hey, I am so sorry to maandfangforever I have been saying her name is meanfangforever. SORRY! Hey, i have some more quetions for Iggy: Why do you deny your gayness? I: because it's NOT TRUE! R: it isn't. He loves Ella. I: Patrick! R: WHAT! I didn't say anything! I: everything is your fault. Why are you so stupid? I: are you denying my intelligence! R: Oooh. Busting out the big words P: YOU sir have been watching a lot of Dora. I: Hola terrícolas cómo estás por qué están tan mucho peor que yo. And last but not least: If I had a plan to murder Dylan, would you help? I: maybe. What is the plan? DOES IT INVOLVE BACON! R: *shakes head* Now are questions I got from a truth or dare app; When was the last time you wet your bed? I: ummmm R: my mom WAS wondering what that wet spot was yesterday. P: you never know it could have been cu- R: PATRICK! I: OK YESTERDAY NIGHT. HAPPY ROSE! R: very... What's your favorite cartoon from when you were younger? I: duh! Spongebob! R: you still watch it... P: like you don't! R: yeesh. What do you want to be when you grow up? I: ummm, a bomb maker! R: figures. Name something you are afraid of? I: erasers, white coats, small spaces, American girl dolls, the sound vacuums make when they suck up the end of a rug a- P: that's enough Iggy... R: you sound like nudge Have you ever stolen anything? I: YOU CAN'T MAKE ME SAY ANYTHING! R: it's all in the books... Have you ever pooped your pants? I: sometimes when you are in the air and the breeze hits you in just the right spot and Gazzy let's a perfect fart loose, it's hard to resis- R: T. FREAKING. M. I! Do you have any weird habits? I: making bombs, cooking when blind R: reciting every line of twilight, new moon, eclipse, and breaking dawn, putting glitter in his body lotion to make his skin sparkle P: plating Zelda for 10 hours straight, hiding in random strangers closets, putting dog poop in cakes an- I: ENOUGH! I have been embarrassed enough.