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Joan's pov

I was standing just outside of Langley when a familiar black car pulled up. The door in the back opened up and Annie got out. Now the next part of my plan would begin.

Annie and I walked into the DPD side by side. When Tech Ops became visible Annie looked for Auggie and immediately found him drinking coffee at his desk, a sight that made her smile. She was distracted with that and didn't notice that Jai was coming or that he had a look on his face that clearly said: screw you Anderson, Annie will be mine. Arrogant bastard thinks he can ruin the plan, well won't he be shocked.

I looked at Stu, who was watching us, nodded at Jai. This signaled that he was to wait till Jai started to ask Annie out then tell Auggie (with help from Barber). Earlier I had Stu talk Auggie into realizing that he loved Annie, so now hearing Jai was trying to steal the woman he loved Auggie would come up and punch Jai, who would be to proud to admit that a blind man managed to punch him to file a report on it and I would look the other way.

Now Jai was walking along with us and the plan would come to an end soon.

Barber's pov

Stu had told me what he and I had to do to get Annie and Auggie together. I heard Jai talking and felt Stu elbow me, our signal to start the plan.

"Oh, shit," I said.

"What?" Auggie asked.

"Jai is going after some poor girl," Stu answered.


"Annie," I said.


With that Auggie got his cane got up and walked out to Joan, Annie, and Jai.

"Jai is so going to get it now," Stu said.

"He'll get what he deserves," I said. "And he'll learn that Annie is off limits to him and every other guy in the Agency."

We then lapsed into silence as we watched the scene unfold.

Annie's pov

I was getting annoyed, Jai was not backing down no matter how nicely I kept turning him down.

"Come on Annie, just one date," Jai said trying one last time.

"No, thank you Jai, now leave me alone," I replied, trying to get around him to Auggie who was coming over kinda fast.

Now I got a better look at him I noticed the unreadable expression on his face. I had almost gotten within arm's reach of Auggie when someone, most likely Jai, grabbed my arm hard.

I gasped in pain, then turned and went to hit him. He then caught my other arm to stop me, that's when Auggie, my Auggie, my hero stepped in.

He pushed Jai away turned to me and asked, "Are you okay?"

"Yeah, I'm fine," I replied.

Before I could say thank you or even think he had turned back to Jai with a deadly accurate death glare and punched him in the face. Jai looked so shocked but everyone in the DPD and Tech Ops started clapping. During the applause Auggie turned towards me again and pulled me close. I saw the love in his eyes and I realized that he felt the same way I did. Then he started to lean in, eyes closing as I did the same. Everyone around us was quiet until our lips, then they erupted in cheers, applause, and calls of "Finally!".

Auggie and I pulled apart and faced our audience and asked, "You all knew didn't you?"

"SINCE DAY ONE!" Was the united reply.

"Joan planned this didn't she?"

"Yes! Jai was supposed to help but veered, to try and sabotage it, but it worked out anyway," Joan said.

Auggie's pov

Ha! Take that Jai you could never take Annie from me!

(Author's note: wait for it he'll figure it out.)

OOOOOOOOOH! Now it all makes sense! I was the one they were talking about. God, I can be so blind, pun sort of intended.

"Well, now I have my true love," I said.