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Author's Note: Hello everyone! I'm a long time reader, first time writer. This story is a Aang and Azula love story. I know, almost every other pairing makes much more sense. However I believe if written correctly and a little bit of pixie dust ( and no, I don't own Disney...sigh) this pairing will become just as lovable. There have been a few Aang/Azula love stories I draw inspiration from (check out my favorites to read). Any positive feedback and constructive critiquing is welcomed. Please enjoy.

Chapter 1 – A Favor

She neatly picked a piece of lint off her black robes. The Avatar sat across from her, stuffing fruit pies into his mouth. She patiently waited for him to finish.

"Thanks for the pies, Mai. Fruit pies are my favorite!" Aang said through mouthfuls. He gave her a goofy grin.

She didn't smile. She just looked bored. Her gloomy demeanor didn't bother Aang anymore. He knew she was a loyal friend. After he finished the pies, he quickly wiped his face clean with the right side of his orange/yellow robes, "Aang. I have a favor to ask."

"Sure. What's up?"

"I want to bring Azula back to the palace." She let her words sink in.


"It's time for Azula to come home. I need your help persuading Zuko."

Grey eyes stared into brown eyes. She wore her same bored expression. He knew Mai didn't act before thinking things through. "Why, Mai?"

She was quiet. How could she explain this to Aang when she wasn't sure why? She had seen Azula imprisoned at the Boiling Rock for two year. When it was clear her condition was "stable" Zuko sent her to a maximum-security mental asylum. Ty Lee had insisted on visiting the fallen princess whenever she was in the Capital. Just a year ago Mai took it upon herself to visit Azula weekly. Although there was bad blood between them, Mai couldn't ignore years of friendship. Seeing Azula a shell of her old-self left a bitter taste in Mai's mouth.

"Doesn't everyone deserve a second chance?" She quietly asked.

Aang thought about this. The monk in him had to agree with her. But a small part of him was scarred. Azula wasn't a typical war criminal; she was a true danger. He wasn't sure six years of imprisonment had done anything to placate her. He looked at Mai for several minutes before asking, "How do we approach Zuko?"