Title: Your Star
Rating: PG
Warning: angst
Pairing/Characters: Sheridan, mentions of Luis, hints of Sheridan/Luis
Word Count: 337.
Summary (for chapter): prompt: crash. …it ends much the same way it begins.

The world burns around her as night closes in.

Blood streaks her blond hair, mats it to her feverish forehead, as her pain-hazed eyes struggle to focus, shift wildly back and forth to her immediate surroundings. Smoke, thick and black and rolling leaps and licks at her abraded skin, crawls into her throat, forces a cough past her ruby lips, and the deep moan that swells defiantly at its invasion robs her of her breath for several long, terrifying moments where Sheridan is sure this is it, this is the end, this is Death.

Fiery sparks flicker like possessed fireflies all around. Limbs snap, crackle, pop before they crash to the forest floor below, casualties of a force more malevolent than nature, sabotage and hatred unleashed. Wildlife skitter here and there, frantic, helter-skelter for safe haven, and the silver moon disappears behind the black curtain of hell on earth.

Sheridan's fingernails claw the dirt beneath her broken body, desperate for an escape that she knows doesn't exist, and tears track down her trembling cheeks, slip into her hairline, screams echoing in her ears as the flames sizzle nearer. The ground shakes beneath her as the rest of the fuselage explodes somewhere behind her, and the screams morph into a guttural growl of agony when she curls away from the ricocheting debris launched with the blast.

Heat cloaks the night, chases away the chilly sting of Fall.

But cold creeps up on Sheridan, and her breath grows short, labored with the passing seconds, minutes, hours. She thinks of Luis, and the pain dulls, recedes. She thinks of Luis, and he's there, and he's reaching for her, and she's almost home, almost there, but it's too much and not enough, and she smiles at the irony of it all, because it ends much the same way it begins, with a crash; but this one is bigger, brighter, fiery, final. Blue eyes slowly drift closed, and he's all she sees, forevermore.

The world burns around her as night closes in.

So...I sat down with the intentions of updating one or two of my Gwen-centered fics, A Map of the World and Everything, only a comment on one of my other stories kept coming back to my mind.

It reminded me just how much I love(d) Sheridan and Luis, and the prompts I had started to take the shape of a story. For Sheridan and Luis. Well, I couldn't just ignore them.


Good thing, too, because as of this moment, I already have four chapters of this story written.

This story will be told in non-linear fashion. Think Pieces of My Heart. Also, like PoMH, the rating is subject to change but will probably be an overall PG-13.

The first and the last chapter, well...I'll explain that later, see if you guys pick up on anything unusual about them.

For now, I'll just let you digest this chapter and decide if you want to go another journey with Sheridan and Luis and me.


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