White laughed so hard that he began to cry. "Wow Black! You really let yourself go! Did you get fired again?!" Black only glared. "No, and I'm not not fat! I'm...expecting..." The other's voice cracked as he despretly tried to suppress laughter in order to speak. However, that failed and the white spy ended up on the ground, gasping for breathe. 'Sick bastard.' Black thought to himself. White got to his feet only to fall down again. "Expecting..? Expecting what?! Your lyposucktion operation?! AHHAHAHAHAH!"

Black grew tired of the other's banter and yanked him up to his feet by the collar of his jacket. "You done yet?" White slapped away the hand that was fasened onto his jacket and frowned. "And what if i'm not?" The darker-dressed spy's eyes were blazing with frustation. "White, will you just LISTEN for once? Is that too much to ask?!" The said-spy blinked and remained slinent. " Good. Now, do you remember when you were drunk 3 weeks ago?" White brought a hand to the base of his mouth and looked up. "All I remember was having one hell of a hangover the next day...wait..." The spy's eyes widened ."and finding the asprin already out on the counter...SHIT! YOU DON'T THINK-!"

Black rolled his eyes. "No." White blinked in confusion and then pointed at his rival's growing stomach. "Then why-" The other growled and narrowed his glance. "WHITE! I DON'T THINK! I KNOW! MON DIEU YOU'RE SUCH AN IMBICAL!"


"I was a little..d-drunk." Black looked away and sniffed. "That's a-all."

White was about to yell at the other spy for giving him a half-ass answer but then noticed a streak of water running down the other's face. He bit his lower lip and held back the pure shock from escaping. He's NEVER seen the other openly weep just from arguing like this. Black probably couldn't help it, his hormones were stressing his usual control over his emotions. White sighed and walked towards his rival and pulled him close to himself. Black stiffed in fear but appeared to be frozen in it. White's cheek brushed against the other male's ear. "Shhhh...it's okay. I'm here." he whispered low rasp. "I promise that I won't leave you or our kid. I'll do my best to protect you both." He felt a head burring itself into his shoulder and a pair of arms wrapping around his torso. Warm tears bled into the light-colored fabric of his shirt. The other was making an effort to stop sobbing. The sobs soon died down into gasps and a few hiccups before it calmed down all together. A guenuine grin crept along the side of white's face. "The hell did you do to me Black?" He chucled. "How come you're so soft all a sudden? You know I could've killed you right now if I wanted to?"

"Could've, would've, didn't. And you do care~" Black said softly. "Afterall, I am carring your own flesh and blood here."

Black's sure going through some moodswings, huh? Well, now that White's going to take responiblity and a risk here, he won't have to go through it alone~

This is supposted to be a oneshot but there's always the possiblity from more (and more detailed) chapters...Anyway, hope you enjoyed and don't forget to leave a review if you'd like!

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