Hello all. Yes, it's me JadedRen popping back into existence after several months (far too many) away. I truly want to apologize for the lack of update in so long and allow me to say that no this story is not going to remain incomplete. I do plan to continue with it soon.

Shortly after mine and Roamer79's (my husband, for those who don't yet know) last updates we received a call that a close family member was ill. This phone call eventually led us to move from the west coast to the east coast of the U.S. This move was so sudden that we left nearly all of our furniture just to be with our family to provide support. Mind you moving with four children is never easy but moving across country and then having to essentially start all over with nothing is even harder.

These last seven months have been consumed with Roamer and I attempting to get back on our feet. Neither one of us plan to allow our stories to fade away forever stuck as incomplete. I plan to have a new chapter up soon, I only began to think about it again last night so please allow me time to reread my own story. I need to remember the small details so I don't have any plot issues when I begin writing again. I also need time to mentally get back into the story and remember exactly the path I had planned for it.

I know Roamer had never intended to allow his stories to go this long without an update. However, I will say this our ill family member was on his side of the family so please understand that it may take him longer to update than it does me. I will try to answer any direct questions through PM or review that I can.

Again I thank you all for reading our stories, following, fav'ing, and even reviewing. You are all appreciated.


P.S. I also apologize for giving you all the false hope that this was a true update. I may run and hide for that :) I hope you all have a great day.