The Stuff You May Have Missed


-"The Great Dying" was a mass extinction event that occurred approximately 250 Million years ago. As Cord mentions, about 90% of all life on Earth perished. The exact cause of The Great Dying is unknown, but there are several theories.

Also, FYI: 99% of life that had ever lived on Earth is now extinct. Just saying.

-I'm not sure why, but Cord's off-handed mention of how he's a deathclaw, by the way, amuses me.

-Hey, Cord. Milly didn't find a significant other at that point because she was swinging for the other team.

-Scoliosis is an affliction of the back that can result in a crooked spine, which can result in more pressure on the internal organs. It has been known to correct itself.

-"We even get to use walkie-talkies." Walkie-talkies make you cool. Look, I'm walkie and I'm talkie! Now you walkie and talkie. I'm walkie and talkie! God, I love Brian Regan.

-The wise man that Cord is referring to as comparing being a spy to waiting in a waiting room is Micheal Westen. He says that in the first episode of Burn Notice.

-Manifest Destiny should've been about Milly turning into a Brahmin. Praise be to Jack Daniels!

Chapter 1

-It was about here that I realized that I had absolutely no will to write this story. I can't believe I got through it.

-For that weak spot that Super Mutants have, whenever Milly shoots one of them there, imagine a text box reading "A critical hit! It's super-effective!"

-The Strange Man that Cord encounters in the three-piece suit is a reference to a character of the same name in Red Dead Redemption. Additionally, this is the same Strange Man as seen by Canis in Guardian Angels.

-Since this is the same character, you might assume that he can either transcend space and time, or these Fallout stories occur later on the same timeline as the Zelda stories do. Essentially, you can see nearly all of my stories as part of the same SeeThatCanon if you want (Save for My Dog and Me, Famine, and Immortality, unless you employ M Theory...) I Know You is not Milly's canon, but could be an example of this gentleman being able to transcend time... or perhaps THAT is a different Strange Man. Pick your poison, I will say no more.

-" I am the cursed wolf..." is a reference to Canis of Guardian Angels and Sacred Hearts and Fallen Angels.

-His claim that he is the judge could be him claiming to be God, or Death, or you can even argue for Satan. Finally, there's a chance that he's simply referring to The Judge.

-The dog, Buck, is a reference to a dog of the same name in Jack London's Call of the Wild.

-I believe there is a continuity error here. If I'm not mistaken, someone mentions in Beneath This Gruff Exterior that Deathclaws have decent vision, whereas they allegedly have poor vision.

Personally, my eyesight is about 20/100 and I'm a little colorblind.

-Cord knew that raider was gushing arterial blood because he picked a few things up from Milly, though he couldn't trust himself to actually perform treatments, what with the near foot-long claws and all.

-Manifest Destiny is as explained here: The desire for the U.S to expand from sea to shining sea.

Chapter 2

-Milly's claim that she killed a Super Mutant Behemoth is a reference to her first meeting with the Brotherhood of Steel and Three Dog. Cord didn't believe her because, well... he didn't know her when that happened.

-That weaponry using .50 Caliber rounds were not present in the Capital Wasteland is the reason Cord was never endangered horribly before.

-Dogmeat's through and through bullet wound is probably for the best regarding bullet wounds, so I was wrong in saying it should have killed him. If it goes all the way through the body, then it won't cause as much damage. Generally speaking, of course.

-"Nobody is immortal..." is a reference to that pathetic excuse of a one-shot I wrote in 2010.

-I had two swords in Skyrim(job) that I'd dual wield. They were both Ebony, if I recall correctly. I named one "Crime" and the other "Punishment", and I had two glass weapons that I called "Law" and "Order". Oh, and I had armor I called "Shit Happens". I was just sort of being a dick.

-"Anyone that tries to use them from far away is an idiot..." is a good example of how little Cord really knew about certain weapons. I'm pretty sure some shotguns have better ranges than others. Because, you know, there's more than one shotgun in existence. I think.

-That Cord could see the silhouette but Milly could not is interesting. If Cord's eyes are declining, how could he see that guy from a distance? Suppose he's a figment of Cord's imagination. That would explain it... but if it was God, or Satan... then it's not inconceivable that he could just be appearing before Cord.

-"You saved me from death!" Do with it what you will.

Chapter 3

-People that are asexual are people that have no sexual preference. They are simply not interested in sex. I think roughly 1% of the population on Earth is asexual.

-In one of my Fallout files, Butch was killed by three Talon Mercs (I was busy fighting them and so I didn't see what happened to him). I think a shotgun blast caught his skull, because he died with his head no longer whole.

-Tom Prescott is a reference to a minor character of the same name in Burn Notice.

-The Juggernauts are a reference to the Call of Duty series, also known as "Generic First Person Shooter: The Game".

-The FN SCAR-L is a real assault rifle developed by FN Herstal.

-Cord says never to buy into people surviving in the wasteland unarmed. In a sense, he'd probably be half right. Power Armor supposedly turns you into a walking tank... so I suppose it'd be conceivable that people could survive in the wastes with a Power Fist and Power Armor... but I'd still expect a gun to be on them, too.

-"The lumpy human with the food following it" was Milly being followed by Dogmeat.

-FNG is a derogatory term used in the military. It stands for "Fucking New Guy."

Chapter 4

-By the way, I'm aware that I misspelled "Stimpak". The thing is, I'm lazy, and I've been doing it for so long at that point that I figured I'd just let it go. As far as I'm concerned, that doesn't derail the story. The lack of enthusiasm I had while writing it did.

-Here's an interesting thing about Mars: It's very cold, but it doesn't have a strong magnetic field (I don't think it's got one at all), and when it does have an atmosphere, it's a very wispy carbon dioxide one, which means there's nothing blocking out radiation from the Sun, so if you landed on Mars and took off your suit, you'd better have some really good sunscreen handy.

-Without the atmosphere, Earth's average temperature would be about 1 degree Celsius, if I recall correctly.

-"Your troubles wait outside Oasis." Milly wasn't attacked until she was clear of Oasis.

-The longer Cord was stuck as a deathclaw, the more animalistic he seemed to become. He used to kill soley with his claws, right? Now he's ripping throats out with his teeth.

-The M1 Garand is a real weapon, as well. It was the first standard issue semi-automatic rifle. If you aren't comfortable with rapid advances in the Fallout universe technology, then you should be content with the M1 Garand. If it's perpetually 1955, the M1 Garand has still been around for about 19 years.

-The raider with 111 on his armor... well, multiply that by how many raiders there were (6). THERE IT IS!

-John 3:16 is a biblical verse: "For God so loved the world, that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life." Who suggested Cord go to the barn? God, perhaps? Maybe it was the Devil masquerading as God? There's still an argument for Death, or even a guardian angel of sorts...

-" should do yourself a favor and check out Oasis one of these days, Cord. I mean it. It truly is a place to die for." Guess what that foreshadows?

-On Googletube, search "Pulsar SOUND". It's not great, but it's not a terrible representation of what a Pulsar can do. Pulsars slow down over millions of years, but will periodically speed up. That's called a glitch!

Everything else Cord says about Pulsars is accurate. If you tried to land on one, you'd be crushed to a paste no wider than an atom. That's how intense the gravity would be... and assuming you COULD land on a pulsar without dying... time itself would probably be wacked out for you.

-Cord 07052280... 07/05 is my birthday. 2280 is my birth year. BC, not AD. Duh.

-Touch my doorknob and I wake up. Just saying.

-The five shots heard around the world... well, think about what happened to Cord.

Chapter 5

-Denial is the first stage of the Kübler-Ross model, or the five stages of grief.

-Hah! As he said one-hundred and one times already! Get it? 101. You know, like Vault 101? See what happened there?

-R&R stands for Rest & Recreation, if you didn't know.

-John Prine is an excellent musician, and he also sometimes forgets the lyrics to his songs while he performs them. Look up "That's The Way The World Goes 'Round" and look for a 7 minute and 42 second video. Not only do you get the song, but you get the Happy Enchilada story in-depth. Wanna know what a Happy Enchilada is? Watch the video.

-You won't get a medal for what I'm foreshadowing with "Please Don't Bury Me". It's too obvious.

-Harold... what can I say about him other than I forget most of the stuff I knew about him and I can't be bothered to look on Nukapedia. He's a Great Deku Tree looking motherfucker though, isn't he?

-Hey, Cord. Cord. Cord. COOOOOOORD. You never went back to Oasis. I don't know, just throwing that out there.

Who the fuck do I expect to answer? I need a nap.

-The Legionary that put distance between himself and the fight was the sniper that killed Cord.

-I know it's been pretty much solidified by now, but one more time:

Living Being + .50 Caliber Round = Death. Except for when it doesn't.

-I rewrote Cord's death sequence multiple times. The first time I wrote it, his Point of View never changed, and the more rounds he took, the harder it was for him to string words together. I ultimately decided that it was ugly as hell, so I went ahead and did it again from Third Person. That time, it was neater, but it didn't drive his death home correctly. I eventually wrote from Dogmeat's perspective, and that worked better than I could have imagined.

-I probably would've been better off writing from Dogmeat's point of view as Cord lay dying, but if I did, you wouldn't have seen the Strange Man.

-And yeah, blood tastes bad.

-Seriously. It's gross.

-I like Cord's last words: "Muh... m... Hurts..." It's simple, but it feels powerful. Milly had the opportunity to stop the pain, at the very least with some kind of painkiller, but she held out hope. That was the idea.

-I had to go back and add Dogmeat shouting "I accept your apology!" moments before Cord croaked. I think that worked well, too, considering I wouldn't let Cord stop bitching about Dogmeat not accepting his apology.

-The Strange Man again is with a character at the moment of death. Does that mean he is Death? Not necessarily. You can still build an argument that he is either God or Satan if you give it thought.

-Cord saying "My luck ran out" basically meant his acknowledgement of being unable to cheat Death on every occasion. And wow, I got some heat for killing him. One guy actually rage-quit the story when Cord died.

Look at it the way I do: He was a tool, and that's all he was, and like all tools, what do you do when one becomes obsolete? You get rid of it.

Chapter 6

-Anger is the second stage of Grief

-What did Kastine do when she ran off? I have no idea.

-Anson Fullerton is the name of an antagonist in Burn Notice, which takes place in Miami, for the most part. Fullerton was responsible for the murders of multiple innocent civilians to get his way.

-Sergei Yoblonovich is a reference to an alias Michael Westen uses in Burn Notice at one point. I did a lot of those in this story, I know.

-Roland Roger is a reference to a character of the same name in Call of Duty 2: Big Red One.

-Larry Sizemore is a reference to a character of the same name in Burn Notice.

-Holden "The Judge" Lee is a reference to Judge Holden of Cormac McCarthy's novel, Blood Meridian. In it, The Judge is described as being 7 feet tall and completely lacking of body hair. He is allegedly very light skinned, and highly intelligent, ruthless, and cunning. He will kill anybody and will watch anybody to see what will break them, and even children are not spared his wrath. He is never angry. He is, however, always calculating, and some think he is the Devil, or some kind of Demon at the very least. The Judge is considered by some to be the most frightening character ever seen in American Literature.

-The someone that killed Mr. House is The Judge.

-"He's all in, the poor fellow" is a reference to a phrase uttered towards the end of Jack London's White Fang.

-"People, as a general rule, try to avoid me..." work it out.

Chapter 7

-Bargaining is the third stage of Grief.

-I hate the beginning of this chapter and I hate the end of last chapter.

-Some of you think I was referencing GTA IV's Dimitri Rascalov through Nikolai's last name, but to be honest, I'd never even heard of Dimitri Rascalov until about four months after I decided on Nikolai's last name.

-Nikolai is also the guy Cord was referring to back in Beneath This Gruff Exterior. He was the one attacking the Brotherhood's caravans while Milly was in her coma.

As for why, he did it because he enjoyed killing people. Just because he's one of the protagonists doesn't mean he's a good guy.

-Spetsnaz are Russian special forces.

-That Nikolai is a drunk... that's a reference to Nikolai Belinski from Call of Duty.

-Comrade's Bar is a reference to a bar of the same name in GTA IV. I'd planned on the character names in late 2011, but I actually got to play GTA IV in early 2012. This story was posted in the middle of 2012, if you can't read.

If you can't read, but you're working all the way through this story and now you're at the trivia, then good effort on your part. Seriously. Kudos.

-I saw "STORE POLICY: Fuck yourself, no refunds" in a video somewhere once.

-That's actually supposed to be "Flour Sacks". It's a reference to Get Smart.

-The Scribe that Milly chased down was muttering into a walkie talkie. He reported Milly's deal with Nikolai to the Brotherhood. That she also killed him didn't look good, and she was burned.

-A burn notice is an official statement released by any intelligence agency essentially telling another intelligence agency to burn all connections with a certain asset. In other words, it's how spies get fired.

-Dogmeat explaining that he can sometimes feel his false appendages is essentially Phantom-Limb Sensation.

-"Dimitri Petrenko" is a mistake. I was typing this up after one in the morning, and I guess my mind was on World at War.

-It's not one buddy. Sergei has a seemingly limitless number of "buddies".

-I think the total was actually 10,300 caps, unless she was only getting one suppressor. I think she only got the one. I had to take my math finals twice, okay?

-Oh, I just read further and saw Dogmeat suggest she bought two suppressors... I really suck at math. Except Statistics. I aced Statistics but failed math multiple times in high school. I don't get it.

-That Nikolai punched Milly for calling him a mercenary is meant to help solidify something: You're not supposed to like Nikolai as a character. He's supposed to move the plot, but he isn't meant to be likeable.

Chapter 8

-Depression is the fourth stage of Grief.

-Nikolai's story of having to bury a bug is a reference to a Marine I once knew who, while at attention in boot camp, swatted a mosquito on his nose, and his superior made him dig a 6' by 3' grave, and bury it. When he was done, he told his superior.

His superior said, "Was that mosquito a male or a female?"

He didn't know.

"Well, dig it up and find out!"

-That horses were mostly seen in Canada is a nod to another Fallout fic I saw on here. Did I ever actually read said fic? Nope. I just remembered horses and Canada in the description.

Hey, as long as it wasn't "SUMMARY INSIDE" or "I SUCK AT SUMMARIES LOL", it was a fantastic summary.

-If your back is bothering you, sleep on the floor. It can actually help.

-3:16 is another reference to John 3:16.

-The three walks Nikolai discusses while using a ghillie suit are sound, to my knowledge.

-Mil Dots are actually used in some scopes, and they serve compensation purposes. From great distances or in the face of variables, a Mil Dot is used to aim instead of the actual crosshair, if that makes any sense.

-"The Deadly T" is the nickname some snipers use for the area of the eyes, nose, and mouth. This area allows for the greatest likelihood that a shot fired will hit the brain stem. If the brain stem is severed, then the brain has no way of communicating with the rest of the body, and death is instantaneous.

-"Favor" and "HOLD" are sniping terms. A fade is a transition in film. For the life of me, I could not remember "Hold" at the time I wrote this part of the story.


-Nikolai fired Milly's Beretta Tomcat. Two shots missed, but the third caught the target in the waist. At the Fort, nine shots were heard, so you can imagine Nikolai firing three times, Caesar firing three times, and Lanius firing three times. Like the dummy, Nikolai was shot in the waist. By trying to mock Milly through her Beretta Tomcat, Nikolai doomed himself.

-The survivign population, huh? I'd like to take this opportunity to brag about how much work I put into proof-reading this chapter. Go me.

-"Brothers waged war against brothers..." is a reference to the short story "The Sniper" by, Liam O'Flaherty.

-Sergeant Reznov is a reference to Viktor Reznov from Call of Duty.

-Andrei Faustin... again, at the time? No clue about people like Mr. Faustin or Dimitri Rascalov.

-That thing about Body Theorists and Dualists is a reference to Daniel Dennett, who wrote a short essay debating the subject of "self". While wearing those goggles, is Milly still Milly, or is she now Dogmeat? A Body Theorist might say she's now Dogmeat, as that is the body she is now controlling, and Body Theorists do not believe in the soul. A Dualist, however, would likely say she's still Milly, because Dualists DO believe in the soul.

-Why the hell would you waste a perfectly good scotch? I'm pretty sure that's against one of the Ten Commandments. "Thou shalt not waste good scotch."

Trust me. I'm a Catholic sometimes.

-Muzzle flash really isn't super noticeable from what I understand. You can see it, but... it's not always a dead giveaway. That's what I've heard, at least. I don't personally know, so don't hold me to it.

-17 December is my old step-brother's birthday, and if he's reading this, I still want my fucking SNES back, you prick.

I'm told I have step-brother issues. How could you draw that conclusion?

Chapter 9

-Acceptance is the final stage of Grief. It's neither happy nor sad; not positive or negative. It is nearly devoid of feeling.

-Imagine if Milly's target was actually as big as a brahmin. It could've been Fat Bastard.

-Integrity was a reference to Integrity 2.0, a radio station in GTA IV. I preferred GTA III's Chatterbox, personally.

-Cookie Masterson and You Don't Know Jack are references to the popular irreverant trivia games by Jellyvision Labs. Cookie Masterson is one of the more well-known hosts of the series of trivia games.

-If you ever have the pleasure of playing You Don't Know Jack 2011, as you start a round, do not input a name. Select "I Don't Care", and the game will give you a name, or names, depending on the number of players. My favorite three are in this chapter: Echo, Foxtrot, and Todd.

-"Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned" is a line by William Congreve. It is sometimes misattributed to William Shakespeare.

-Did you get where I was going with Marcus and Junius? See what was going on?

-"Slavery in the Legion can be quite comfortable" is possibly my favorite line in this story. I find it hilarious.

-In a review, someone claimed that OC's are like a writer's children, therefore Milly is my daughter, therefore I let a Legionary fuck my daughter. Maybe I'm too close to the story, but I didn't flinch. It moved the plot forward, didn't it?

-Dogmeat was bound by the same leg Wolf Link is bound by in The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess.

-Hit detection in Fallout 3 is iffy at times for me. I'll clearly shoot a guy in the head (the blood will splatter out), but it does no damage, and I find myself shouting "Fucking shitboxes!" as if I was playing Trouble in Terrorist Town.

Chapter 10

-A lot of Nikolai is based on Nikolai Belinski, whom I'd learned more about as I wrote the story.

-Apparently between the time I wrote this and the time I read it for this trivia, the M-1951 magically turned into a jacket instead of armor. You know, according to The People's Republic of Google.

-Vod Kanockers is a reference to Two and a Half Men.

-There it is. Brutus. So, the last three Centurions: Marcus Junius Brutus. Get it now?

Chapter 11

-"The Demon Drink" is a reference to a mission name in Red Dead Redemption.

-The friend Nikolai is referring to is Cord, and yes, I was regretting not killing him (Cord) in Beneath This Gruff Exterior. Like I said, I really wasn't enjoying writing this story. You may or may not be able to tell that something was missing from the writing in this story as opposed to the former. Thank God I didn't promise a trilogy, or else the third story would be a hundred twenty page chapters of mediocre at best writing, whereas most of my stories have a few thousand words of mediocre at best writing.

-Again, I reiterate that Nikolai is only in it for the killing. He isn't a good guy.

-That Milly charted how long each trip should take is something I actually did for this story, while figuring out about how long I should allow for the trip to take place (in this case, I think I rounded up to about half a year). It was also in case I needed an exact time frame at any point during the journey. That's what I did with my spare time last summer. I also played Nintendo 64.

-Milly stopped being so playful with Nikolai because of her pregnancy.

-A lead is a real technique used by snipers.

-Snipers such as Carlos Hathcock (a marine sniper in the Vietnamese War with about 93 confirmed kills, though Hathcock estimated that he had about 200 more unconfirmed kills) were known to actually fire their weapons in the moment that their hearts weren't beating; that is, between beats.

Chapter 12

-"Maxwell's Silver Hammer" is a song by the Beatles. It's pretty messed up.

-The first two paragraphs were another attempt at keeping you guessing regarding the narrator of this chapter. Not sure if I was successful. Depends on the reader.

-I believe "a man that I thought I knew" was Dogmeat's former owner. He doesn't say much about him, other than mentioning that it was his death that led to the resolve to never leave his next master.

-The idea of Milly becoming a horrible person after she played video games with the Legionary is a reference to the story that lost out to Beneath This Gruff Exterior. It would've been called Redemption Day, and the plot would have been totally different. A former saint of a Lone Wanderer named Cecil would have met Dogmeat, and they would have been inseperable. Cecil's Dad croaks, and he is not the same afterwards (Cecil, that is). He nukes Megaton, and the story would follow his road to Redemption with Dogmeat guiding him, or to Hell. It was never finished, and readers voted for Beneath This Gruff Exterior over Redemption Day.

-KCUF is a reference to a radio station in Thomas Pynchon's impenetrable nutshell, The Crying of Lot 49. What does it mean? Here's a hint: It's fuck backwards.

-"Pressing Issues" is a reference to a radio station in (I believe) GTA: San Andreas.

-Big Brother is a reference to George Orwell's 1984.

-Andrew Vidic is a reference to Dr. Warren Vidic in the Assassin's Creed series. "The father of understanding guides us" is a motto used by the Templars. The Assassins and Templars were supposed to play a major role in this story (consider this the same timeline that SHFA falls on), and if you look closely, you can see some ground work for them starting in this chapter. Milly was to become an Assassin towards the end of the story, but to actually lead up to that would require a rewrite of the story, which... that's not fucking happening.

-Yes, that's a petty jab at atheists. No, not the cool ones that say "Oh, you believe in God? That's cool, wanna go get some Taco Bell?"

It's a huge middle finger to those guys that call theists evil, or idiots, or any variation. Such bigotry is stupid and hypocritical, and it ultimately soils the good name of what is meant to be a conclusion, much like bigotry is what soils the beautiful idea of a religion.

Essentially, I'm talking about atheists that turn atheism into theism. If there's nothing after death, then life should be precious to you. Why are you wasting your time and energy being an ignoramus?

The more you know.

-A fortnight is two weeks, if you didn't know.

-Jesus, that parenthetical regarding Brahmins and D.C is just a disaster. What the hell was I trying to say?

-Dogmeat's out of body experience is something that can occur during an NDE (Near-Death Experience). Though science can explain a few things that occur during an NDE (the bright light is believed to be related to the eyes shutting down), it is not yet known why people experience the "life review", nor is it known (at least, last I checked) why some people experience horrible pain and others experience wondrous calm...

-What do you think I was drinking when I wrote that thing about the hawks? The correct answer is... Jack Daniels!

I wrote that one thing in there while a little tipsy, but I stopped after it. Needless to say, I started with "What the hell are you talking about" after I sobered up.

-Maxwell's rant about Milly needing to "come back to us" was more groundwork for the idea of Assassins and Templars. The idea was, she was unknowingly a member of the Templar Order when she worked with the Brotherhood of Steel. Caesar's Legion was also part of the Templar Order, which was the real reason the Brotherhood did not attack them. Again, that would have required a rewrite, and would not have been included had I known what a pain it would be in the long run.

-"Become a legendary that dwarfs the guardians" is a reference to Latios and Latias in The Angels Rejoiced Last Night.

-That was actually how I had the event described in my notes for this chapter: "Maxwell makes a passion out of building. Milly uses his hammer for something else."

-I love Dogmeat's names for frag grenades and flashbangs. Someone once wrote from a third person/Dogmeat-esque POV here, and referred to the frag grenade as the "bad ball", which I enjoyed.

What? I can like things, too.

-Are animals capable of thought, or are they merely puppets of nature? That is, can they "think" like we can think, or do they just act?

Chapter 13

-That Wizard of Oz reference was so blatant, that I don't even know why I'm including it in this post-script.

-That story about the two men being crushed by the care package is actually true, as far as I can tell. It was featured in 1000 Ways to Die. The two victims would rob the care packages of any medicine or food, thereby preventing any of it from reaching those who needed it. In other words, they were two people we didn't need.

-As destructive as a tornado can be, that they have gently picked up cradles with babies inside them and then placed them down miles away equally as gently, completely unharmed is true, as well. Full egg cartons have been taken by tornados and placed down without a single egg cracked.

-Betty Budd is a reference to the short work of fiction created from a manuscript left by Herman Melville called Billy Budd. The main character, Billy Budd, is portrayed as a Christ-like figure. He is, in that case, all that is good.

-I found that Nikolai ranting about how stupid it is to name beasts goes perfectly with his following up with "I'm Nikolai."

-Billy Budd was portrayed as too innocent. Betty Budd is portrayed in the same way.

-The only reason Betty was in this story at all was so I could reinforce the idea that Nikolai is not a good person.

-I read somewhere that you start decomposing as soon as your heart stops beating. Gooey.

-Nikolai's nickname, "The Wolf" is a reference to Reznov.

-I wanted some steak when I wrote about him killing the sniping team.

-"...his progress stale, eagerness dimming, and his interest vanishing." That's another example of me talking about myself in regards to this story.

-Remus is a reference to the story of Romulus and Remus, the brothers that were allegedly raised by a she-wolf. They became powerful figures, an animosity developed between them, and eventually Romulus ended up killing Remus.

-Nikolai only said "Good hunting" when he deemed that a hunt went smoothly, or when the fight by his prey was good.

Chapter 14

-Wilfred Owen is the gentleman that wrote Dulce Et Decorum Est, a poem written during The Great War. "Dulce et decorum est pro patria mori" is a line from a book of poems by Horace simply called Odes. It translates roughly to "It is sweet and right to die for your country." Owen, who was scarred by the brutality of WWI, disputed the line, by attempting to bring to light just what war actually was. It was far from glorious (still is, of course), and as far as he was concerned, after that first bullet goes past your head, it ceases to be about you being willing to give your life for your country.

-Liberty Rock Radio and Iggy are both references to a radio station and host in GTA IV.

-That spat between New Mexico and Santa Fe is a parody to that little spat between the colonies and Great Britain a few years ago. If you do a little research, it's accurate.

-The man Argutus says his father travelled with was The Chosen One from Fallout 2. His father, Goris, was an albino, intelligent deathclaw. He was an optional companion to The Chosen One.

-Gruthar was Goris' father. He, as well as the other intelligent deathclaws and the humans that they lived with and protected, were all killed in a raid by the Enclave. If Goris was there, he'd have been killed, and the intelligent deathclaws would have gone extinct. If Goris travelled with The Chosen One, however, he'd have survived the raid, leaving the intelligent deathclaws endangered.

-Argutus is nearly a mirror image to Cord. He is an intelligent deathclaw, so they have that in common... but they are also very different. Argutus was included in this story as part of an experiment. As of now (12/26/13), the test has been inconclusive.

Chapter 15

-Glanton is a reference to a character of the same name in Blood Meridian.

-"Wonder Waffle" is a reference to what Tank Dempsy calls the Wunderwaffe DG-2 in Call of Duty.

-In film a jump cut is a sudden, unexpected cut from one source of action to another. I have a friend that's kind of like Yoblonovich in that case. It seems like it takes him six minutes to walk four feet, but it'll take him thirty seconds to get from one house to another. He's a walking continuity error.

-If the rumor is true and Yoblonovich sold guns to Caesar's Legion, then it's possible that the Anti-Material rifle they bought was the same one later used to kill Cord.

-Regarding brahmins, is it appropriate to refer to them as singular (her, she, etc), or, because most have two heads, would it be better to use "they" or "them"?

-In (I think) Fallout 2, there were two-headed Centaurs. One head was that of a human, and the other was that of a dog (they'd fight each other sometimes). Therefore, Super Mutants may have taken humans and dogs and fused them together to create those particular Centaurs. Imagine what would've happened if they got ahold of Milly and Dogmeat.

I have a feeling if I did that instead of just killing them both, I'd get even more hatred than I did for getting rid of Cord.

Chapter 16

- That this chapter was written in part from Argutus' POV was meant to demonstrate that he thinks differently than Cord did. His thoughts are more animalistic, or at least, that's what I wanted to aim for while granting him some semblance of the intelligence he boasted.

-"When most people see me, they either run or shoot at me..." is a paraphrase of the first line in Beneath This Gruff Exterior.

-By Argutus' logic, Cord was a deathclaw at the end, therefore he was meant to be a deathclaw.

-Like Cord, Argutus was treated by some humans as an animal, and later as a human. Argutus, however, didn't mind being considered an animal, whereas Cord didn't like it.

-The frontal lobe of the brain is responsible for judgement. That is, decision making.

-The Divide is extra content for Fallout: New Vegas. It was my favorite pack out of all of them.

-Lee had a soft spot for cyberdogs because of Rex.

-"Dissenter be damned" is a phrase seen in the Madness Combat series. It is seen here, in Beneath This Gruff Exterior, and Sacred Hearts and Fallen Angels.

-Crucifixion tends to kill its victims with asphyxiation. When your arms are forced out to the sides and up, it becomes harder to breathe. Death is slow, and agonizing.

-The Judge, like his Blood Meridian counterpart, is a force to be reckoned with. It took one bullet from his handgun to knock Milly's best weapon for the situation away from her.

-The Judge was meant to lightly resemble Raul Menendez.

-Either Lee was insane, as Milly suspected, or he was fucking with her, trying to get her to do as he wished and kill him.

-Lee punching himself in the head is something a friend of mine does.

-"A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush..." is a reference to Bruce Almighty.

-The Serial Number was my phone number at one point in time. It's not anymore. I'm not (that) stupid.

-Again, Milly held but did not fire the Beretta Tomcat.

-Lee committed suicide in the end, if you didn't gather that.

Chapter 17

-Nikolai trying to free himself of his binds and hurting himself in the process is a reference to Burn Notice.

-"Nikolai leaned forward a little bit and spit at the man..." should probably be "Nikolai leaned forward a little bit and spat at the man." Go me.

-Storytelling, as I understand, is a method for resisting interrogation. You tell a tall tale for as long as you can, talking through the interrogator. The more you talk, the less they can question. You're essentially filling their notepads with bullshit.

-That bastard First Recon guy was Boone.

-Milly's the type of dolt that would do all this because a beast was killed, apparently.

-"Anson" is a reference to Anson Fullerton of Burn Notice. The description is very accurate.

-He must've been kicked pretty damn hard.

-DeWitt is a reference to DeWitt Albright of Walter Mosley's Devil in a Blue Dress.

-Coke-Erie Village is a reference to "Kokiri Village" of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

-Mido is a reference to a character of the same name in Ocarina of Time.

-The warning that adults who wander too long in the village turn into monsters is a reference to what would happen to non-kokiri that entered the Lost Woods: They turn into monsters. No, not like Super Mutants, but things such as walking skeletons, werewolf-like creatures, undead, etc.

-Milly ended up contradicting herself. She said Legionary presence was stronger, but then said the trouble she was running into was becoming less and less frequent the closer she got to Freeside.

Chapter 18

-The name of this chapter is a reference to a short story of the same name by Richard Connell.

-I don't hate bugs. I just hate having to do something about them.

-The USP .45 is a real handgun. It stands for "Universal Self Loading Pistol." It is developed by Heckler & Koch.

-"Half mag/quarter mag/out" is a reference to Burn Notice. How many is that now?

-"The Strip was a place that would swallow you up as long as you had money to lose" is a reference to a line in the Flying Burrito Brothers' hit, "Sin City."

-I like "Love Me Tender." Scatman John did a very good cover of it, too.

-Don't make anything of Rex barking at Dogmeat, and then Dogmeat's eyes widening. I pictured it in my head and it made me lol.

-"William Tell's less fortunate son" is a reference to a Gary Larson cartoon. On Google, look up "William Tell had an older, less fortunate son named Warren" in images.

-"Dead" Larry Sizemore is a reference to a character of the same name in Burn Notice. Like his counterpart, Sizemore faked his own death by walking into an oil refinery a few minutes before it exploded (Michael Weston calls it "Larry's way of taking retirement.") Additionally, Larry loved his poisons, as does this one...

-"Oh, my God... He... he killed Kenny!/The bastard..." is a reference to the two popular lines from South Park.

-Though we've never seen it, you can imagine Milly being attacked on several occasions when we weren't following her travels.

-The Hotel California thing is a reference to the song, "Hotel California" by, The Eagles:

"Relax," said the nightman. "We are programmed to receive. You can check-out any time you'd like, but you can never leave."

-"Falafel" is another reference to Call of Duty.

-The FN FAL, or Fusil Automatique Léger, is a battle rifle manufactured by FN Herstal. It has been used popularly in about ninety countries, with the exception of the United States, which went instead with the M14 before moving on to the M16 variant.

-The S-Mine, or Shrapnel Mine, or Bouncing Betty, is a bounding mine. When triggered, it launches itself a little less than a meter into the air, and then detonates, sending approximately 350 small metal balls in every direction. They were used mainly by Germany in the second World War. It is an extremely dangerous weapon, realistically capable of taking out an entire squad at a time.

In the Call of Duty series, the S-mine is known only as a Bouncing Betty. Like the real world counterpart, it will hurl itself into the air and detonate, but it jumps higher, and it's avoided as easily as crouching or going prone. In reality, a soldier that attempted to avoid the explosive in either fashion would still either be killed or severely maimed, as the S-mine sends shrapnel every which way. If one launches itself before you, you can go prone and cover your neck with your hands. That's really your only shot at surviving, and it's not a very good one.

-Like this Larry, the real Larry was called a "weasel face" by multiple characters.

-The whole "Dead-ee" thing is something the actual Larry says, as is "...or you'll be my next dead-ee."

-The last little bit between Milly and Larry is what I used to satisfy an impatient reader that asked about this story on one of my other stories.

Send me a private message next time. That really pissed me off.

Chapter 19

-"Both Sides Now" is a reference to an episode of House, m.d.

-"I'll take my break... eventually..." is the logic I use when I'm in the zone at work.

-R&R stands for "Rest & Recreation" in this sense.

Chapter 20

-That weird time paradox really occurs. If I have to work or go to school in five hours, those five hours vanish in nothing flat.

-"101 Ways to Make ILLUSIONS" is a reference to the guide I got in my training day at John Wayne Gacy's clothing store.

-The MP5, or Maschinenpistole 5, is a submachine gun developed by Heckler & Koch. It's typically chambered for 9x19mm Parabellum rounds. It is succeeded by the Heckler & Koch UMP.

-The DSR-1 is a bolt action sniper rifle of bull-pup design. They are chambered for a few different rounds, but the .308 is common.

-The Beretta 92 is a semi automatic handgun developed by Beretta. Go figure. In the United States armed forces, its military spec, the M9 replaced the until then standard issue Model 1911A1 in 1985.

-The Smith and Wesson Model 500 is a large caliber revolver chambered for the .500 S&W magnum cartridge, which is a .50 caliber round. If I wanted to stick somewhat close to how tough Legate Lanius could be, then I needed someone to have a weapon that could compensate for any armor he might wear. Being one of, if not the strongest handguns in existence, the Model 500 seemed the classy way to go.

-"I'll be honest: I don't mind if you die" is a reference to a line uttered by Niko Bellic if he aims a weapon at an NPC.

-The man in the three piece that feigned firing a pistol was the Strange Man. As he did it, either he made the sound of a gunshot and ignited the powder keg that was the Brotherhood confrontation, or as he made the movement, Milly accidently fired her weapon.

-Milly, after so many instances of holding but never using the small sidearm, finally ended up firing the Beretta Tomcat for the first time. She shot the Officer three times in the chest. How many times did she got shot in her last confrontation with the Enclave?

-Again, we see the flour sack thing. This time, however, it was the correct usage of "flour."

-I find it amusing that Nikolai saw the albino deathclaw that was Argutus, then saw the cyberdog that was Dogmeat, and decided to inquire about the latter, though he'd seen and was bitten by him multiple times.

-I accidently switched to present tense at some point without even realizing it. It only happened for a second, but even so I missed it in my proof-reads.

-Body parts of the long dead can move, but it occurs more frequently after rigor mortis ceases and the muscles loosen as they decompose.

-If you ever have maggots in a wound and you're trapped somewhere, don't take them out. They'll eat any dead flesh in the wound and they secrete a sort of anti-bacterial matter, helping to prevent infection and additional necrosis. While having maggots in a wound will likely be alarming, they'd actually be helping you to survive.

-The two corpses foreshadow what will become of Milly and Dogmeat. "MY FAVORITE NUMBER IS 2300" foreshadows the exact year of their deaths. It was written by the Strange Man, which once again lends evidence to at least two arguments. If he is the devil, then... he just wants Milly dead. If he is God, then he looks forward to re-uniting her with her lost family and friends in paradise.

-"Pa-Patch" is a reference to a minor character seen in the second and last Paper Mario title: Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door.

I refuse to consider those last two abominations as part of the same franchise.

-Even the best laid plans of mice and men often go asunder. Except those of Latias.

Chapter 21

-The M1911 is a semi automatic single action pistol. It served as the standard US Military Sidearm from 1911 until 1985, when it was replaced by the Beretta M9. Though it is not as popular in its usage, it is still produced today.

-"Boone, do you think he's dead?" / "I hope so." One of my favorite exchanges in this whole story.

-The near explosion of human beings may occur if they get shot by the Barrett M82, which is an anti-material rifle that is chambered for .50 caliber rounds. The rapid expansion caused by the bullet can literally tear a person into pieces.

-Early in the story, Nikolai fired the Beretta Tomcat at Milly's target to mock her. Two shots missed, one caught the target in the waist. Nikolai was shot in the waist by either Caesar or Lanius on his way down. Caesar rigged the wounded man with C-4, and attempted to use him to kill his pursuers.

-Nikolai's last words, "Sorry, did I forget to mention that I am attached to explosive device? You should go now," reference the last words of Mason Gilroy in Burn Notice: "Sorry, did I mention I'm attached to an explosive device? Perhaps you should run."

-I think we've gone over the Bowie Knife before. Suffice it to say, it's a large knife.

-I was thinking of that one scene from Saving Private Ryan with the knife fight when I wrote Milly nearly being stabbed. I hate that scene.

-A traumatic aortic rupture, unless quickly treated, is fatal. It's as the name suggests: a rupture in the aortic valve of the heart, which is the largest artery in the body. Because it is responsible for helping to supply blood to the rest of the body, hemmoraging is quick.

Chapter 22

-The second to last bit was a parody to the "War never changes" thing Fallout is known for.

-The dialogue is meant to be left open for interpretation. Is it Cord and Milly talking after death with Dogmeat in tow, or are they completely different people hearing the story of the Lone Wanderer? It's your choice. Moreover, to whom is generic person or maybe Cord referring at the end there?

**I even gave it an extra day without meaning to, but I did not get enough unique voters to conclude my test, so it has been rendered inconclusive. I do want to thank the two of you that voted/read this story. Hope you keep reading my new ones.

I'm pretty disappointed that I can't close the book on my question, but the variety I saw in the two people that voted (all time low for the favorite character votes I employ after each major story... that's an observation, not a statement) tells me that I may have been incorrect with my hypothesis, though being shy two more voters, I can't say for certain. At least I can close the book on this disaster. If you didn't gather it already, I HATED WRITING THIS STORY. Killing Cord was the most interesting thing in it.

There is not supposed to be a very happy ending to this story. Not all stories work like that. This was darker than Beneath This Gruff Exterior, for sure.

I've still got about three more stories. No, they're not all hammered out yet. Two of these three will be shorter, but I'm expecting the third to be a very long story. One (What Price Glory) is a How to Train Your Dragon story, another (Project: Keaton) is The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask related (I'm still playing around with titles, but I'm thinking of "The Hourglass" or something to that effect), and finally, I've got a retelling/parody of Skyrim, called Caged. I'm expecting it to be the longest story of the three, so it's probably going to be last.

Let me know which of those three flan-domes should be the first to experience (or re-experience) the disaster that I call writing.

Because of the somber tone, there will be no Christmas one-shot to go with this story. I've waited so long for this, but now I can say it: Manifest Destiny has concluded.

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One more thing: Apple Pie Ala Mode, one of the films I helped make, is set to be produced sometime in 2014, so keep your eyes peeled. Also, another one, Seshafi, has been completed, but I've not heard anything about it being released. Expect it in 2014, as well.