C6 ClairePOV

It had been a few packed days since I was admitted to hospital and I was finally back home. Because I only felt fully comfortable around Shane, and I had to stay away from Monica as much as possible to reduce stress, I had moved into Shane's room on the male side of the gym house. I was sleeping in Michaels bed (him and Shane share a double room) whilst Michael was staying in my room.

I just had the sexiest shower ever. I imagined Shane was in there with me, touching me in places he dared to venture (although it was my hand). I stepped out with a smile on my face and a in my step. By the time I was ready to exit the bathroom, it had been another 20 minutes.

I walked out of the rooms en suite in my towel because I forgot my change of clothes, and walked right into a wall of bare muscle. Arms circled around my waist to keep me upright and I looked up into the face of the sexy Shane Collins. Knowing it was his arms that were wrapped around me made me relax into him.

With my arms holding up my towel I could feel myself being drawn towards Shane. I knew my body was leaning towards him and my head was tilted by head back so I was looking at him. I could see his head lowering towards me.

We were almost there.

I began to shut my eyes.

I could feel his breath.

Knock, knock, knock. The door burst open to reveal Michael.

Me and Shane separated before Mikey saw us and I took this time to take him in.

"Sorry to interrupt, forgot to pack my shower stuff." Was all Mikey said before disappearing into the bathroom.

Looking at Shane, I saw he was just in his black trackies, with a bare chest and . . . God, he looked HOT. Mikey exited the bathroom holding his new toilet bag.

I could feel the sexual tension between me and Shane rapidly rising. Mickey then turned to me.

"How are you feeling?"


"How are you feeling sleeping in here?"


"If you are feeling better, could I have a hug?" this was asked kind off sheepishly.

I was about to say 'not yet' when Shane spoke.

"For fuck sake Mike," he interrupted, "Can she get some privacy and get dressed. She's not gonna hug you when she is in a towel."

"Right, er, sorry, my bad." With that he turned and left the room. Immediately I turned and ran into Shanes arms and smashed my lips onto his.

His lips were soft and sweet but urgent and passionate. I felt love, passion and desire all through this simple kiss. His lips parted slightly and we thrust our tongues in each other's mouths. He backs us up towards his bed and lowered me down to the bed. I let out an involuntary gasp of pleasure and that was a mistake.

"Oh my God, Claire, I am so sorry I thought since you started this you were ok with me you know . . . with you . . . intimately."

With that Shane turned around and left the room.

I sat there for about half an hour thinking things through. I had no idea what went wrong.

At about 6 pm I realised what went wrong with me and Shane.

I gasped.

He must of thought that the gasp meant I wasn't ready or I was scared or something.

God, I am stupid.

I sat on my bed waiting for Shane to come back to the room. Just as was about to die of boredom, Shane opened the door.

I realised he was staring at me because I was in my underwear. Only my underwear.

"Shane" I took steps towards him, trapping him between myself and the door, "I don't understand why you ran off earlier. I didn't gasp for a bad reason. I was gasping because I loved it. I love your body on mine, your kisses, your touch, your feel,"

I was cut off with him slamming his lips against mine and swapping our position so I was against the door.

"I'm not gentle, I'm not the lover that you want Claire, I'm fucked up,"

"You don't think I'm not fucked up too? I want you, please?"

Instead of answering, Shane simply lay on my bed and opened my arms and let me join him where we both fell into a restful sleep.

Shane POV

When I woke up, my face was covered in silk brown hair. I snuggled in closer to kiss her shoulder only it woke Claire up, as she wriggled she pressed her but into my 'morning glory'. She giggled.

She has such a cute giggle.

"I take that isn't excitement for school this morning." Claire mumbled.

"Don't remind me," I replied still kissing her back. Great school this morning. We had a few days off for Claire to get comfortable again though we still did training, it was only us two. Now have to go back to regular days. Joy.

Today was a science day and I knew Claire would love it. Her best subject was science back in her old school and she couldn't wait to start it up again. She rolled over after looking at the alarm clock.

"You wanna shower first or shall I?" Claire spoke into my chest with no conviction of getting up.

"Um, you? You take forever so you can go first. I'll pack our gym stuff." She gasped with fake shock and hit my shoulder. I smashed my lips to hers and kissed her with so much passion.

Claire finally pulled away and said "Shane, what about Monica? I mean you are technically still with her?"

There was a knock at our door and Shane, being the most decent, went to answer it. "Hey Mikey."

"Hey Shane, hey Claire. How you doing today?" he asked her.

"Better, fingers crossed you'll be able to touch me soon," Claire replied with a smile. "What you got in your hands?"

"Oh, I brought you two some food. Its late and we are needed in class in half an hour."

"So why are you bringing it to us?" I asked.

"Oh, I am going to my room to pack my gym stuff so I thought I should stop by.

I nodded my head to show I was convinced and took the food and Michael disappeared down the hall.

"Go shower ill pack," I told her smoothly, knowing full well I will pack her turquoise and black leotard, it make her look so hot (on profile). I packed her leotard and our American trackies and my green one with my own trackies.

Once we were both ready, me in jeans and Claire in shorts, we headed down to science eating our breakfast on the way.

We sat down and Claire turned to me, "Why is Monica staring at me? I mean more than normal?" I shifted uncomfortably in my seat.

"Um, when I disappeared yesterday, I um broke up with her."

Dun dun dun.

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