shower was a length affair for so reason other than he needed time to think and he'd always done his best thinking in under the scalding spray of a shower. By the time Wade exited the showers his skin was pruny and bright red in patches from repeated and absentminded scrubbings but he had a plan of attack in place it made it all worth it.

The end of SmackDown couldn't come quick enough and Wade ignored both Heath's snide remarks and Justin's adoring puppy eyes when he joined them in the parking garage where they waited for Matt to show up and give them directions to the bar. Their patience was rewarded a few long moments later as Matt, Chris, Christian, and a few others came sauntering up and motioned for them to follow. The bar was only a block away and Wade used the time to gaze his fill at Matt's ass as they walked; the distressed jeans once again playing devil's advocate and putting the amazing backside on display.

By the time they all made the door and filed inside the small establishment Matt was already mingling with the other patrons with a drink in one hand and a smile on his face. It would be awhile before he could make his move so Wade took up a spot by the bar and called the bartender over to him and instructing the man to make sure that Matt's glass never emptied. A few well placed, high bills later and Wade was watching as Matt's tumbler of whiskey was replaced over and over again with the man knowing it and it wasn't long before the effects of the drink could be detected. Matt was swaying slightly as he stood and the few times that Wade could hear his voice the deep Southern twang was slurred.

A smirk crossed Wade's face as he watched Matt stumble towards the bathroom and he followed quickly; shutting and locking the door behind them and then leaning against it to watch.

"H-hey Wade!" Matt hiccupped with a grin as his shuffled to the sinks to watch his hands. "Having fun?"

"I am and I want to thank you…" Wade practically purred as his eyes flicked from the top of Matt's head to his feet and then back again.

"You don't have to do that." Matt grinned as he stuck his hands under the water to rinse the soap from them.

Wade pushed away from the door and moved up behind Matt; placing his hands lightly on Matt's hips as he bent his head to nip at Matt's throat.

"Hey!" Matt protested weakly as he gave only a small struggle to free himself.

"Shhhh, let me thank you."

Wade sucked on the spot he'd nipped as his hands moved around to the front of Matt's jeans where he rubbed lightly for a few moments before he popped the fly and slipped his hands inside; one wrapping around Matt's hardening length while the other drug blunted nails across Matt's thighs. Any protests from Matt were either swallowed away or broken, airy pants as Matt arched into his touch. Matt's head tipped to the side, exposing his neck and Wade grinned as he bit down again; sucking hard on the mark as Matt reached back and grabbed his hair, yanking hard with a whimpered moan.

Wade's grin grew wider as he pushed Matt's jeans and boxers down to his knees and bent Matt over the sink; placing the older man's hands on the cool porcelain before kneeling behind Matt and gently spreading the round globes. He took a moment just to admire the tiny puckered muscle before slowly dragging his tongue from the base of Matt's balls, over the pale ring—where he spent a few moments bathing the pale orifice slowly and thoroughly—then dragging his tongue up the valley between the globes and leaving a hard nip to each fleshy orb.

Stuttered and garbled pleadings were dripping from Matt's lips the more Wade teased; the half protesting sounds finally giving way to the needy whines and movements of Matt pressing back towards his face. Wade pulled away, his hands gripping and massaging each mound as he listened to the breathy whines and cries; his grey slacks uncomfortably tight and sending small shots of pain through his body where his hard length pressed against its fabric prison. It might have been the sadist in him, but he wanted to hear more; he wanted to hear Matt beg. He reached around and palmed Matt's twitching cock, pumping slowly as he went back to slicking the tight seal of Matt's entrance; gently pushing his tongue in and retreating only to do it again.

"Wade!" Matt cried out; his body trembling violently and his fingers white where they gripped the chipped sink. "Quit…quit teasing me and fuck me already…"

Smirk in place Wade stood and grabbed Matt by the hips; grinding into the dark haired man as he continued to stroke him slowly, adding a bit of pressure to the head when he'd swipe his thumb across it to clean away the drops of pre-cum that welled there. Matt's hips were constantly moving; rolling and bucking as they moved together and Wade could only endure so much before he hurriedly pulled himself free from his slacks and after slicking himself with spit; plunged into Matt, filling him completely with one hard thrust.


"That's what we're doing Hardy…" Wade snorted as he started a quick, hard pace.

The sound of their skin slapping together was deafening and Wade growled as he wrapped a hand in Matt's hair yanked to jerk Matt's head back; exposing the sleek column of Matt's throat which Wade wasted no time in littering with dark bites.

"Hharder…haharharder please…."

Matt's broken mewl combined with the clenching of Matt's muscles around his throbbing length was enough to send Wade into overdrive and he hammered away with every ounce of force in his body. Each bone rattling thrust slammed Matt into the sink and Wade was certain that there would be bruises there later; marring the olive tan skin and reminding Matt of his domination.

"Close…so close, want to…please Wade, I wanna cum…"

Wade snarled as he raked his nails over Matt's thighs and ass as he sped up the pace he was using to stroke Matt's cock. It'd been a long time since he'd had anything approaching as dirty and raw as this encounter and pleasure seeped from every pour of his body as he continued to punish Matt. He leaned down and bit at Matt's ear, growling as he licked the shell.

"Then do it, I want everyone beyond those doors to hear you scream like the back alley trollop you are.."

Matt's body trembled violently before the other man tensed and a deep almost painful scream erupted from his lips. Wade felt the warm rush of Matt's seed over his fingers and the continual pulsating of Matt's tight sheath milked Wade's orgasm from his and he howled loud enough to wake the dead as he spilled deep inside of Matt. Convulsing hard Wade wrapped his arms around Matt's waist and pressed his face into the cool skin of Matt's back, kissing the base of Matt's neck.

Fatigue wrapped around Wade and it took everything in Wade's power to pull free of Matt's body, stumbling back to rest against one of the stall doors as he watched his juices run down Matt's thighs. A soft snore sounded from the bent over man and when Wade moved over and pulled the hair away from Matt's face he found the older man asleep; his full lips curled in a sated smile. With a slight chuckle Wade wet a paper towel and cleaned away the drying mess from Matt's thighs and pulled his boxers and jeans back into place.

Just so the man didn't injure himself Wade maneuvered him into a sitting position on the floor; situation him as comfortably as possible. Before leaving Wade fished Matt's cell from his pocket and saved his own information into it before slipping it back into the passed out man's shirt pocket. The elder Hardy didn't know it, but he was Wade's newest play toy and that number was soon going to be the only number that would matter to the dark haired man.

With a smirk Wade made his way back to the bar; sipping his drink as he plotted out many more play-dates for the two of them, possibly involving few other of his favorite 'toys'.