A short one-shot I thought of a while ago. I rewrote it so if you read it before you can re-read it. 298 words and 1 page.

It was a dark night on a full moon. Godric's Hollow was quiet and snow laden. All the residents were in their houses except for one. That person was shrouded in a black cloak to protect against the harsh winter air, but you could tell he was male. He stood at a gate, his eyes laden with sadness.

A crack went through the night and another person appeared, also shrouded in a cloak, but you could tell that this figure was a woman. She walked up to the man and put her arm around him. They both looked through the gate and on at the destroyed house before them. The house was covered in vines and had much of the second story destroyed. It had been years since the destruction had happened, but still the house stood as a monument.

They looked on until a small cry of distress rang out. The male took a bundle he was holding out from under his robes and tried to comfort the baby. The woman smiled as she saw him comfort the baby, but shivered when a cold wind passed by.

"We should go, Harry, James is getting cold," The woman said concerned for the welfare of the child.

The man, Harry, nodded and looked sadly at the destroyed house.

"Even though it was so long ago-," Harry stopped and shook his head. "I just wish I could see them now."

"I know," the woman said.

"Ginny, I love you," Harry said while turning to face her.

"I love you too, Harry," Ginny said and leaned in for a small kiss. Harry pulled back first and they smiled. He held out his hand to her and intertwined their fingers.

Another crack went through the air as both Harry and Ginny disappeared.

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