Me: Hi...I'm back!

Ichigo: It's been a real, real long time. You've been gone for months!

Kashino: You are so lazy...

Me: Hey, I actually had to go to 'summer school.' Well, not really summer school, just book club and other places.

Kashino: Sure...

Me: Really! Oh and I'm sorry if this story wasn't on my poll and i'm sorry if I didn't even finish one story. Well, I'm sure no one cares about my other stories... pretty much trash.

Ichigo: So you wrote this...what is it called...wah~! The title is so sweet!

Me: Thanks...anyways, I just really HAD to write this because I would forget this. And this story is inspired by this music I really enjoy. Hopefully, you guys like it and I'm sorry if this is short...Please read...

Kashino: Terry does not own YP!

The people scorn and wrinkle their noses in disgust at the sight of me. Me. As if I'm a piece of garbage. Of course, I'm equivalent to a piece of garbage. I come from a family of beggars. Right. Piece of garbage. I'm walking around, holding small box of used, rusty utensils with silver painting peeling off. I'm trying to sell them, but they ignore me and the utensils and continue on with their business. I'm sad and hungry. I need money to give to Mom, who will buy a piece of stale bread and water. But I sold none of the utensils. None. I suffer from the heat of the scorching sun that practically is burning my flesh. I'm sad, hungry and hot. Help me. Help me.


I see a pouch thud near my feet. Quickly, I look up, but I only see the back of a boy. A boy with blonde hair. His hair looks so pure and clean. Maybe his hair is made out of soft gold. I see him diminish and then he disappears. Just like that. I hesitantly reach for the pouch. The mysterious pouch. The pouch is satin red. The material is so expensive.

'The boy must be rich,' I thought, thinking of a castle filled with nourishments, 'The boy must be a prince.'

I open the pouch and I almost shout with joy. There is so much money. I can't believe the boy with blonde hair gave me this. Wait; did he give me this or did he accidentally drop this. If he was giving me this much money, I should have given him all the utensils. However, the utensils would be useless to him, especially since he's rich. I think of his golden hair as I toss the box of utensils on the sidewalk because I have money. A lot of money that I could give to mother. Mom would buy lots of food tonight.

'Thanks, boy with blonde hair,' I silently say to myself, contented.

The memory is fresh in my mind as if it happened yesterday or even few hours ago. But really it happened 6 years ago when I was only a mere 10 year old girl. Though the mysterious boy with blonde hair gave me a lot of money, which happened to be exactly $50.78, the money eventually vanished like the boy. I sort of expected that Mom and I will forever be wealthy, but of course I was blunt to think that. But the money did change Mom's and my thoughts on how to earn money. Afterwards, Mom got a job at a laundry store though the pay there was only $0.25 an hour. I couldn't get a job for 6 years because of my age, but now that I'm 16 years old, I'm ready for a part-time job.

Me: How was it?

Ichigo: I'm confused. Who's the girl?


Ichigo: Then who was the boy with blonde hair?

Kashino: Who cares! I wasted my time reading this garbage.

Me: HEY! Anyways, readers please review.