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It had been a month, and Will was already back to the open, annoying, but loveable apprentice that kept asking questions and never seemed to shut up.
Not that Halt really minded, he loved Will as a son he never had, but that didn't mean he had to know that.
Halt watched him from afar, and was quite happy with what he saw. Will fired arrow after arrow and they all hit the bullseye.
Still, something bothered Halt; Will never talked about his time in Skandia. Sure, Halt knew the great lines: How he protected the princess while they were on the boat, how they became slaves and how Will eventually got addicted to the warmweed. But still, he must have had an awful and terrible time there, Halt knew from the nightmares Will had, but never wanted to talk about.

Halt hated being incapable of helping Will when he needed it so desperately.

Because he indeed needed it. Maybe Will is acting the same as before, but that actually made Halt more worried. The journey he went through should have changed him, there just was no escaping that. but Will acted like it never happened. Well he did, but he hasn't..changed. Shouldn't Will be more..reserved now? Or maybe something else? Harder? Less happy? Halt didn't know, he should be glad Will was still acting happy, but there was the problem: he was acting, Halt could see it.

Sure, Will is a very strong boy, and time will indeed heal Will, but not like this, not so sudden. And not without talking about it. Will is not flawless, Halt knew he would have gotten better, he has enough willpower to overcome the events he went through, no doubt there, and sure he would have changed a bit, but in a better way.

But staying the same boy he was before? Not a chance.

So Halt needed to know what really happened over there in Skandia but what could he do? It's not like Evanlyn is going to tell him, she's just as bad as Will right now (or good). And Erak has already told Halt what he knew, and that wasn't much.

Ne needed to know and he was frustrated he didn't.

Maybe that was why, when Will stopped shooting and gave him a big grin because he did so well, Halt ignored him and went inside.

"Hey Halt, how did I do today?", Will asked, eyes full of hope to get a better reaction now.

Halt looked at him, and now truly looked.
He saw a mob of unruly brown curls on top of his apprentice's head, impossible to get a comb through but (if he needed to believe Jenny and Alyss and possibly every other girl) "very cute", Halt didn't really think of it that way.
Then he looked at his face and saw his apprentice was quite the handsome boy, tanned skin with deep brown eyes, surround by thick long eyelashes, a straight nose and high cheekbones. Sure, he was pretty small for a boy but that only added to his charm. Halt knew Will always was very popular with the girls but just was way to oblivious to notice. (Or Halt's presence scared them away)
But Halt saw the dark bags under his eyes and he knew his apprentice didn't get enough sleep from the constant nightmares.

"You did good.", Halt said and turned around, seeing the start of a brilliant smile on Will's face.
Halt wanted that smile to be real.