Holy waterworks!

A/N - Just a quick fan fic, don't ask me how or why I thought of this but I just found it really funny J

It had been a very long day with little breaks and Yuri Hyuga was absolutely exhausted.

They were in Rouen a small town in France and Yuri had awoken to find Alice missing.

Naturally he'd panicked and as he'd suspected she was in a boarded up church which was nearby.

It'd been a long and difficult battle, the evil sorceress had control over many elements and he'd been unsure on what to fuse into.

Alice had been scared but given her situation, fighting at her dad's death scene it was understandable.

He was tired but not too beaten up the only problem was that Margarete had run off somewhere, Alice as upset and he seriously needed a wee.

Alice had prayed for father Doyle and was now knelt at the front of the church, there as no toilet nearby, the hotel was far away and it was dangerous to leave Alice alone, especially after what had happened with Dehuai.

He tried everything from crossing his legs, to jumping around, but staring at the holy water on the alter the only thing he could think about was the beautiful sensation of relief which he would feel once he had urinated.

"Hey erm Alice?" he asked hopping towards her with his legs crossed.

She looked at him bemused but continued whispering aloud a prayer.

"Aliceā€¦I'm sorry but I really need to get out of here." he said embarrassed.

Alice nodded and lifted one finger silencing him as she continued praying.

"Goddamit I need to piss like right now!" he yelled, clapping his hands over his mouth when he realised that he'd swore in a church.

Alice finished her prayer and stood up shaking her beautiful blonde head at him.

"Yuri, I'm sorry. I'm finished now come on let's go back to the hotel." she said.

Yuri nodded his face purple with the amount of effort it was talking to hold it in.

Alice picked up her book and daintily brushed down her dress, smoothing out all of the wrinkles.

Finally he couldn't take it anymore.

"I'm sorry Alice he said before dashing outside.

Alice sighed wondering how on earth he'd make it back to the hotel in time, cautiously collecting her bible and shaking off all of the dust it had accumulated.

Stepping outside she immediately wished she hadn't, because there was Yuri his back to her casually weeing outside the church.

"Yuri! What on earth are you doing!" she scolded, blushing at the thought of him exposed.

He turned around a sheepish look on his face.

"I-I'm sorry Alice, I just needed it real bad and I didn't want to interrupt you!" he protested apologetically.

Usually she'd have been mad, but even Alice given the situation could appreciate the humour.

"Do you usually make a habit of weeing outside churches?" she teased.

Yuri shook his head furiously.

"No this is the first." he admitted smiling a little.

"Come on you can make it up to me later." she said.

Instantly Yuri's face lit up his eyes gleaming and his smile wicked.

"Not that way!" she exclaimed laughing.

Only Yuri she thought. Only Yuri.

And with that thought in her head she smiled taking his arm and leading him back to the hotel.