As Lily evans was walking to the Gryffindor Common room after she'd been in the bathroom crying because Severus had called her a mudblood ,her own best friend …Lily Stopped right infront of the common room door because she heard a voice…no 2 voices ….James Potter and Severus …but what were they saying…? She had to get closer ,so very, very quietly and slowly she moved to the front a bit and listened …

"Listen Snivillus , I know you want to talk to Evans but she's not here right now so if you please could go so we can all go back to sleep …because you just WOKE UP THE WHOLE CASTLE!"

"No I need to talk to Lily!"

"What coming to Apologize " James said while grinning

"That's None Of Your Businesses Potter !"

James's grin turned into a frown .. "You know you shouldn't have called her a ….You know what ….." He said Quietly

Severus Opened his mouth and closed then he said "Your right ….You know what I'll l talk to her tomorrow"

Lily was about to come out of the shadows just as Severus was walking away …..

Lily Sighed just when James was going to go back into the common room ,but unfortunately James heard her and turned around …

James was shocked to see Lily …and Lily was blushing …a bit…..well a lot really … "He-ll-o….J-am-es …"Lily Stuttered…

"were you easdropping Evans …. ?!" said James getting straight to the points ,"Yes I was and you shouldn't have Said anything !"She Said While walking into the common room and stopping right in front of the Dormitories

"well Lily…I….You know what I'm tired ..i'm going to bed ….."

"James wait !... Thank You "

"You called me James !".said James slowly Forming a grin on his face ,"Lily did you seriously call me James and not Potter?! Lily Evans Called Me JAMES!...wait till Padfoot hears about this!wooooo!"He Whispered /Shouted

"Good Night James …."said Lily while entering the room

"Goodnight Evans …."was that last thing she heard before she went into her Dormitory but little did she know that James had whispered something ….He had whispered "I Love You "