Bit of background. Claire is 17 and lives in Texas already. Everything else should be explained. If not, ask me ;)

I cannot believe him!

Brandon knew I was underage, yet he still tried to move in on me!

That is just sick. It's times like this that I wish my brother was still here. Michael was picked for the American Gymnastic squad two years ago. Since then, I have only seen him twice. Once after the Olympic games, the other was 6 months ago when he injured his ankle.

So here I was, at my Gym at 11:00pm on a Friday night. My parents own this Gym and personally trained myself and Michael along with other students.

I concentrated on the vault and ran. I ran full pelt towards the vault and completed a Yurchenko with triple twist. To my pleasure, I landed perfectly.

I hear claps echo around the empty hall. I turned and saw my mum and little sister Miranda (or Mir as I call her) applauding me from the stands. I smiled and jogged over to them.

"Hey sweetheart. Is everything ok?" asks my mum with a small smile.

I nod and reply "Everything is fine. Just needed to think."

"Can I tell her mum. Please?" Mir was practically bouncing up and down. Even though she is 15 and two years younger than me, she still towered over me. It was a little depressing to be honest. Mum gave her permission to speak and Mir turned to me.

"The American Olympic Gymnast team needs a new female. Mikey has recommended you, and they are coming to watch you train and test work with you tomorrow." She was squeeling by the end of it but I stood there in shock.

Finally, a grin spread over my face and I was jumping around with my mum and sister on cloud nine.

I decided to go to bed, so I was fully rested for tomorrow.

The next day

I was running on pure adrenaline. When I was in practice, very little could distract me, especially some talent scouts for the best team in the country. I started on the beam, my worst apparatus, and worked around to the uneven bars, floor and finally the vault.

Once I had performed enough moves in each section I took a break and grabbed an energy drink. Two tall gentlemen and a posh looking woman approached me.

"Good afternoon Claire, my name is Amelie, this is Oliver," she pointed to the hippie-styled man who merely nodded his head at me, "and this is Myrnin, "she pointed to the younger man. He extended his hand in front of him, which I shook.

"We are the scouts and coaches for the American Gymnast team. I am the founder of the team if you like, created it, manage it, make sure everyone is safe and happy," I nodded weakly, shocked they had even come over to talk to me.

"Oliver is my second in command and is the coach for the boy's team, and Myrnin here is the coach for the girl's team. I must say, so far we are very impressed." Amelie says with a warm smile.

Oh my God, oh my God, OH MY GOD!

"Wow, um thank you ma'am, really."

"Well if it is ok with you Claire, I would like to work with you before making a final decision," Myrnin says with hope in his eyes. I nod my head in approval and he leads me to the beam.

He turns to me and smiles, "How are tour pirouettes on beam? I daw you make a single turn, how are you on doubles?"

"A little shaky," I reply, "They seem to be a fifty/fifty."

"Well then, lets train." Myrnin laughs a gentle chuckle, but he is far from gentle. I can defiantly say he pushed me to my limits by the end of the session.

"I'm impressed little Claire," I look at him slightly confused as I drink a protein shake Mir made me. "Not one of the girls on the squad can keep up with my training sessions without complaining. Or collapsing for that matter. Tell me, how often do you work on your stamina?"

"Well, um, maybe around an hour of running in the morning along with sit ups, push ups, the usual, and um, half an hour for the cool down." I answer staring at his face waiting for the reaction.

"Huh, the same as Michael," he murmurs. Before I can respond he walks away and talks to Amelie and Oliver. Finally they walk over with my mum and dad to where I am stretching out my muscles on the mats.

"Well," states Amelie, "I am proud to say that if you want it, you have made the team."

Everything passed in a blur. I remember thanking them, mum offered to make them dinner and dad suggested they stay the night since it was late. Myrnin and I became close in that time. He helped me pack, talked with me, but most of all, he told me about the new Gym I would be training in.

To say I was excited would be a major understatement.

The following morning, we drove to the airport to board the private jet. The flight lasted two hours during which time I was told about me schedule – train everyday for 5 hours a day with an hour of schooling Monday through Friday. Not too bad in my opinion.

The plane landed and I walked off to see a special someone waiting for me. I couldn't contain my excitement.


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