Summary: Maka Albarn is the daughter of Spirit and Kami Albarn, the two biggest business people out there. When the Albarn's buy a building that the Evans, a huge popular music company, want, they want revenge. So Soul Evans now has to go and steal the heart of Maka so Wes Evans can get closer to the family and the business. Of course, getting there won't be too easy.

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I rolled over and fell face first to the hard, cold ground. I groaned and got up. I knew I should have put a carpet in here. Did I listen to my mama? No. I got up, stretched, and walked out of my room when I saw a familiar head on my couch. I smiled and walked over.

"Wake up Kid." he rolled over and smiled when he saw me. Kid is my boyfriend. We met when my father, Spirit Albarn, had a huge agreement with Kid's father, Lord Death, about some business arrangement. He asked me to dinner and at first I wasn't really sure, but I gave him a chance. I really liked him and I still do.

"Good morning." he said stretching. He sat up and pulled me to his lap. I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed his cheek. We stayed like that for a few minutes and Kid pulled out his phone. "Damn, 10:37? I have to go Maka. I'll see you later okay?" I nodded and he lightly kissed me. I sat on the couch and he got up. "Make sure you have breakfast!" he called over his shoulder as he walked out of my apartment.

"Of course!" I yelled as he closed the door. I smiled and walked to my kitchen to make my breakfast. I was about to start the stove when my phone rang. "Hello?"

"Maka? It's Mama. Can you come to your father's office in about an hour?"

"Of course, Mama." I put the pan away and went to take a quick shower. I put on my white shirt with a pair of black pants. I put on my black stiletto heels and applied my black jacket over. I tied my hair in a ponytail and walked out. I got in my white, shiny, Porsche my Papa gave me for Christmas and went on my way to his office. I stopped by Deathbucks and bought my coffee and walked into the large company my Papa owned. I reached the 87th floor and Tsubaki greeted me.

"Good morning Miss Albarn. How are you?" I smiled and nodded.

"Good morning Tsubaki. I'm fine thank you. How about you?" Tsubaki has been my friend since she started dating my childhood friend Black Star. He's a little crazy but I'm happy he found someone who could put up with him.

"Great! Black Star sent you this." she took out a brown paper bag and I peered inside to find a turkey sandwich and an apple. I smiled as I read the note on the bag.

'I thought you weren't going to have time to eat so decided to make you something. Godly instinct you can say. Not that you would know. HAHAHA!'

"Tell him I said thank you." Tsubaki smiled and nodded. I walked in the office and found my Papa looking out the window.

"Good morning Papa. Mama said you wanted to see me?" I walked in and stood next to him. He looked at me and smiled.

"You see that building over there?" he pointed off to the distance and I was able to see the building that Stein and Marie had previously owned.

"Yes. What about it?" Papa looked at me and smiled.

"I won it." I smiled and looked at my Papa.

"Who did you go against?" I asked. My Papa's eyes glistened and he grinned.

"The Evans." I smiled and sat down on the black leather couch. The Evans were a huge music company. They dedicated themselves to buy a big building and sell it for much more than what they really bought it for. They never lost a deal, until now. I never met an Evans in person, but Kid and Papa always told me that they were a very tricky family to deal with.

"I need you to work on some papers for me. Can you do that?" Papa gave me a stack of papers and I nodded.

"Right away." I walked out and went to my office. It was a bit bigger than Papa's and had a better view of the world outside. I sat on my white leather chair and began to work on the papers. I took out my sandwich and sighed in relief when I took a bite from it. I smiled and leaned back.

Around 12:30 I heard on knock on my door and I looked at it from the corner of my eye. "Come in." the door opened and a blue haired monkey came in. Well, not a real monkey, just Black Star.

"Hey Maka! Did you enjoy breakfast?" I looked at him and smiled.

"I did. Thank you Black Star. How's Sid and Nygus?" he shrugged and sat on the leather chair in front of my desk.

"Still old as ever." I laughed.

"Black Star, they're only 40!" he laughed and looked at the paperwork.

"What are you working on?" he leaned in and inspected the papers. I tossed him the top few that explained what went on. "You guys won? Against an Evans? That's a miracle!" I agreed and gave him the rest of my coffee.

"Why are you so calm?" I asked. Usually, Black Star would be jumping off walls and screaming about him surpassing God.

"You're working. I can't disturb a peasant of mine by yelling!" I smiled and ruffled his hair. We spent a few minutes talking until he had to go. I continued with the papers and once I finished, my door opened.

"Yes?" I asked.

"I'm sorry to interrupt you Miss Albarn. But your Father requests you to come to his office. And bring your... You know." I nodded and got up. I reached in the bottom drawer of my desk and took out the small silver box in there. I unlocked it and took out what my Papa needed. I stuffed it in my pocket and walked out with the files in my hands.

I walked to his office and I heard an argument. I raised an eyebrow and walked in. There, my Papa and Mama stood on one side of the desk while two albino guys told on the other side. They both could pass for identical brothers, but you could tell one was way older. They both had white hair and suits. The eldest had dark, blue eyes while the youngest had bright, red eyes. I walked over to my parents and set the papers down on my Papa's desk.

"What's the problem?" I asked. The youngest brother looked at me and held my gaze.

"Please, can we just talk like normal business people?" the older one turned to Papa, who scoffed and nudged me softly.

"Now way in hell." the oldest took a step forward and I pulled out my silver pistol. The two froze and stared at me as I aimed it at them.

"It depends, about what?" I asked. They put their hands up in defeat and the youngest looked at me.

"We want to help you get rid of our father. Once and for all." I looked at him and curiosity got the best of me. He had shark teeth. Unlike his brother who had perfectly normal teeth.

"What do you mean?" my Papa asked. The oldest one sighed and looked at me.

"Put the gun away and we'll talk." I shifted my gaze at him and lowered my arms a bit. He moved a bit and I aimed the gun back at him.

"Maka put it down." I looked behind them to see Kid leaning against the door with his hands in his pockets. I looked at him and put it away. He walked over and wrapped an arm around my waist.

"Have a seat." My papa gestured to the two chairs and they sat. Mama and Papa sat behind his desk while Kid and I leaned casually against the wall. No matter how hard I tried, my eyes stayed to the youngest brother. He caught me and winked. I looked away and Kid pulled me closer. At the end, my eyes just wouldn't stop looking at the strange boy with white hair, red eyes, and shark teeth.

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