Me: Hi...

Kashino: I'm not going to bother to ask where you were because it's obvious that you were being lazy.

Me: If you're trying to make me angry or whatever, then it's not going to work because I'm just tired and want to get this over with.

Ichigo: What happened?

Me: School. OMG. I have to...

Hanabusa: Am I really in the story?

Me: (ignore) I don't own YP

Hanabusa: I asked...

"Waitress, can I have another cup of coffee?"

"Give me the check!"

I finally found a perfect job at a café called My Heaven, which is for rich customers. Though the café is small, it is still gorgeous and never fails to amaze me. Besides the café, I just love my job as a waitress. As a waitress, I get to wear a fluffy, white knee length dress, white flats and a golden hair band. And I get to be with the best and nicest manager, Mari Tennuoji and my mentor/best friend, Rumi. My point is that My Heaven really is my heaven…sort of. The only problem is that the pay is NOT enough for Mom's and my needs. Still, I don't regret my choice as a waitress.

Anyways, today is like any ordinary day. Me waiting tables. Me taking orders from sometimes snobby or nice customers. Me placing the orders to the kitchen. Me serving the customers. Me occasionally taking out the garbage. See. Normal tasks at My Heaven. I admit though, I sometimes wish for some action, except for impatient, rude customers demanding for things. That is something I do NOT want to listen to.

Of course, wishing for things sometimes equal trouble, so I try to appreciate my job at a seemingly peaceful and normal café. Don't get me wrong. Like I said, I love my job, but I occasionally can't help thinking about for something action, drama. Something different.


I snap out of my thoughts and track down the customer who called for me. When I arrive at the table, I see three regular customers, who are probably around my age (recap: I'm 16 years old). One of them has dark blue hair and glasses and the other one has shiny green hair and a flirtatious aura. The last one has blonde hair (not the completely golden one, but just blonde) and is fidgeting.

I cordially and politely ask them, "What do you need?"

The green-haired teenager smiled flirtatiously, "Check."

Nodding, I walk back to the cashier when Rumi calls me over to a empty part of the dining area.

"Ichigo, you should, you know."

She nervously giggles and I frown, confused.

"Can you elaborate the part when you said 'you know'?"

"Do you know the three customers you just served?" Rumi pauses, "One of them has been staring at you for a long time."

Her statement just made me even more baffled. I suppose my feelings showed because Rumi sighs in frustration and semi-yelled and said, "Ichigo Amano! He totally has a crush on you! How could you not notice that? I even noticed!"

Uncomfortable heat spread throughout my cheeks.

"R-Rumi, stop saying s-such nonsense. Why would h-he like me? And who is he?"

She rubs her temple and she repeats under her breath, "Oh my gosh."

"Rumi! Who? I nearly screech, annoyed.

"For God's sake! It's the blonde dude!"

Dumbfounded. Baffled. I feel like fainting because the overwhelming emotions of confusion.

Trying to steady my voice, I question, "So what? What do you want me to do about that?"

"Go out with him."


"Listen, Ichigo. Don't you get it? You deserve more than a poor living condition. Every day, I see you wearing crappy clothes," Rumi began, "So if you just convince him that you 'love' him then he will go bananas and will buy you anything. You'll be rich and won't have to worry about any financial problems."

I admit that Rumi's idea was tempting, but I do not want to hurt a person I barely even know.

Before I could confirm my decision that I don't want to do that, Rumi continues, "Ichigo, you're just pretending to be in love with that blonde dude. He's not going to be hurt."

I still feel unsure because how exactly would she know. But instead of saying no, I rashly answer, "Fine. I'll do it."

Now I'm horrified. I accidentally said yes. Or maybe I just want to earn more money. Rumi has a surprised expression as she begins to tell me her complete plan. As she explains, my conscience tells me that this is all wrong. But I do not stop. I ignore my conscience.

Hanabusa: You cut me off!

Me: Well, at least you know you were in the story.

Hanabusa: Yeah, like one little part.

Me: Don't get too greedy. Anyways, was it good or what?

Ichigo: It was great.

Kashino: It took you 2 or more months to come up with a cheesy plot?

Me: Yeah...pretty much.

Kashino: Yo actually agreed.

Me: Well, yeah because the beginning is always the boring part of the book. Anyways, review to receive a guarantee chapter update soon (maybe few months later). And promise to update the Troubled Strawberry. Actually, that story will take a little longer because I'm already stuck and bored with the idea. I just thought of ANOTHER story idea that maybe a LOT better.

Kashino: That's getting a little annoying. Just finish at least one story.