We are different.

She is good.

He is bad.

A puff.

A Ruff.

Both can't be together in friendship or love.

Others would shun them.

Think disappointment that they would even think this was okay.

Yet, in secret met and for a moment, knew the others were wrong.

In the public, they hated one another.

But once alone with the just the two of them.

Madly in love.

The rift of differences is big.

But love is all the same.

Why else would people say; love is blind.

Its between two people, who can't help but be next to each other.

"Maybe one day, we won't have to fight anymore."

"Keep dreaming puff."

"But its good to dream."

They eyes would met, in a silent understanding.

"If you say so."

"I do."

Yes, others dream of a love that only lives in their mind.

But others will go far to the ends of the world to make it real.

In a time, you must have been in a place and time like them?


Let the love be true.

As colors make new colors, because it's a natural thing.

Love is too.

Love makes teal.

Teal is the color of love for light blue and green.

Odd, maybe.

Strange, no.

Can happen at anytime?

Oh, yes, sir, it can!

Because love is natural, and will happen no matter what.

"Together to the end?"

"I wouldn't have it any other way."