Octopus Head

His hair.

Garry's hair.

It was quite odd.

Not exactly normal hair.

It was purple and messy, and a couple bunches seemed to sprout from the middle in a darker violet than the others, effectively making it look like tentacles were coming out of the mans head. Just thinking about it made Ib want to laugh.

He was an octopus head. Yes, it was a childish term, but it worked. He was now officially, Garry the Octopus.

Ib laughed from atop of Garrys shoulders. I mean, her pet octopus's shoulders. "What is it, Ib?" he asked, sending her a questioning look. "Nothing, Octopus." she sighs contentedly. Garry looks at her oddly, before shrugging it off.

She's said weirder things before.

If Garry is an octopus, she thought, I have to be fish or something too. An angel fish? ... No. A crab? ... Uh-uh. Then an idea embedded itself into her brain. A mermaid. Ib would be a mermaid. The best mermaid in the history of nine year old girls turned into mythical mer-creatures.

What would Mary be though?

After thinking for a while, Ib finally decided, to just stop thinking for a bit. To just relax, since Mary was the least important thing on her mind. So for now, she would just enjoy her time, as Garry the Octopus, and Ib the mermaid.